Un día como hoy, 22 de Octubre, pero en el año 1991 @deathofficial lanza su cuarto disco de estudio titulado "Human"

27 años desde su lanzamiento

Es el primer disco en el que Death pasa de ser una banda a ser únicamente Chuck Schuldiner. ("Chuck is not dead, Chuck is Death")
Sería el primer disco creado en su totalidad por este, y pese a que muchos creían que iba a ser un fracaso total por ser creado por una sola persona; para sorpresa de todos, resultó ser toda una obra maestra; el paso definitivo a volver el Death metal más técnico, progresivo y complejo en general, empezando a incorporar elementos del Jazz.

Dato curioso: Es el único álbum en toda la discografía de Death en incluir una bonus track, que vendría siendo "God Of Thunder"

Dato curioso 2: Las brutales y bestiales baterías en este disco fueron grabadas por el baterista Sean Reinert

Dato curioso 3: Es el primer disco con la participación del legendario bajista Fretless, Steve DiGiorgio

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Death By Metal. Picked this up last week. An excellent documentary about the history of Death. Featuring the late Chuck Schulinder's friends, family and former bandmates. I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary with it's in depth look at Chucks musical genius. The documentary and the special features takes you inside the musical mind of Chuck Schulinder. The film includes old clips and interviews with Chuck which are very insightful. His bandmates kept things classy and honest in this film. Chucks determination to evolve and progress as a musician are well documented and as a result many personnel changes were made from bandmates to managers. I learned a real lot about Chuck and Death which I loved because by the time I got into Death Chuck had been passed for quite some time. Chuck talking about his opinions on being brutal for the sake of being brutal to defending himself as to why he would cancel shows and tours (especially in Europe). I just wish the final cut of the film had more interviews with his family and that Chuck was still here so you could hear his thoughts on things in the present. At the end of the day Chuck was a true musician who followed his own path. Chuck and all his former bandmates created something so great that it is still very relevant and has a positive effect on people and music today. In my opinion that is an accomplished life. Keep swiping for a list of guests in this film. #death #chuckschulinder #deathbymetal #mvdvisual #orchardhill #mentalpictures

Mail call! Got this awesome Ghost/Death print done by @anduhaar the second I came across this I had to order it. The print came with a smaller version as well as a small Iron Maiden print. These are so cool, I can't wait to frame them! I also received a new patch in the mail. Scroll to see. #ghost #metal #death #papa #spiritualhealing #chuckschulinder #ironmaiden #anduhaar #🤘🏻

With a Nor'easter hitting my area and a big part of the northeast, it is definitely a Chuck Schulinder kind of day. This morning I listened to the 1990 classic "Spititual Healing" by Death. This band needs zero introductions. Chuck Schulinder is in a league of his own. Death is one of my all time favorite bands. I remember back in the day their was a time where I think I just listened to Death and nothing else for a solid 7-8 months. Spiritual Healing is my favorite Death album lyrically. Im sharing some of the stuff from the booklet of this remastered reissue. All their reissues are good. Lots of extra stuff on it and in it. Death and Relapse Records did a great job. The 3rd picture is my favorite meme of Schulinder. It sums his style up perfectly. #death #spiritualhealing #chuckschulinder #terrybutler #deathmetal #relapserecords #deathmetal #deathmetalsgrandfather #🤘🏻

Song of the day Zombie Ritual by Death great song with an amazing intro #zombieritual #screambloodygore #death #deathmetal #songoftheday #metal #chuckschulinder

While all of Death's albums are unquestionably masterpieces, in my opinion Human has to be their greatest release. This is largely due to the fact, that to me, this is where Death were best able to add a progressive edge to their music without compromising their heaviness. #metal #deathmetal #music #death #chuckschulinder #human #cd #album #collection

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