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I think it's time for new shoes.... 🤣 Yes, that is a hole... on both sides... in both shoes 🙈
Are you the type of person who MARRIES your things? Like for real?! They are comfy, still work and are my fav! I do the same thing with bras, leggings, shirts... I have FEW things but I LOVE THEM... why is it so hard to let go and get new?! 😭🤣

THIS is what happens when you oversleep and there are people in every room of your house but you still gotta get your workout in {BECAUSE GOALS} so you do it in LIMITED space in your room! But no excuses y'all! My ass has never looked better!!🤣🙈 For real tho! .

All the feels today.... ❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻

AAA {arms, abs & ass} done y'all! Got up extra early today to get it in because I have a flood of messages and apps to get through from some amazing women who are CURIOUS about this coaching thing I do! {because who wouldn't wanna workout, get paid and be AWESOME with me?! 😎.... amirightttt?!} but seriously.. if you're curious about coaching, who I am, who the SuperCrew is and our mission, then ASK!!! Creepin doesn't do YOU any good! You gotta take ACTION! TODAY!

This body {MY BODY} has been through hell in it's almost 32 year lifetime... but it has been VERY good to me regardless... I show my body respect by feeding it well and keeping it mobile and challenged daily... so it can keep being sassy 🖤 .
This body however, isn't perfect..
Scars, cellulite, bumps and bruises, uneven hips, bad knees, messed up shoulder, shattered wrist... not to mention internally... IBS, anxiety, depression, Trichotillomania, doubts, fears, comparisons... .
No BODY is perfect... internally or externally...
Love your body, don't war with it 🖤

Hey guys! My phone is officially on it's cute little tripod! For almost 4 years you should see the "camera" stands I have finagled for videos and pics! 🤣 from tree branches to cactus or books and martinis glasses 🤣hey! It all works 🖤🤜🏻🤛🏻

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