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Jamie: It's my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It is the saddest part of my day, leaving you.
I mean.....💔 .
But also, there’s not enough chat about how great it is when the dad calls that other sister- that we all laugh at (oh as if Jamie would marry HER!🤮)... ‘Miss Dunkin Donut 2003’ what an absolute ZING!- thanks Dad! And do-nut worry girlfriend, I’m chasing that crown myself. 🍩👑🍩👑🍩👑🍩👑🍩
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Happy 20th anniversary to the holiday guilty pleasure Jingle All the Way staring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an overworked dad named Howard who frantically searches for the Turbo Man action figure, a Power Ranger/Iron Man-type superhero that is the hottest toy on Christmas, during last minute shopping as a present for his son. There, he encounters an crazed, competitive postal worker (Sinbad) whose also looking for the toy and strikes up a on-again-off-again comradery/rivalry with Howard, an antagonistic cop, a gang of criminal Santas running a counterfeit toy ring, and a neighbor's pissed off reindeer which all culminates in him dressing as the superhero (with fully functional weapons and a jet pack!) during a Christmas parade his family are attending. Like all Schwarzenegger family fares, its juvenile and undermines the usually badass action star, but there is some degree of hilarity that comes from how increasing crazy Howard's day gets during the search for this toy (did I mention the Sinbad character had a bomb as one of the mail packages?) and once you get pass most of the stupid shit there is a satire on the commercialization of Christmas as the Turbo Man hype represented the same amount of craze as the Power Rangers and Tickle Me Elmo. My mom loves this because she related to the struggle just to please me and my brother's bratty asses for holidays and birthdays. And let's not forget Schwarzenegger's on-phone demand to his neighbor (played by the late Phil Hartman) to stop eating his wife's cookies. Yes, its bizzare like that. #jinglealltheway #brianlevant #holidaycomedy #christmasmovies #cultfilms #guiltypleasure #putthatcookiedown #itsturbotime #tataturtleman #arnoldschwarzenegger #ritawilson #sinbad #jakelloyd #philhartman #1996movies #90smovies #20thcenturyfox

How can we start with this one?


It was GOOD.
This one is relatively new so we'll not spoil a lot of this, but we HIGHLY recommend this dark holiday movie. We start off with a babysitter trying to protect the kid she's watching during an intense home invasion, and, you have to see it to believe it, it gets WORSE. I hope you all feel as anxious as we did.
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Best Christmas Movie 15 FINALE: Love Actually vs It’s a wonderful life (Saying both won’t count as Votes)

My pick It’s a wonderful life
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L’année que Mister Prune à presque tué Noël dans The Christmas that almost wasn’t (1966) . . . . #noël #christmas #xmas #holidays #borl #thechristmasthatalmostwasnt #christmasmovies #filmdenoel

New video coming this week!!! Not sure what the target exclusive is or if there's a steelbook or lenticular so who knows what will be coming this Tuesday unless anyone knows let me know down in the comments below. But make sure to check my link which is in the bio so subscribe and hit they notification bell so u know when it's up. Thank u #paramountstudios #bestbuy #target #bluray #youtube #famousyoutuber #istandwithshane #christmasmovies #willferrell #daddyshome2 #markwahlberg #like4like #subscribe #thankyou

Family Movie night this weekend will be The Star. My kids saw over Christmas break and LOVED it. What are your plans this weekend? #AD Bo, the donkey, and his new friends follow a star on the greatest adventure of their dreams. A fun retelling of the Greatest Story ever told! Blu-ray is available on 2/20 and Digital is available NOW! #TheStarMovie

Credit by @tungstenfrenchie “Yes Netflix, I am still watching...Love Actually is on next.” #netflixbinge #christmasmovies #loveactually

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