1 packet of this goodness is equivalent to 9 CUPS OF BROCCOLI 😳
Not sure about you...but I’m not eating 9 cups of broccoli every day. That’s probably why 90% of Americans are deficient in the mineral Chromium!
Look up “Chromium deficiencies” on Google and see what it can do to your body. ⚡️ low energy ⚡️ fatigue ⚡️ poor blood glucose control ⚡️ higher anxiety ⚡️ low concentration
⚡️ weak bones ⚡️ high sugar cravings ⚡️ blood sugar & metabolism issues ⚡️ slower healing time after injuries ⚡️ obesity ⚡️ worsened eye health ⚡️ mood swings ⚡️ and more!

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