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It's Sunday and I'm feeling so many emotions right now because this guy that you see up here left yesterday to Israel for almost 2 weeks 😩😩it's only day 1 and I'm counting the rest down until he heads back home!
Today is also our last day of the marriage series so let's get right to it. Me and felix have never been the lovey type. You know the couple that's all over each other with little kisses here and there and constantly hugging and looking out for the other one. Actually we are the complete opposite and even went as far as making fun of those couples. We would crack jokes on how obsessed they were about one another. As things hit the fan and we grew farther from each other we realized we both wanted a partner that showed affection, we just never liked being vulnerable! As we found ourselves contemplating divorce we reached out for our last hope for help and with prayer and a clear mind we knew that was never the way out. We knew it was time to water our grass and act like the marriage we dreamed of having. This is when we started #missionobsessed. Yup we knew that what those couples were doing was because they were intentional about their marriage and we agreed to become obsessed with each other(in a healthy way people!!!) I can't tell you it's easy but I can tell you we have both been reminded to be intentional about loving the other the way they desire. We have become intentional in forgiving and thinking about the other before oneself. I urge you that if divorce is what you are thinking about.. please don't quit! Your marriage can be saved. It will take work but with God all is possible! Start you mission today! Maybe it's #missionforgiveness or #missionkindness but start today and take that vow today! Work on your marriage and see what Christ can do! - 💘 Claudia 📷@citizen_yulfi

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IT’S MONDAY 🎉🙌🏽 I know some of you may not be thrilled it came around. Maybe because your going back to a job your not happy in or still struggling with the same dang issue or maybe you simply have been dealing with discouragement..

I’ve dealt with every one of these issues and what I can tell you is the more I sat and wallowed in my emotions the worse I felt and the harder it was to see hope! Get up and shake it off, yell if you have too but know that right now is not how it has to end! I had to wake up today and remind myself “Claudia this situation is here to change your heart not kill you! Get up and do all you can do today to get closer to where you want to be tomorrow. God is in control and when he is silent he is working so trust and worship, then get to work!!!”. ❤️
Short and sweet. 👏🏽

Oh this man that you see right here can get on my last nerve! There are times where I just look up at God and say ”Really? God, you ain’t about to strike this dude for that”. There are other times where I am just reminded of the heartache that he has caused me in the past and immediately I don’t want to be around him. Everything I am saying is negative right? Yup, because that is all I see at times. You see when you aren’t watering your marriage, praying and forgiving on a DAILY basis this is what happens to you. Remember we talked about your soul dying because we don’t forgive… well its a cycle. You don’t forgive, which causes anger, hate and bitterness so as a result your perspective is negative now all you see is bad! because all you see is now bad you give no room to see any good and well now everything they do hurts you and causes the cycle to go on and on. I have been fighting this cycle for years with this man. Where because of all my anger and unmet expectations I gave no room for grace. I’m so focused on the bad I dismiss that he’s an amazing father, a faithful husband, the best provider I know, my protector in a heartbeat, An insane creator, a giver of all he has and the only fearless person I know. Let me add who still is looking good with a fly style that is perfect for me. The sad part is I don’t tell him or show him enough. A lot of the times I make him feel like I don’t appreciate him and even worst love him. How do I know this? because its gotten to the point where he even has had to ask me because my actions showed the complete opposite. It hurts for me to tell you this, it hurts to know that the one that walks around so hurt is hurting someone else. Don’t be like me! Don’t focus on all the bad because you set him up to meet expectations God needs to meet in you. He is human just like me but for some reason we want our mistakes to be forgiven but not forgive. I pray this post changes your perspective, realize that if you highlight his strengths he will want to be stronger for you. Men don’t talk much but believe me they still get hurt. Don’t destroy your marriage and husband with your own words. Make room for healing - Claudia 💖
📷 @citizen_yulfi


Comfort food is always the best on Sunday's after church. @breanna.1908

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"I am the daughter of the King so I brag differently." @siobhanzoe

Sometimes I think there is nothing to smile about but when I change my attitude to one of gratitude and attempt to count the blessings in my life I realize I have a whole lot to be smiling about...
Learn to have a grateful heart especially in your darkest moments 💫

Meet Christian lifestyle vlogger, @leahsessence! She just posted a new vlog on YouTube about "How To Be A Christian At School Or Work". Check out the link in her bio.

Today, I will speak love over myself, I will carry my head high in confidence, I will eat nourishing foods, and give my all in my workout. I will show up for the girls I lead, I will pour my heart out to write hope on be walls of a strangers heart, and I will live this day to the best of my abilities because it’s a precious gift from God 🙏🏼 I’m committed to being my BEST self, and this encompasses the way I speak to myself + the way I take care of myself + the influence I carry in the lives of others. I love that my job revolves around not only becoming the happiest, healthiest version of me but I get to help others do the same thing 💕 sending out my cusomtized game plans for each girl in our #21daystohallolean bootcamp + praying over each girl as I press send. I’m so thankful for the women who decide to work with me + link arms with me as we tackle the holiday season. It won’t be easy, but I truly believe it’s our responsibility to honor God by trying 👯💕 1 Corinthians 10:13 is my anthem as I practice self-control this week with hubby out of town. Usually these days get me lonely, and eating my emotions. But reminding myself of the calling I’ve received to be the light, to show the way, to overcome + live in a place of victory not slavery is keeping me anchored to the bedrock of power I have as a daughter of the most high king 👑 Ya with me girls?? Let me hear you speak words of affirmation in your identity below!! Side note I could LIVE erryday alllday in this shirt— oversized ts are ma jam!! #livesownwithstrength

