Don't know why seeing #icecream #churning is so mesmerising, but cant tear myself away #kitchenaid

Re: Yesterday’s Post. In my corporate life I had to do my share of hiring and firing. Experience and decision making were the keys. Of course everyone starts as a newcomer at least once. That’s when you look for other experience that might transfer, and try to gauge personal qualities needed to adapt. We tried to see how they’d deal with tides, undertows, and floods. With leaders we need to do an especially good job of interviewing. I’m not sure business decision making and governing which is decision at the highest level necessarily equate. The quality of the people we choose to follow really matters. Would you hire/choose a worker, executive, or leader based on one or two very good variables or an average of many very good traits?

I got churned out today...all day churning from ice creams to sorbets...the summer is real !! #allow #churning #icecreams #sorbets #worktingz #vicfallz #zimfoodies #chicchefzw #chefonthego #cheflife #zimchefs

Full thermals were a bad idea today 😅 then my bike got stuck in the 53/11 for the next hour 😳 #churning

Wednesday - took it on the chin.
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A Corporate Fairytale (I worked for 3 major corporations. Leadership context for this scenario tomorrow).
Sammy was promoted to account manager. We liked his can-do attitude and tough reputation. Right away he attempted to open new markets. Soon sales were up. On the negative side, he alienated our best suppliers with strong arm pricing tactics. Morale was poor in his department; it was a hostile work environment and many people left. Job vacancies went unfilled and work didn’t get done. Sammy lamented that rivals in other departments were sabotaging him, but he was smart enough to keep upper management happy with his sales. Eventually, before becoming prey to falling waters and white rapids, Sammy left for “brighter” prospects. Recovery for the ailing department was another story altogether.

Can we agree that churning ice cream while cycling may be the next greatest thing? 🚴🏽‍♀️🍦🤩💖 thanks @amplehills

Happiness is having help unloading 1600 lbs of fresh cream! Just wait😁...butterly blissed out! #churning #smallbatch #organicbutter #shoplocal #ilovelyons #allaboutthebutter #culturedbutter #cantwait

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