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Люблю планировать на бумаге.
Постоянно меняю инструменты, а то мозг привыкает и эффективность падает.
Сегодня работаю с #chronodex
Временная шкала дня перед глазами, даёт понимание, что день не резиновый и ты в фокусе только на важном.
День проходит более осознанно.
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Trying out using index cards as part of #gtd flow. Thanks to @ninjatraveling for her invaluable sharing #loveforanalogue #travelersnotebook #chronodex #baumkuchen

wicked week had to be followed with serious self-care

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Стала замечать, когда заполняешь еженедельно планер, у тебя оказывается столько дел, которые нужно выполнить. Осваиваю систему планирования Scription Chronodex

First sharpening of my new Timber Twist Bullet Pencil by @metalshopct . This is an ABSOLUTELY amazing writer. Damn right it was love at first write! #timbertwist #bulletpencil #blackwing #chronodex

One of my new arrival item for 2017 ✌🏻 10th Anniversary writing pad from Traveler's Company.

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a brief chronodex using colored pencils
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Packed day ahead. Quickly map out today on #chronodex #gtd template from #scription #loveforanalogue #travelersnotebook

bullet journal is not suitable for me ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )
so I added a #chronodex !


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So you decided to try out a new time tracking method and are looking for further Chronodex Inspiration? Well, look no longer, here comes a visual time tracking system inspiration created by Nadia from @lettersinnovember. ⭐️ Dear Nadia, you tried Patrick&#39;s NG&#39;s Chronodex. How did you use it in your daily planning? Can you please share your opinion on advantages and weak spots of this system? Is Chronodex staying in your daily planning?
☀️ When it comes to Patrick Ng&#39;s Chronodex system, I loved that it was a very visual guide to every day life. As my life wasn&#39;t too busy when I was using it, there was just enough space to write any appointments or events that occurred for the day. It might actually get a bit crowded if you had a little more to write, but if you&#39;re like me and have a pretty quiet life, you will have the space to include things like photos, washi tape and stickers. This of course made the Chronodex system a whole lot more visually aesthetic. I think the greatest benefit of the Chronodex system is the ability to track how you spend your time. I was able to put all my activities in at specific times, and it kept my life on track. I don&#39;t use the Chronodex system on a daily basis now, but I do keep a non-dated Chronodex in my planner. It&#39;s currently used as a &#39;daily routine&#39; map where I write down activities that occur daily.

Combining both AM and PM on very compact space Patrick´s NG´s Chronodex offers a very visual approach to time tracking.
There are multiple ways to make the system work for you:
⌚️ Chronodex can hold your daily appointments - just a glance at the tracker will reveal all your activities and possible free slots
⌚️ System can be used to analyse your working patterns - are you trying too many things at the same time and should rethink for the sake of productivity?
⌚️ You can expand Chronodex to use it for tracking the activities of multiple family members, just make sure to use dedicated markers.
For creative souls this tracker can be a bliss - just think of all the colours, patterns and doodles you could use alongside the tracker. It can become a perfect addition to your daily ToDo lists and utilise as much or as little as you wish. There are many free printables for Chronodex, so you do not need to purchase or invest before you can try the system.
I must admit, that my own experiment with Chronodex did not last long, neither was it a huge success. I never managed to create a version that would make my planning more effective, but it was a fun test.
Owner of this beautiful MTN @ruirui_cherry loves the flexibility of the system and definitely makes it work for herself. Visit her account for  Chronodex inspiration.
What is your feeling about Chronodex? Share with us in the comments below!

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Imprimi os adesivos da @atravesdalinha e os chronodex disponibilizados pela @marialowen pra rastrear meus horários e tentar aumentar minha produtividade e atingir minhas metas esse ano
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