Laughing because we know it’s true! LOL. It’s ok to be uncomfortable with the unknown, but never fearful! God has your back, always. [Jeremiah 29:11] “For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” .
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Spiritual gifts are precious jewels God provides us with as we grow deeper into our relationship with Him. In today's post, provided by @christianenvogue ,learn how the gift of tongues is a true gift of the Holy Spirit. LINK IN BIO 👆

As children of God our voice carries authority and power and our tounge carries life and death! Speak those things that be not, as they are and watch your surroundings change . Never be afraid to speak up against the systems and ways of the world that doesn't align with God's word. This is a generation of the #youngandholy, let's rise up!

One of the many names of God is Jehovah Sabaoth, The Lord of Armies. He is always fighting battles on your behalf & In all His years he's never been known to fail. With God you are always on the winning team 💪👐 Hold on tight, break through is yours!!

Is it cheat day yet ? #happyfriday .

I am so excited to announce that the website to my latest project, a Christian Magazine is all ready! I encourage you to go take a look at ChristianEnVogue.com and let me know what you think 😘
So far there is spiritual and life advice, fashion tips, and recipes, to name a few. Also, subscribe to the newsletter because I have so much more in store that I am working on for you guys . Have a blessed day and see you on the site site ! (Link in Bio)
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Holy Spirit won't you come and dress me in all white.

Sundays are meant for church, fellowship, and good vibes. Happy Sunday y'all 😘

Stepping into this three day weekend like ...

In the mess there's a message & In the test there's a testimony. Stay encouraged!

"Mondays through Saturdays I get too caught up, too suffocated in the cares of the world, too preoccupied to call on your name... and that fire fueled by Sunday's sermon slowly lingers off into flames. " -excerpt from "Lukewarm" by Kesha Dorisma ------------------------------
Forgive me father for putting you on the back burner this week. Forgive me father for allowing my agenda to be so consumed with vain objectives & goals that I was left with no time to spend with you this whole week .
Lord, help me put you first, even before my job, my businesses, my family, and friends, & even before ministry, and church.
Lord, I want my personal relationship with you to be the main focus of my life everyday, not just on Sundays!

Yup, its Hip to be a Christian. there's a new generation rising up that is on fire for the true and living God. & we aren't here for religion either. We want spirituality and a relationship with the Great I AM. Catch us at church how bout dat?

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." -Psalms 139:14 .

All of my fears and failures, I lay them all down to you father.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! On behalf of all the sons & daughters, we say we are truly thankful and grateful for all your love, direction, wisdom, & sacrifice. May God fill your cups a hundred fold for everything that you've poured out into us & may He grant you peace , more wisdom, and more love in all your coming seasons! God bless you !
Sincerely, Christian En Vogue 💋🕆

Weekend, is that you?
It's Saturday guys, which means a break from the chaotic weekday routine! Use the extra free time to Cultivate healthy relationships with your friends and family, go win some souls for Christ, or do something that will bring you closer to your calling, but most importantly spend some time with your heavenly father today ! Happy Saturday!
Xoxo, Christian En Vogue 💋

We are children of a King which means our inheritance are good and perfect gifts straight from the throne up above ! We deserve the best in every area of our lives including or job, partner, future & everything else in between! Write that on the tablet of your heart and don't forget it!

Good morning ! Some #Mondaymotivation for you . The bible said faith without works is dead, which means that as we lean on and wait in expectancy for God's promises over our lives to come to flourish lets also commit ourselves to doing the work it takes to get there! So God promised you'd be a preacher, a multimillionaire, a successful musician, an author, a prophet to the nations, a business owner? Great! So what will you do today to work towards seeing that promise be fulfilled ? .
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