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I had the whole scene made, but Chuck looked all sad and hurt and my text was weird, so I didn't want to think about that. But even though Blair's words are harsh, it is somewhat funny. I wouldn't even think to call someone, let alone Chuck, a sociopath. But then Chuck asks if she actually believes that and I think that's funny too because she actually says she does (not included), but that's where Chuck gets sad (rightfully so). I don't like him sad. Anyways, I just thought this moment was funny. A typical Blair quote/moment that just leaves you wondering 😂🤷‍♀️


Who would you choose? 😇 or 😡?

Hello followers! We're back with an edit from episode 6X08.

6X08 is by far my favorite episode from season 6. I love Chuck and Blair's dynamic in it: how Blair understands Chuck needs her support, how determined she is in standing by his side even against his will and eventually how Chuck manages to let her in and to allow her to help him.
This scene, though, is especially cute. I love how Blair tries to use sex to convince Chuck: it sounds silly, but she does it because she knows it's the best way to reach out to him and get in touch with his feelings. As I said, I also love Blair's determination; she knows she can make him reason and she won't back down. ~Cris

what's your favourite show, other than gossip girl?
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cuties ❤️

Squad ❤️

{5x02} → "Beauty and the Feast" ♡
lmao blair😂
Q: any summer/vacation plans?
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Such a beautiful underrated Chuck and Blair scene. Both Chuck and Blair are being open and sincere to each other. It's obvious they have a lot of trust and love by how they open up to each other. I just love how sweet and caring Blair is towards Chuck. . . .
3x14 "Lady Vanished"
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COTP: No guys I'm not a secret Dan Lover and no I don't prefer Dan and Serena over Chair! Chuck and Blair are my GG OTP no matter how many bs many people say about Chuck and Chair. They were a great example of "character development".
P.S. if you don't understand the term provided above there's this thing called a dictionary where you can find the definition and as well as finding Dan Humphrey under multiple terms such as : coward, manipulator, & hypocrite.
Have a great day guys, & I hope you enjoy this scene shared between such a "toxic relationship" 😂😭
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New edit. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I had some personal stuff happening. P.S. I promise I have not given up on the Steps. #gg #gossipgirl #loveher #chuckbass #blairwaldorf #chuckandblair #blairandchuck #lovehurts #sad #definition #saddefinition

Hey guys just a quick edit of chair's wedding💕
Qotp: do you like this edit?
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🌹As the days wind down to the release of my short film #PoisonThePrelude I am constantly reminded of the art that inspired my work. Gossip Girl is one of my favorite tv shows to this day, but aside from being a high schooler during it's premiere, the narratives and concepts established in the show have stuck with me forever. The relationship between Chuck and Blair suggests a forgiveness (despite reasons to leave) that I've never experienced towards another human. However, I always forgave alcohol. As dirty as it did me, as shitty as I became, as hypocritical as it made me, I always forgave it and gave it many chances. This work for me is deeper than a song release, it's deeper than riffs and melodies. My upcoming single "Poison" and the short film #PoisonThePrelude are extensions of me, my humanity, and my life experience. I cannot wait to share this work with you in my attempt to live my most transparent artistic life. This work is coming sooner than you know and I'm besides myself with excitement. 🌹Subscribe to my Spotify and Facebook to be the first to see and hear!! @horacegold

Part 13
APOLOGIES FOR CRAPPY MANIPS!! Basically I was like I'm gonna make a super cute and artsy manip for Lydia crying but then I just wanted to post now and it would be fine except her head looks chopped in half😂
Also also also I started reading looking for Alaska and damn I just got to the thing it was counting down for and I didn't expect it at all ahejakahajnajaiasn

Finalmente a casa, dopo un'intera giornata all'università. Continuo la lettura di Amore dietro le quinte, seguendo la storia di Chuck e Blair, cercando di non farmi influenzare da Gossip girl ❤️ #amoredietrolequinte #chuckbass #blairwaldorf #chuckandblair #book #books #read #reading #reader #paper #instagood #nook #library #author #bestoftheday #bookworm #readinglist #love #photooftheday #story #literature #stories #words #text #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #lovebooks #leggerefabene #bookish #bookaddict

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