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Exactly this passion, wich he always put into the songs will be missed here..✨

"I Just Keep Rowing" by Imothyt. ~ "In 2013 my friend Tiffany was dying of cancer. This was her second go around with the disease and this time things weren’t looking good.
Tiffany loved Soundgarden. When we all chipped in to get her an iPad, I had it inscribed on the back to read “searching for the ground, with my good eye closed” a lyric from one of my favorite songs off Badmotorfinger: it’s another snippet of Chris’ poetry that informs my life and reminds me that everyone is just like me, searching for happiness in all the wrong ways.
Tiffany had been to every concert she could possibly go to and even flew down to California for a show in 2012 when things first turned bad. There she met another fan and they hit it off immediately. This other woman took a chance and emailed Chris Cornell’s manager, recounting Tiffany’s story and her battle with cancer, and revealing that it was Tiffany’s dream to one day meet Chris Cornell in person.
I don’t know more of the details, other than the fact that the meeting happened. From what I gather, Chris was touched by the story and gave Tiffany and her husband Jimmy backstage passes to a show here in Seattle. After the show they were invited into Chris’ dressing room where they hung out for a while, talked about life, and took some staged photos.
But there was one candid photo where Tiffany and Chris first meet and she launches herself into his arms. I don’t know who took this photo but I suspect it was her husband Jimmy. In it you can see him just vulnerable, and I will probably read too much into this, but I see a deep compassion in his face.
Soon after that photo was taken, cancer took Tiffany and when Chris Cornell heard of her passing, he tweeted out his condolences.
Tiffany’s favorite song on Soundgarden’s 2012 King Animal album was Rowing. Chris played her that song at the concert.
Tiffany stopped rowing in 2013.
Chris stopped rowing in 2017.
May they both rest in peace."
➡ Go read the whole story at:

Chris Cornell Extended Cameo for Singles(1992).
Chris was the inspiration for one of the lead characters and the director wanted him to star in the movie, but he refused. Do you think Chris would’ve been a good actor? I think so. Some of his friends said he had a natural affinity for acting. Would’ve been interesting to see. #Singles #SinglesFilm #1992 #chriscornell #soundgarden #templeofthedog #badmotorfinger #totd #mattdillon #cameroncrowe
Footage: The Grunge Scene YouTube

So much love. I wish we could’ve seen more performances of them together. #soundgarden #chriscornell #eddievedder #pearljam #templeofthedog #totd

Had a go at that black and grey tattooing again didn’t I?! 😬😂. It was cool to do a portrait of the legendary Chris Cornell. I’d like to do a few more black and grey portraits but I won’t be leaving my colours on the shelf for too long haha! #chriscornell #soundgarden #soundgarden #rip #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #tattoos #portrait #tattoovideo #portraittattoo done using @killerinktattoo supplies. Sponsored by @sheacare4u


Love this picture...it shows a dark intensity about him🖤❣️

Beautiful smiles 😊 they look all very happy. After buried Chris Cornell. Soundgarden members and SS treacherous #chriscornell #soundgarden #templeofthedog #ripchriscornell #justiceforchriscornell #audioslave #grunge

#audioslave #chriscornell #rock #music "And on I read until the day was gone and I sat in regret of all the things I've done For all that I've blessed and all that I've wronged in dreams until my death I will wonder on..." 🌅🌌🎸🎵🎤

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