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Happy birthday monstro #chrisbrownoficial ❀️❀️


Happy birthday monstro #chrisbrownoficial ❀️❀️

When we leave a message to Chris, it's as if he left it to MJ, he sends it for love although he knows he will not read it ❀
#teambreezy #cb #cbreezy #chrisbrownoficial #chrisbrownfans #chrisbrown #cbrown @chrisbrownofficial #partytour

My hero without a cloak I know you do not read this, but I want to wish you a Happy Birthday ... time goes by so fast, it seems like yesterday when Fortune was thrown out for the first time ... the album with which I met you, you are Grande Brown, many celebrities have a Fan club, but never any like this, they are united, affectionate, they are great ... I feel proud to be part of something like this, every day I will try harder to be recognized in this great family, I am not good at making edits, either Dance or sing, I do nothing to earn a second of your attention, but I will never lose my hope my big heart will not stop waiting for an interaction of yours .. not difficult to dream, Thank you for existing, thank you for radiating happiness! Do you know why you are a hero without a cloak? Because in the saddest and grayest moment of my life, where negative thoughts invaded me ... Fortune appeared ... Album that brightened every part of me .. and from that moment Chris ... gives me strength to get ahead with his Alone..existence. One more letter from a simple fan ATT = Your biggest fan of Colombia πŸ’ŽπŸŒ™πŸ’« #teambreezy #cb #cbreezy #chrisbrownoficial #chrisbrownfans #chrisbrown #cbrown @chrisbrownofficial #partytour

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