The Power of Hiddenness

Hidden seasons are sacred seasons. Being hidden with Christ means you will go through seasons where you feel like your whole life is under construction. Many times we feel buried, but we must remember that hidden seasons produce strengths that unveiling seasons cannot. Assets like character, authority, wisdom, boldness, vision, morality, special talents are not developed while everyone is watching. I’m sure we all could agree of how grateful we are for the small circle of people who have played key roles in these seasons of our lives, because the building process is not always beautiful but chaotic. 
When you squeeze an orange, what do you get? Orange juice. When you squeeze a grape, what do you get? Grape juice. When life, tests, and relationships squeeze you, what do they get? Frustration, mediocrity, and weakness or focus, courage, and strength? Hidden seasons are where the pressing and pruning happen in our lives. If you're experiencing the loving pressing and pruning of the Lord, I’ve got great news for you, friend. You've not been BURIED, you've been HIDDEN! Hidden seasons are sacred seasons because that's where lasting growth is built. STAY HIDDEN!!! Devo by: Chris Estrada .YouVersion #faithblogger #christianblogger #ilovejesus #faith #grace #choosejoy #Godislove #Godlovesyou #jesus #womenintheword #shedelights #givemejesus #gritandvirtue #pursuitcommunity #shereadstruth #blogger #author #propelwomen #mompreneur #womenintheword #womenwhowrite #encouragement #inspire #author #blogger

Today marks the day of an new chapter- I feel this weird shift within me and it’s hard to pinpoint what God is doing physically but internally I feel this shift in my focus. God has told me that I reached the mountain top but I told God that I going back down and I’m grabbing 300,000 people with me- (randomly that number popped into my head) and taking them back up with me and within that moment something within me shifted and I prayed that God equip me for this battle. I know the devil will not allow for 300,000 people to walk away from darkness but- I’m ready to fight for you. Going back up will not be easy but, this is what I signed up for and seeing people accept Jesus as their savior will make every scar, every sleepless night worth it. My heart is invested into this and I’m not trying to be no ones hero or angel or role model I’m just trying to be aundra- the girl who answered to the call from God.

The next two weeks are all about creativity as we prepare our Christmas Prayer & Reflection rooms, assemblies & parties. Thank you @bandq_uk and @valsparpaintuk for mixing us up our paint exactly how we needed it! Come back to see it all finished
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I know I'm winning this week. God is on my side and I'm ready to put in the work. How about you? Happy Monday, lovelies
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Recently I have really felt connected with God. Whether that be through song, bible verses, or prayer. It is such a refreshing feeling knowing how amazing He is and that He loves you so much! Knowing He is always there and has a plan just for you keeps me going when I am going through tough times! He loves you so much, and He has an awesome plan for each and every one of you!!❤︎ ✞ ⚪︎
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“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” Corinthians 13:1
This is a passage of scripture we hear a lot, mostly at weddings. It’s the type of passage that I often tend to avoid when doing bible study. Something that is so over done you worry there is nothing new you could learn from it. I was proved wrong however, at a conference in London on Saturday. The theme of the conference was how we as individuals and churches could bring our own unique giftings and callings to bring cultural renewal to our cities and our country. We heard from a number of people speaking about ways in which they have obeyed Gods calling in their lives and decided to step out in faith living radically for Jesus.
Often as Christians we are made to feel like to be a good Christian we must follow God to a place we don’t want to be. That if we give our lives to Him, He will make us do something we never wanted to do. Those Christians doing jobs they dislike but that feed into a desperate need are seen as morally better whereas the ones doing something they love that feeds into a desperate need are seen as morally less. This isn’t what the bible is teaching us. In this passage of scripture Paul tells us that nothing is worth anything if it doesn’t come from a place of love. We could feed all the starving children of the world but that would mean nothing if it didn’t come from a place of love.
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer it’s been a life long dream. Who do you think gave me that dream? The maker and doer of all things. He created a fire in me that has hunted brighter and brighter over time. A fire that He is now using for the glory of His kingdom!
Instead of expecting God to take you into a hard place kicking and screaming to do His work maybe examine what He has placed on your hearts over the years. What fire did He set alight? What fire has He been slowly adding to again and again over time? How could you use this unique gift or passion for His glory?
Choose to follow your hearts desire and give it all to Him. Do everything from a place of true love and you cannot fail.

B L U R L Y * B A B Y
Ugh, you know the feeling.
Whether it's a love one telling you a few home truths, or you jumped out of your mother's bedroom window into a purposefully placed mattress in the garden (hey, I was a kid), most of us experienced that breathless moment of having the wind knocked out of us at least once.

Take it easy mama! Rome wasn’t built in a day 🌻

Psalm 18
The road in front may but foggy, unclear, daunting. But Father promises to make our way perfect. Take His hand.

Mama, I’m a queen and you’re my prince

Of course Jazzy Jaz, of course! Self esteem can’t be bought, traded or found in the bottom of a breakfast bowl. It needs to be nurtured! It needs to grow! Sowing a seed now will definitely help later. We’ve got a little self-love routine going and she’s not mad at it! And routinely I remind myself that Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love is dynamic; it grows by actions that mature us

Be better
Do better

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