From sea level to 5000 feet.
With self induced wine hangovers from celebrating at a wedding​ on our one day off in between rounds. That's what my mind kept trying to play today. So with each move I said:
"Oh yeah...a chance to push myself. Watch this." That is the shift that is made when you are committed to going for all you have held yourself back from.
Round 2 day one.... I owned you.
I have forgotten about round one, I already conquered that. Now I'm coming for you. 💪

Happy #FlexFriday peeps!
It's day 19 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and nope, a road trip did NOT trip us up! However... working out thousands of feet higher than I normally do proved to whip my ass. But I pushed through. Not as long of a clip today cuz I was in a hurry to pack the car back up and get back on the road.
We came.
We saw.
We conquered speed 45 for the last time in round one. I will meet you again soon my friend, very soon.
You CAN take small steps EVERY day in your health and fitness, even while traveling. Busy is just an excuse. Time to #MakeTheShift and #BeYourHero 💪 get er done today guys!

Day 18 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and today I had a victory. These "Bear Dogs" have got the best of me in prior attempts. I ALWAYS finished, but usually halfway through I would have to tap my knees down for a second, then start again. I decided no matter what my knees were NOT touching the ground today.
We do this first for one minute.
Then we do this again for 45 seconds.
Then we do it again for 30 seconds.
My knees never touched and I kept going strong through every round.
Today I have more confidence in myself. It hurt just as much as it always did but I was able to tell my mind to shut up and focus. Today I got stronger.
This program has shifted me in so many ways.
I am learning to be a better coach both to myself and others.
I am learning to be a better leader through the example of @chrisdowningfitness I am forever grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to pay it forward and help others through this in July when it comes out.
You in?

Day 17 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and I was hit hard with resistance today. Headache and sore throat hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks so I nourished my body with superfoods, greens, a detox tea and some thieves essential oil. All night I was up and down. I had a fever so the sweat woke me. Then one loan mosquito made it into our room and I was attacked with bites. Never underestimate the work one mosquito can do. So when 5am came I really was not doing well. Scratchy soar throat, and exhaustion made it really really difficult to push through.
I have made a commitment though.
Most would say "listen to your body", "rest", "make up for it tomorrow". NOPE, not my support system. They said:
"you are NOT sick"
"your throat feels like gold"
"you got this"
I am so grateful for them.
So that is what I told myself, and you know what? I made it. I pushed harder than I have before.
Yes I cried.
Yes I got mad.
Yes it was hard.
But I showed up anyway. Because if there is one thing I know for certain:
Any time I set ANY goal, resistance will be there tapping me on the shoulder saying I can't do it. I am stronger than resistance. If I don't show up for hard, then hard will win every time. Life is hard, but life is beautiful and every bit of hard is worth it. 3 workouts left in round one and nothing but death will stop me!

Day 16 of #ChristiMakesTheShift
Look. I get that people want to be comfortable. It's nice right?
However I have learned it is the lie of "comfortable" that brings on depression, anxiety, fear and self-doubt. Because your soul is in there tapping your shoulder and you are ignoring it... cuz you are "comfortable". Meanwhile your mind is aware of this and likes to self criticize you. Constantly putting you down because you are not showing up for your soul. You know. So you agree and soon you are at the doctors office looking for any way to shut your mind off.
Sleep aids
anti-anxiety drugs.... I have been there. Done that.
This is why I show up. Because I know that NO ONE is gonna show up for me. I gotta put in the hard, so I can pursue my life's purpose.
A funny thing happened... No more sleep aids, anti anxiety drugs or anti depressants...my body produces those naturally when I exercise.
You know that right?
You also know you have a purpose right!?!?. You were NOT just meant to pay bills and die.
So here is my LAST ROUND today of my 45 minute strength workout. Which means I am crying, and dripping with sweat. You might not see it. The mental game is strong today. I came out the victor. I made it. I win.
Now I get to hold my head up tall today and know that I have inspired someone somewhere to get off their ass and start living their life.
My job today is done.
Get out there and CHALLENGE YOURSELVES guys. It is there you will find yourself. #MakeTheShift

