Do your choices reflect what you want RIGHT NOW or what you want in the FUTURE? ⁣

Use this question each time you’re at a decision point about where to spend your time and focus your choices.⁣

Right now choices are feel good choices. ⁣
>> Eating the brownies from the break room or the pumpkin spice trail mix above my desk⁣
>> Skipping my workout after work⁣
>> Wasting my productive time of the day procrastinating with Netflix or scrolling on Facebook ⁣

Future choices are the ones that add up to the end goal.⁣
>> I said NO to the delicious looking brownies today⁣
>> I got my workout in when I got home from work⁣
>> I did my home responsibilities before my “wind down” time⁣

Today, I chose FUTURE choices because life is about balance and I treated myself this weekend. Those were feel good choices, but if consistently made would end up the opposite of what I desire. ⁣

A happy, healthy, productive momma. ⁣

My next group is focused on future choices and we have a SUPER FUN competition planned. ⁣

Let’s finish the last 90 days of your year.. the way you started the first 90. ⁣

Focused, charged, and determined.⁣

I have 5 spots left and I want YOU to make the choice tonight!! ⤵️⤵️⤵️⁣

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Proverbs 25:28
He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.

You may face things that will contend with your joy in the cause of the day.
We may not be able to control all that happens in the course of the day, but we can control our reaction to whatever comes our way.

when my husband opens up to me, it’s like I’ve struck gold! lol sometimes it’s hard for me to open up and be real about their feelings and what’s going on. last week, my husband opened up to me about some things that I had already made assumptions about, I already had made preconceived notions in my head. but to hear his perspective about those issues totally changed my perception and my heart. by him sharing his heart, he was able to soften mine. but it doesn’t just stop there. when he shared, I had to really listen and not get offended by what he said and then apply what he shared with and remember what he shared when my heart may begin to harden again. continue to be that ear to listen for your husband and apply what he shares with you💗
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God doesn't count our mistakes. He looks for a heart that is after Him. He will show us what is needed to make corrections, but won't hold it over us. He always wants what is best and sees the good in us. As we draw closer we are able to reflect His love and joy. That is the beauty that ultimately is in us.
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Worry is a kind of “acceptable sin.” By that I mean worry is one of those sins that everyone does so we don’t often address it. Like gossip, worry is something we all know we aren’t supposed to do, but we often gloss over it and call it something else — something like stress. Especially for women, worry can be expected and in some situations to not worry would seem strange.
But deep down, we want to be freed from the chronic feeling of doom and the expectation of something bad lurking just around the corner. We know that the Bible tells us not to worry, but “what if?” thoughts seem like such a part of us that we don’t know how to stop. What can we do?

When we look back on our own lives at God’s faithfulness to us, it gives us confidence and hope in his future faithfulness. We look back to our own story of salvation. We see that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that this is the demonstration of God’s love for us (Romans 5:8). When worries threaten to seize our heart, we need to remember and dwell on the truth of the gospel. Remembering the price Jesus paid propels us in faith for what lies ahead.

Remain Blessed! .
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Welcome to #WellnessWeek Day 1! Today's theme: Visual (sight).
Today, I ask you to take at LEAST 10 minutes out of your day (but try to go longer if you can) to simply read. Stay off your phone -- in fact, put it on silent or turn it off. Open a book of your choice and dive into the pages of something new or something favored.
Some benefits: Reading can improve memory function, can help you be more empathetic, and can reduce stress by up to 68%.

🤩Don’t wait to be great! If you want your life to improve you have to improve yourself first! #youaregreat #improveyourself #loveyourself

You are unique. No one has the experiences and thoughts that you have. It is what makes you awesome. That is how God works. He made us individuals. Only you can be that special person you have been fashioned to be.
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If you don't manage your stress and the emotions that come with it, it will be easy to make your spouse the target of all that negative emotions.
Do not project your stress onto your spouse. Learn to be self aware and make time for self care.
Learn to handle your stress so that stress will not handle your relationships.

When you have no shame and totally take advantage of your talented bff and her camera to document the bump! 😍 🤰 📸 (These are basically unedited and they’re still amazing! 😍 so so grateful!)

Did you know that in 2016 there was 786,925 self-published books that hit the market? That’s more than the entire population of Washington! 📚 •
I have a literal notebook filled with things I want you striving authors to know, but I think this post is one of the most important. Why?

Because self-publishing a book is harder than writing it. 😳 But I’m proof that you can do it AND be successful at it! •
Today #ontheblog I’m telling you about eight things you need to know before you self-publish a book. The most important thing: your only limit is YOU, my friend. Blog post is in the link in my bio!

KNOW YOUR WORTH (in Christ) .

Study Ephesians 1 & 2
and take note of all the glorious things Paul shared that we, who believe in Christ, are.

People often think that if you're walking with Christ you don't face identity issues.
The truth is the transformational work of Christ sometimes includes continuous mental dismantling and reconstruction of who we are!
We must do the work required to ensure that our perception of ourselves doesn't continue to be conformed by who or parents or society said we were but allow that to be transformed by God's word. .

Failing to allow ensure that we have a CORRECT understanding of who we are can result in us abandoning the higher place of thinking, being and living that God has reserved for us and called us to, for something way inferior! .

Write down
Memorize Ephesians 1 & 2
and avoid the pitfall of selling yourself to the lowest bidder! .

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