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He was pierced because of our rebellions and crushed because of our crime. He bore the punishment that made us whole; by his wounds we are healed. Like sheep we had all wandered away, each going it's own way, but the Lord let fall on him all our crimes.
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This is a pineapple 🍍 field in Chiang Rai Thailand 🇹🇭 on our resent missions trip we met some amazing people who literally risk their lives to help others everyday. The story’s are way more inspiring than these pictures but hey that’s why there’s a caption. .
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A love song.

In God this is never any lack..

a u • c o m m e n c e m e n t ✝️🕊⛪️ #careme

Happy Valentines Day. You are Loved Today and Always!!!!

Today is Valentine's Day. And today is Ash Wednesday. And I think there's something beautiful about the two falling on the same day, because as we begin to prepare our hearts to celebrate the Resurrected King, we're reminded that it's the greatest love story ever told. A Groom loved His bride so much, He gave His life for her. And then, He rose again, so they could spend eternity together.
Personally, I think there's value in acknowledging the Lenten season even if you aren't Catholic. As someone who doesn't fast often, this season gives me an opportunity to reset my focus, to set aside preferences in favour of worship, and to remember that the Lord has brought me out of my wilderness. And I'm 40 days, I will celebrate not just His sacrifice, but His everlasting life. I mean, can you think of a greater romance?
Wherever our hearts are this Valentine's Day, let's set our sights on a better love story, and let's begin to prepare our hearts for the best part.

Re Thinking The Love of God. What if the cry of Jesus saying “Father why have you forsaken me” was to echo what humanity had wrongly believed.. Psalm 22 paints the picture so well. How beautiful that our misunderstanding was healed on the cross and we can boldly cry “Abba, Father”.

The power to heal and move forward comes from our identity in Christ.

Transformation begins when a person is made aware of God’s opinion of them!!!

At no point are we outside of His gaze. It is beautiful.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, min skønne skat 🇩🇰 Vi elsker dig! #christiangram #christian2år #kærlighed #minsupermand #hurrahurrahurra #fødselsdagsdreng #birthdayboy

To Trust Like a Child.

The Father’s love calls to the depths of our soul.. and in response we say We Love You Father.

Job 10:22
The land of utter gloom as darkness itself, Of deep shadow without order, And which shines as the darkness.

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He Loves.... We ❤️

He loves... We ❤️

His work is complete.

Agape Love = Other focused and self sacrificing..

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