Day 15 of #ChristiMakesTheShift 😱 that emoji explains it all. 45 minutes of jumping, squatting, and crawling. I felt like I was back in high school in basketball training. This was a huge mental game, but we got through it. I am looking forward to improving​ as the week progresses. I can honestly say I haven't moved my body like that since college. Here is to getting out of my way and getting stronger.
Leggings @niyama_sports

Today is day 14 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and also rest day in our program. @chrisdowningfitness told us to do something that feeds our soul. Your looking at what feeds mine. My yoga time is when I dig deep inside. It's when I'm quiet enough to hear God. It's where I out the pieces together of everything I am learning and taking in each day.
So today I am grateful for this time. I'm thankful for the lessons this week has taught me, and the growth that is taking place within.
Don't be afraid to spend time alone with yourself. You might be surprised how much you learn.

And that is a wrap for week 2 of #ChristiMakesTheShift because tomorrow is rest/yoga day.
When I am pushing it, I think of my personal and business goals, as well as my goals to open a free cancer recovery resort. "Successful people focus on the results, not the work it takes to get there, they just show up and do it. It just is. "
That is something I read in my personal development and it stuck with me.
I am what I say I am and I am a strong successful woman with a heart to help others see the greatness that lies within them.
Me showing up daily for the hard things shows that I mean business to my dreams. 💪 I love being my hero. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Bring it on week 3! This time next week I will be sharing my round one results!!

Day 12 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and I thought it was time for a #FridayFunny because...well...it's true. 😂
I am so thankful to have made it through my last cardio if the week. It was the toughest one so far. My legs were complete jello and kept trying to give up on me, but I was able to push through. I finished the move, the move didn't finish me. One more day and week 2 is in the books! 🙌 Excited to finish strong with Strength and Core tomorrow.💪 #MakeTheShift

Day 11 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and when I watched this video, I realized​ I am the person I longed to be before I got sick with cancer. I remember watching biggest loser and wishing I had the opportunity to for someone, something, to come motivate me. Instead I tuned in season after season to celebrate someone else's accomplishment. I didn't realize that person was ME and all it took was the decision to #GetUpAndMove . I didn't get that awakening until I was in cancer recovery, learned to love and respect myself enough to be my hero. Time was passing anyway so it was time for me to make time work for me not against me.
What an amazing transformation I am seeing in who I am. It is empowering to know God gave us the strength internally to pull from. Are you using it? That gift he gave you? If there is one thing I'm sure of, it's that you are here for a reason. You are not a robot meant to live the same boring day over and over. So whats it gonna take? Your soul is screaming! #BeYourHero let me know you are ready and I'm here to fly with you. ❤
Leggings: @codefitmiami

Day 10 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and we are officially halfway through the first round! 🙌
Cardio like this is a huge struggle for me. The entire time it is a mind game. Happy to say I ruled my mind today and didn't let it rule me. Made it through stronger and more confident. Watching my body #MakeTheShift as well as my mind has been a humbling experience. So excited to lead others through this process in July. You signed up yet? 👉💌 Hit me up!

Day 9 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and I Woke up to a live video from @chrisdowningfitness that really motivated me. I pushed so hard and had more sweat today than I did yesterday. Feeling like a strong badass today. Thank you for this opportunity to push myself Chris!
What can you do today to empower yourself. You are a strong divine being. #GetUpAndMove

Day 8 of #ChristiMakesTheShift
I didn't let the voices win today. They were there, tapping my shoulder saying that I'm not good enough, I am not strong enough, I don't have it in me...
Halfway through today I wanted to quit. So I doubles my efforts and fought back. I said over and over how strong I was. Instead of crumbling in the pain I observed it. By the end of the last rep I just returned to the child and wept tears of pride. I indeed have it in me.
This is emotional week guys so watch out as I crack open and rebuild the pieces. You are witnessing in real time what it is like to #MakeTheShift 💪
Leggings @vrsgymfashion
Top @constantly_varied_gear

