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Also, it took me a long time to decide between the Death albums. In the end, I went with Leprosy

Behold the flesh and the power it holds.

30th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEATH "Leprosy"
[August 12th, 1988 wiki,discogs / November 16th, 1988 MA]




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Chuck Schuldiner was a KISS fan since he was 9, A few years later he started DEATH band, one of the most influential bands ever. Chuck was a genius and a true musician.

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I cant sleep (once again) so wanted to share my thoughts on this documentary. Know your Metal history and roots kids! Ive been a fan of the band Death since I first heard them in the back of a busted ass station wagon in 1998. A friend was playing the album Human which is still my favorite by them. However I just watched this documentary Death By Metal on Amazon and learned stuff I didnt know about the band and the late and legendary Chuck Schuldiner. I recommend the watch and especially if you dont know the band Get on that! They were a band that helped change the whole landscape of Metal and were part of the few bands to kick start the genre of Death Metal. I personally feel their style stood out more so than any other back then, that and I loved Chucks voice. Killer band, good and informative documentary and a MUST for any headbanger, Metal head or Extreme music lover. Chucks legacy lives on and has inspired many bands and many guitar players and vocalists, including me. All hails to the mighty DEATH 滕 #Death #DeathBand #DeathMetal #DeathByMetal #KnowYourRoots #KnowYourHistory #Respect #chuckschuldiner #JesseLeach #PunkRockMetalHead #AllHails

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