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I’m having a good time baby, and I wish you were here. I’m thinking about you baby, and it feels like you’re near.... and you can’t do a thing to stop me. #chrisisaak

It's strange what desire will make foolish people do... Erin reminds me of the gorgeous @helenachristensen in the wicked game video by @chris.isaak .

#erin #helenachristensen #chrisisaak #integritytoysdolls #instadoll #wickedgame #dollcollector

Jonathan Demme #BornOnThisDay
(February 22, 1944 / April 26, 2017)

Director, writer, producer and actor, Demme was one of the most versatile filmmakers and professionals in the industry, and that also applies for the many films and themes he worked.
Very few directors in recent years were responsible for developing a unique style that captured our attention and made us see films in a different way. Interspersed shots between hand held and stead camera (courtesy of regular director of photography Tak Fujimoto) and those close-ups with characters looking directly into the camera were part of his trademark; along with great team of supporting actors who frequently appeared in his movies.
Despite an extensive resume which also uncludes TV series direction and some acting roles, Demme highest peak in the 1990's is what most audience will remember: for presenting Hannibal Lecter in presence, style and reverence in 'The Silence of the Lambs'; and with 'Philadelphia', breaking taboos as the first AIDS mainstream film in a time where the topic was usually avoided.
In the picture he is with Melanie Griffith on the set of his incredible comic thriller 'Something Wild' (1986).

"The world was on fire and no one could save me but you."
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
#ChrisIsaak #WickedGame #HeartShapedWorld #1989 #80s #FirstLines #Songs #Lyrics #LyricsQuote #LyricsOfTheDay #SongLyrics #QuoteOfTheDay #Words #MusicLover

Tried low pitch singing. 2016 i guess
Lemme know if i should not try low pitch again :p
Wicked games :D
#wickedgames #cover #chrisisaak

3 years I was holding the idea to make a video like this. This song and music video is so beautiful ...
I shot this video in Bali 1,5 month ago.
I am happy I finally did it even if it’s doesn’t look a professional way. 😊
Thanks for help my friend @fraulesy! She helped me to shot this video!
Inspiration by song “Chris Isaak-Wicked game”
Model-Tatiana Donskova
Director-Tatiana Donskova
Editing-Taniana Donskova
Camera-Olesya Ivanova 🙌🏼
Уже несколько лет у меня была идея сделать что-то в стиле клипа Chris Isaak- Wicked Game и именно на Бали месяц назад у меня предоставилась возможность это снять. Все то, что чувствуется всегда отражала меня эта песня. Я в неё влюбилась... И я рада , что хоть и не профессионально, но с чувствами это видео наконец-то было спонтанно снято.
Спасибо подруге @fraulesy, которая помогла мне снять это видео!
Снимали час, почти на закате, когда должен был пойти ливень и честно говоря я была бы не против , если бы он пошёл, потому что было прикольно ;)) Кирпич с плеч сброшен, видео сделано, осталось сделать только моё танцевальное видео с Бали теперь😅
#chrisisaak #wickedgame #wickedgames #musicvideo #cover #shoot #bali #la #hollywood #losangeles #lamodel #model #modeling #feelings #hollywoidshot #modelshot #musicvideoshot #videography #iphonex #4k

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