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We have a lot to be thankful for this year. 2017 wasn't what I expected (or wanted) in many ways, but God is still faithful and we were still blessed abundantly:
- We found out we were pregnant sooner than expected, but had a healthy, low risk pregnancy that resulted in a seamless birth.
- The process to buying our house was convoluted and stressful, but it all came together and we have a beautiful home & roof over our heads.
- Josh was let go from his job the day after we bought our house and was two months without employment, but God provided a job in a different industry that has been a better fit for him and our family.
- Our car spent all winter in the garage with no engine, but when completed we had a brand new engine in it at more than half the cost a mechanic would have charged.
- I spent over three weeks in prodromal labor, went three weeks past my supposed due date and struggled with depression the last six weeks of my pregnancy, but the baby needed every minute of those weeks and Geneva Anne came into our lives healthy and safe.

Sometimes blessings don't come in the form we expect or desire. But they are still blessings, and God is still good. He knows what we need before we ask Him - and often what we ask for isn't what we need. Soli Deo Gloria - our struggles magnify the name of the Lord, and through them we are blessed. #getaftergrateful

// Spirit lead me where
my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet
could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior //

➵ I want to go wherever He is leading. My prayer today, maybe yours. If you have a prayer or unspoken prayer you want me to pray for, comment below. I want to pray for you. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser

I sat down with some designers in the Hamptons on Long Island and we created this dress for me during my period of “fame”.
It’s funny to put this little number back on and think about how times have changed.
I don’t obsess over boys that don’t care about me.
I don’t put all of my worth into the volume of the crowds’ applause.
I don’t search through my contact list on my phone to see who I could text out of pure loneliness.
I don’t walk around feeling purposeless and like a failure.
Because though I had money, though I was signing autographs in random places, and though I was living the dream of many, the only thing that could truly fill me up is, and always will be, Jesus.
Don’t buy the lie that having more of this or that will make you fully happy.
It’s not going to happen.
It’s only by the blood. Only by His blood.

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today's to-do list:
be grateful.
tell my family
and friends I love them.
drink coffee.
smile, it's contagious.
eat pie.
thank the Lord for
His unfailing love.
play games.
have a magical day.
happy thanksgiving beautiful friends!! 🌿🙃

A quote from Charles Spurgeon⠀
“Here is a standing reason for thanksgiving. Although we may not always be healthy, nor always prosperous, yet God is always good, and, therefore, there is always a sufficient argument for giving thanks unto Jehovah. ⠀

That he is a good God essentially, that he cannot be otherwise than good, should be a fountain out of which the richest praises should perpetually flow.”


New Blog Post on my website!! Read some of it below!⠀
When I was going through a really dark time in my life, I felt as if I was grasping desperately for help, but I couldn’t find anything to grab a hold of. As I flipped through my Bible one night, I landed on a familiar truth in the Psalms. “God is my refuge!" This was a truth I could cling to, even in confusion. I was reminded again where my hope was to be found.⠀
A refuge is a shelter or a place of protection. Christ who is our Refuge. He is our shelter, and we have unlimited access to Him. We can come over and over again a thousand times. This is true, no matter the circumstances. Nothing keeps us from the love of God. ⠀
In difficult times, we can flee to God. We may sometimes have the same unresolved anxieties, the same questions, the same fears, and the same confusions. Still, we can run to God, Who is merciful! I heard a pastor say in a sermon once, “tell on the enemy.” Tell God what the enemy has been saying to you. Tell God the lies the enemy has been saying about God Himself.⠀
Go ahead and spill it all, leaving nothing in the darkness. If you still feel terrible, continue to go back to Him over and over and over again. As you read His word, You will see that He is good, faithful, and a source of comfort. What has been your refuge? What have you turned to in times of trouble? Has it been social media? Has it been Netflix? Has it been a friend you have been clinging to? Has it been shopping? Maybe it has been excessive eating? ⠀
They all make a poor refuge. God is the One who will provide true rest for His people. Let Him be your safe place, and you will find a rest that cannot be found outside of Christ. It is a satisfying rest...one that will last longer than anything the world can give.⠀
To read the full post, the link is in my bio!

With thee there is no darkness via @faithfullovez

Day 322/365 #daysofdelight "Help me, Lord my God; save me according to tour unfailing love"
Psalm 109:2
Sometimes God has to empty us of everything else in order to fill us with Himself.


