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Happy Saturday!! How is your weekend going? It’s a beautiful spring day today here in Ireland so I’m gonna soak it all in while it lasts. Only 276 days to go!!!

How clever is this idea?! When the season is right, all you need to do is collect some conkers (horse chestnut seeds), lay them on card and glue them together in a circle, tie off with some string for hanging and you’ll have yourself a beautiful handmade decoration!

I need a thermos like this. I’m hoping we’re on the way out of winter but I do like a crispy frosty morning!

Happy Friday!! I’ve had pizza and I’m chilling out for the night. How are you spending your night? 277 days to gooooo!

I have a real fascination with essential oils at the moment and recently made my own room spray from Bergamot, ylang ylang and lavender (it smells divine!). Now it’s got me thinking about a Christmas room spray! Bergamot (orange) and pine needle are a brilliant festive combo for a room spray!! You could even add a touch of cinnamon too. Room sprays are so easy to make, just save your next cleaning spray bottle, wash it out, fill it with water and then add your essential drops. For a standard room spray, it depends how strong you want the smell to be but I would say no more than 40 drops are needed in total of all your oils combined for a decent smell. You don’t want it too faint but you don’t want a tickly nose either lol! Have a play around with it because you really can’t go wrong! You could even make your own room sprays to gift others. How wonderful!

Sharing the loot on a snowy day 😍

Happy Thursday! Can you almost see the weekend? Because I can and I cannot wait!! Until then we’ll have to get through this rainy day by thinking festive thoughts. Only 278 days to go!!!!

Look at this cute decoration! And simple to make too. All you need is a pine cone and paint it white, a pip cleaner for the arms, a small styrofoam ball glued to the end for the head and whatever small decorations you’d like to add to finish it off! Simple and cheap!

Moooooo to youuuuuu!

Happy hump day!! I don’t know about where you are but it is a beaut of a day here! Spring is here and although I love the snow, I can’t wait to plant stuff! Hope you’re having a good week! Only 279 days to go to Christmas!

Get your cotton wool out! There’s a Christmas card to make! Just need to cut a nice Santa hat out from red card, stick on any card you like, brown or white and then decorate with cotton wool! Who doesn’t love a 3D card??

This looks like it’d be a nice place for a stroll on Christmas morning. Just a chilly walk before a feast

Happy taco Tuesday!!! It’s a beautiful spring day today here in Ireland and it’s a short week for me because yesterday was a bank holiday! Here’s to all the speedy weeks to Christmas! Only 280 days to go!!!

Here’s a simple decoration to make while sitting at your desk this morning. We all have that one key that has no use on our key rings, so paint the top of it and tie a bit of ribbon through the hole and you’ll have a pretty homemade decoration!

Just gonna leave these baby reindeer here... 😍😭😍

A merry Monday to you all! I got to cycle in the snow today and there is still a lot of snow on our cars and in our garden. You just can’t help but sing Christmas songs when it snows, am I right?? 281 days to gooooo!!

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