Friendship is a gift! I'm thankful for all my sister friends! "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!"
Proverbs 27:9

Tag your sistahs and tell them you love and appreciate them!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!

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Oh man, a creative slump can be a struggle!! My mind has been full of doubt, criticism, and...well, fear. And it was all self-inflicted. Every time I got an idea to letter or paint, I froze up. Even my arms and hands felt uncoordinated, like I'd lost everything I've practiced the last 2 years.
Treading the line between rest and pushing through the slump has been a juggle. Sometimes it's better to walk away before something I love becomes something I dread. Other times I know it's good to use the strain to press me forward, so I don't get stuck.
Last night I sensed a little spark to go back to what I know well. I may not have the most original creative concepts, or have a biggest bag of artistic tricks. But I can do a few things well and enjoy them. I can still cultivate a dream with a little healthy soil, sweat, and heart. 🎨
So today my paints and pencils are out and I'm a happy girl, with my Pippen napping close by. 🐾 God didn't put this in me to dry up, I'm sure of it.
What cultivates your dreams lately?
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“Focus more on God’s strength, not your situation.”

Pastor Andy Six

The way I think about it, we weren't really given a black & white manual on how to live life. Instead, we see examples of people in the olden times. People in the Bible like Jacob the cheater, David the adulterer and Thomas the doubter. We also know of Martha who was a worrier, Gideon who was insecure, and Peter– the one who had such a bad temper. All of them & many more who were all flawed, imperfect people. Yet their stories all tell us one thing: God transforms people in an extraordinary way that will inspire hope and serve as a guide for everyone in their generation and the generations to come. People here and there trying to get on with life. The next time you feel like a complete mess, and you don't really know your life's direction, remember that God does not disappoint and He does transform lives – the Bible can attest to that.
Nothing and no one is too broken that He can't fix. 😊 Smile some more today!

I LOVE making journals!!!

Patience and persistence has been tested BIG TIME over the last few weeks. There have been a few hiccups along the way and somedays you wonder why!?!
I believe thru these trials my strength is being built. I realize more and more that the ONLY way is thru Christ🙌☝ I cannot do this on my own.
I also believe that accomplishments are great but hardly remembered in the end. It's our character that will stand out thru and thru.👊
We are overcomers👊🙌 Patience is a fruit of the spirit and when we believe on Him, we will have the endurance to run this race called life🚶🙌
Happy Sunday💞

I sing for all that You’ve done for me.

I’ll be honest... this has been me in some areas of life lately... not sure I hear Him clearly. Not sure I know exactly what He’s doing in some areas. Feeling a little lost, wondering if my life is making a difference. But this verse reminds me... He is there. He is present. He hears us. And even when we feel like He is hidden in some areas... it is only temporary. He will reveal His face, His plan, His purpose. And like little children all we have to do is ask Him to show Himself. This is kind of like a more formal way of saying “Where are You Daddy??” And He bears the cries of His kids. Always. •••••
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This is the last day to get apparel with the "His Story Didn't End" design on it. It ends in 8 hours!
Link in bio. ❤

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Two services down, one more to go. You can still make it to our twelve o’clock so grab a friend and join us! We can’t wait to see you!
Eastlake High School

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The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?-Psalms 118:6 NKJV

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All of us at some point tries to fill this "void" within us with either good stuff or bad - regret from the past, discontent with the present, or even worry about the future. But hey, here is the reality - Christ is in you and me! Sharing to you my sermon notes from today's service at @ucityfamily preached by Ptr. @brent_roam. 🤙

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