Yesterday went home at 8pm, doin things and started in daddy's desk at 10 pm #metime listening worship music and start to have my own quality time with Jesus.. yes miss Him lots after a day outside 😚. An incoming call noise stop me for a second. Then had an hour talkin about this and that.. and she begin to tells how much she miss me and all Jesus inside me lately. Well girl... just believe nothing is permanent and imposibble for Jesus....never ever think we're useless and don't deserve any love in the world! Even the rejection and fake rules comin from the inner community...bet me! that's not what Jesus wants in your life! So please burn your heart,make a step of faith! Don't just sayin '' I've been prayin for a long time nothing happens 😭. I've been serving in church but I think GOD didn't look at me 😔😢" Allright allright.... wake up silly girl! Be smart and beautiful please! Don't just praying! Make sure your daily life filled with Gods words and burn your heart your soul and walk with faith in it! Nothing happens if there is no surrender in your faith. Gods needs you to surrender and He seek your heart dear... Lets make the move today! Never wait tomorrow to a new things! Do it now!

🔑💛The key to eternal success is a loving repentance-relationship with God. When Jeremiah, the prophet was called by God, He was asked to proclaim to the people in Jerusalem that they must repent of their idolatry and return to God. Jeremiah had to stand up to the people in Jerusalem and tell them that they were wrong for worshipping wooden gods and idolizing them. The key message that God wanted Jeremiah to spread to the people of Jerusalem wasn’t an angry one, but it was a message of love because God yearned to forgive the people of Jerusalem. (See 1 John 1:9) ..............................................................
.....................................................................🔑💛God told Jeremiah to tell the people of Jerusalem this message; “Return, faithless Israel. I will frown on you no longer. I am faithful and I WILL NOT BE ANGRY forever. Only ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GUILT—you have rebelled against the Lord your God, you have scattered your favors to foreign gods under every spreading tree and have not obeyed Me. Return faithless people; I WILL CURE YOU of backsliding,” Jeremiah 3:13/22. ........................................................
...................................................................... 🔑💛God was willing to forgive the people of Jerusalem. Our God is not a God who is angry or unforgiving. God’s mercy is new every day, however we must be willing to acknowledge our guilt and turn away from our sin. God knows we will make mistakes, but He just wants to see us try and never give up. In the same way that God was willing to guide the people of Jerusalem, He is also very willing to cure us of our backsliding. However, we must be willing to admit our wrongs, continuously repent of our sins, and to never stop turning to God for guidance. (See Luke 13:1-9)

"A joyful spirit is evidence of a grateful heart" – Maya Angelou Happy Thanksgiving! #thanksgiving #gratitude #joyful #credencegirl #truth #mayaangelou #justagirl #christianblogger #christiangirl

Tis the season... 🤣 Hope everyone is enjoying their day - Happy Thanksgiving! #holidaybae #thesinglelife #thanksgiving2017 #gratefulandthankful

Happy Thanksgiving Babies. 💛Remember to EAT, LOVE and PRAY. I'm Thankful for everyone and everything....What about you?🦃🥂🍛🙌🏽🍽#zealotgang #Queent #picoftheday #happythursday #Indianmixed #bwwm #swirllife #interracialsingles #godtaughtme #zauntee #christiangirl #hibich #oneofakind #beautyqueen

Happy Thanksgiving from m6 family to yours!
Every year there's one person missing, but she always shows up in some way. I miss you nana, but I know you were there!

Over at iamlovedblogs.com we’re starting a new series ‘the things I would tell my teenage self’. The beautiful @sarahjanewhite93 is kicking the series off! She’s got some great pearls of wisdom that you should definitely read, even if you’re older than a teenager! I learnt a lot from it 😊 Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months for more in the series! 👀
As always, link in bio! 🔗

It's Thanksgiving! What are you Thankful for?
I am Thankful for Another day the Lord has Blessed despite of my stuggles. I am still here, alive and Healthy. Thank You Lord
💃🎶🎧: Vashawn Mitchell: "Just another Day"
C'est Thanksgiving! De quoi es-tu reconnaissant(e)?
Je suis reconnaissante pour une autre journée que mon Seigneur a Beni et cela malgré mes soucis. Je suis toujours la, en vie et en Santé. Merci Seigneur.
💃🎶🎧: Vashawn Mitchell: "Just another Day"
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Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy your day with family and friends. Sale going on all weekend 25% off with code: THANKS25

Amidst all the food & family, let's keep our eyes open for God today and be in constant thanksgiving!

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