And it's here! Check out the link in my bio for Part 4/6: The Human Condition. I have to warn you, there is some raw stuff in this post. I poured my heart into my journal the day I dove into Psalm 103, and today I decided to share those thoughts and feelings with you. I hope that you will read, reflect, and remember that even though we are only human, God is bigger than anything we could ever imagine. His grace is sufficient to meet our needs. His love is enough to surpass any circumstance. His goodness is enough to heal our brokenness. He remembers each and every one of us, knows how we are formed, and cares for us deeply. We are so loved by this good God. Praise. The. Lord. #psalmseries #thehumancondition #wearethelovelyonesblog

A C T I O N || the Bible says that faith without works is dead. The same goes for everything else in your life. So many “want” to be married or find the one, yet can’t even begin to offer another person the very things they require. Or are listening to those that think there’s an age limit and timeline for when one should marry. So many want to be successful yet don’t take any steps towards their dreams. See, it’s not enough to just pray. You have to pray AND do the work. Take the necessary action steps to have the very thing(s) you want. You can’t expect a favorable outcome without effort. You can’t fix anything by continuing to do the same things. You can’t expect to be blessed while intentionally living a life that’s not pleasing.
Think. Pray. Plan. Take action.
You have the power to have all that your heart desires. It all boils down to what action steps are you willing to take; what lies of the enemy are you willing to put to bed in order to pick up the truth? I’m glad we chose to surround ourselves with other young couples seeking Christ, working towards marriage with courage, faith and love. It can work. It can be done. At the end of the day, it take action to achieve.
Im so glad that WE chose to take action to ensure our future by surrounding ourselves with truth to gain a deeper understanding of the truth in order to walk in it. Easy? Nah. Worth it? Absolutely. ❤️ The Steward’s

“The less time you spend with truth the easier it is to believe lies.” - Lecrae

"Thanking God for this day..." @brittanybeemiller

Part 3! We are made to be flawless. (Last countdown post till tomorrow's new content!) God chose to redeem us, to take away our sins, to make us clean. He made us in his image, and in this sovereign identity, we are made to be flawless. It's hard to remember that we are made to be like Christ, especially when it feels like all we can do is mess things up. But God intended humanity for good! He gave us Christ as a flawless example, and in giving His Son he also provided a way for us to be cleansed. Your past, your present, your future: all cleansed. Christ has won, once and for all. Live out this flawless life in a way the glorifies Him. Give yourself grace. Pray continually. Give thanks in all circumstances. God did a wonderful thing when He made you. Remember that. #madetobeflawless #psalmseries #hemadeyou

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💻 @kacinicole is sharing the "3 Things That Happen When You Let Others Help You" on her blog! Link is in her bio.
I get the importance of independence but the truth is, we need each other - we were created to - in every aspect of life. I think it's often more comfortable to be the one giving help than it is to be the one needing it, but both are necessary. Part of loving others means giving of your support, time, and resources - and part of receiving the love of others means allowing them to do the same for you.

Part 2 of this Psalm 103 Series is all about God's goodness. Who doesn't want to talk about that?? David gives us a list of why God is so amazing, and I love thinking about substituting his reason for our own. If you were to list why God is good, what would you say? How could you tell others (and tell God himself because praising him is so important!) about God's goodness? Let us each take a moment to thank God for his goodness. Take a deep breath, still your heart, and remember God's goodness today. #godisgood #psalmseries #psalm103

God's word has brought me freedom: Freedom from the chains that bind me, the sin that entangles me, and the culture that bombards me. I'm learning to walk in freedom in a different sense than I have ever known before. I'm learning that things don't have to be done just this way or that. I'm learning that I don't have to try SO hard. Im a recovering perfectionist and striver, always wanting to earn my keep or try harder. Yet Christ has clothed me in his righteousness, and now God looks at me and sees holiness and acceptance. He delights in me...not in my stuff. Because Jesus already did all the stuff on the cross. There is nothing I can or can't do to earn his love.
I'm learning that if I live this life according to what the Word of Christ says, in the rest of the "details" I get to be free. My life doesn't have to look exactly like the picture our Christian culture has painted. My ministry pursuits don't have to fit the exact mold that everyone else follows. The way I keep my home, love my husband, memorize scripture, create, raise children, cook, exercise, where I live, etc, doesn't have to fit in a box. When I am submitted to the authority of the Word (this is key!!!- " You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." Galatians 5:13), the way I go about obedience to Him can look different. I can live free and enjoy this life that He has graciously given. That's why we need to know what the Word of Christ says so we can freely walk in obedience to Him! So important!!
This world wants to enslave us with it's standards, messages, and molds... yet when we learn to live as slaves to Christ, that is when we are truly f r e e. "you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness" Romans 6:18.
Please go check out Galatians 5 this morning!!! I will post it on my insta stories if you want to go there to find it! Will you walk with me today, sisters, in freedom as slaves to Christ?! #livingunshackled #lifeunshackled

Countdown to this week's new post! I've been working on a series about Psalm 103, and this week will be part 4 of 6. In case you're a new visitor to the blog I want to make sure you get all the goodness of parts 1, 2, & 3 before diving into this week. Part 1 focuses on a posture of praise. It doesn't matter who we are, where we are, what we've done, or how dismal our circumstances seem, praising God is not contingent on anything. He is ALWAYS worthy to be praised. Days like these where I feel overwhelmed and exhausted make it harder to praise, but that is the posture I need to take. You are good, Lord. You are worthy to be praised. Praise Him with me today. #praise #heisworthy #ontheblog #wearethelovelyonesblog

Meet @girlandtheword, she loves Jesus and did an amazing job at transforming her studio apartment. #apartmentgoals

"Thank God, I'm free. And I'll never be bound again." @zimism, found of Travel Noire

Is it time for happy hour yet?!

Ronnie wrote his first blog post on my website!!!!!!
Read "How To Know She's The One"- Link in bio 💕💕💕💕

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