Day 7 of #ChristiMakesTheShift I went to the lake to do yoga for our active recovery day/ rest day. We are heading into week 2 which increases our workout by 10 minutes. I would be lying if I said I wasn't fearful. So it's time to get that shit out!
So I went down by the water.
It's always where I can get it all out and renew all at once. I feel closest to God by the water. Doesn't matter if it is a river, lake, or ocean. I feel most at peace in my mat so the two combined we're the PERFECT prescription. So #thankful I have learned how to nourish my body, soul, and mind.
Full of #gratitude I decided to self advocate for my health... My life. Feeling abundantly full of love and joy for the opportunity to challenge myself with this program. I am ready to give it all I've got and kill this week.
What about you? Are you happy where you are? Are you happy with the daily choices you make? You are one choice away from changing if you aren't. Im here when you are ready to #MakeTheShift because you weren't meant to do it alone.

Outfit @perfectbalanceworld

Day 6 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and I felt super strong today! 💪 Afterwards I collapsed and could hardly keep my eyes open.😴 #Strength and #core were the focus today and I was much much better at all the moves even with going up in weights. 🙌 I feel the shift @chrisdowningfitness 😍
So excited to lead others through this process in July. You signed up yet? 🤔

#TGIF and YES indeed the grind includes Friday!
It's #ChristiMakesTheShift day 5 and I gave it my all and I hope to make @Chrisdowningfitness proud. Honestly I get emotional when I watch these videos because I can't believe that I am this person. I still have trouble seeing past the #cancersurvivor who was 65 pounds overweight. I was always the person to modify, and here I am giving the full version my all. I may not be as fast as some, but I am 1000% stronger and faster than I was when I started this journey. So full of gratitude for his opportunity to push myself further. Chris shouting "What are your goals?" at the exact time I start to doubt myself is the exact push at the PERFECT time.
Are you ready to #MakeTheShift ?
My #ShiftShop Challenge group will open in July. Be sure to hit me up because spots WILL fill up.
Happy #Friday beautiful souls. Go out and conquer those dreams! 💪

😂 Did I mention the #ShiftShop meal plan is #GrainFree ?
I do love me some 🍞 but it makes me bloat horribly, causes me to have headaches, and messes with my mood. Still I torture my body with it, so Personally I am grateful this program is here to save me from myself.
Anyone else out there have #WheatBelly ?
So many people in the test group I am in are seeing AMAZING results already and we are only in day 4. The nutrition aspect of the program is going to help SO MANY it is Low Carb High Protein. Lots and lots of food. Just no 🍞. #lchp
#carbs #bread #funny

Day 4 of #ChristiMakesTheShift and today we had to add on 14 minutes of core. It was a doozy. Try to do this for one minute...no stopping with a 20 second hold. Love that burn! I love to Challenge myself....wait...who is that talking? Me? Looks like I'm already shifting. 🙌

A rolling Rock gathers no Moss.
I take that as...if you are sitting still you are collecting the gunk. Depression, Anxiety, Lethargy, Disease... Keep moving, keep HEALTHY! 💪

Leggings @anjaliclothing

I left it all out there today. I was dripping with sweat. Several times I wanted to quit but I used it as fuel and pushed harder because there is no room for doubt or failure, I am stronger than that. Day 3 of #ChristiMakesTheShift Workouts complete! 💪 And I am one day stronger. I feel lighter, leaner, and my confidence is growing that yes, a 44 year old #CancerSurvivor CAN do this. And for the most part I am not modifying either! There is something so empowering about self growth. Sitting still is not who you are. #GetUpAndMove and #ClaimYourPower 🙌

Leggings are @niyama_sports

Day two of #ShiftShop is in the books! I wanted to picture everything I ate again today because now it is all prepped for the rest of the week. We rotate through the meals again, all I do is switch up the fruits and veggies, but the main meals stay the same and they are all prepped and in my fridge. It is super nice to know I don't have any cooking to do for the next few days! So far we are enjoying everything and we are not at all hungry. So excited to share the meal prepping, meal plan, and encouragement to my clients that choose to go through this program with me in July. How about you?

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