Hey G.A.N.G. Girls, be ready for what’s coming!
C H O O S E - P U R I T Y 🌸 (Real #GirlTalk 🤫) we are giving these talks for all our High Schoolers, Young Adults, and Spanish Young Adults! For more information, you can call/text or message us!
#ChoosePurity #AVBrooklyn

Op woensdag 15 augustus is onze tweede Girl Talk sessie! 🙌🏾💖 Het is een onderdeel van onze jaarlijkse ‘Choose Purity’ campagne voor alle jonge vrouwen. Een bijzondere serie met levensbepalende onderwerpen zoals relaties, vriendschap, zelfwaarde en intimiteit.
Jullie, je vriendinnen, zussen, nichtjes en (klein)dochters zijn van harte welkom!💞👑 #VORW #ChoosePurity #GG’s

Can’t wait to be with the GG tonight. It’s about to get real at the Girl Talk. I believe there is nothing we can not talk about, so let’s go!💃🏾I hope to see you tonight 😉#girltalk #GGeurope #GG #victoryoutreachinternational #gangalmere #choosepurity

| CHOOSE PURITY | “Choosing Purity is about redeeming your PAST, living in your NOW & securing your FUTURE.” God moved this weekend in the Northwest - I’m so grateful to be used by Him! #Choosepurity #GGPREACHER

A better life is created by #CHOICE.
I choose purity of my nutrition

I choose purity of my body-non-toxic living.
I choose purity of my thoughts-peace of mind.

Now that I’ve taken some time to process this weekend! I want to thank and congratulate Prophetess Kisha Cephus on the success of her 1st Prayer Conference! It was absolutely amazing and you did a wonderful job on being true to yourself throughout this process. I watched you from a distance and questioned your BFF on your progress with the conference many days. I’ve truly learned a lot from you just being on the outside looking in! 😏

Thank you for allowing me to be a vendor at your conference. I was very indecisive on doing it but I knew I heard God tell me become a vendor. I appreciate you for allowing me to register late because of my indecisiveness LOL. Because you never denied me the opportunity my brand, business cards, brochures, and shirts will be rocked in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Florida, Los Angeles and wait for it... Jamaica!! I been thinking PIP Global or PIP International 🤔😂 Because of your obedience each of these states mentioned above has requested for my presence and took extra cards and brochures back to work out details on bring me in too work with their girls! 😳😭 But nevertheless I was stretched tremendously through prayer and I was reminded how environments like that always stir me! Plus I learn why I’ve had many moments when I would attempt to pray for PIP and not even 5 mins into praying it turned into weeping! Thank you Elder Nicky Bounds for explaining the weep of a intercessor! So much clarity!
I want to thank my two of my main heartbeats, my sisters, best friends Sabrina and Lanessa! I LOVE YOU TWO BEYOND WORDS! These ladies stood by me the entire Conference assisting at my table, listening to my dialogue with people that approach the table, and when I was too busy working with someone they assisted others by explaining to those waiting to speak with me what they heard me tell others! 😂😂 #SQUAD GOALS We been hollering that all weekend! 😉😘😍 But Thank you two sooo much, you both made my first vendor experience go smoothly.
Lastly, I’m grateful for the prophetic word that was prophesied over me by my Spiritual Leader. It placed me on course for my next and I’m grateful!!☺️

Shout out to the huge order of T-shirt’s!! That’s what’s up! I can’t do it alone I need your help to do it!! Help me spread the message! Tell the world the YOU CHOOSE PURE LOVE!! Order yours and so much more at https://www.squareup.com/store/ChoosePureLove. #choosepurelove #choosepurity #choosewisely #chooselife #chooselove #choosejoy #choosehappiness #choosetowin

Morgen is onze Girl Talk avond! 🗣✨ Het is de start van een bijzondere serie over levensbepalende onderwerpen zoals relaties, vriendschap, zelfwaarde en intimiteit.
Jullie, je vriendinnen, zussen, nichtjes en (klein)dochters zijn van harte welkom! 👭❤✨ Datum: 13 juli
Tijd: 19:30
Locatie: VOR-West, Keileweg 8

#VORW #ChoosePurity #GG’s

Sitting under an orange umbrella and feeling ‘Young & Fabulous’ 🧡 with these Beautiful GANG Girls. I’ve known them since they where very young (what does that mean...😱) and absolutely adore them. Feeling privileged to play any part in their lives and especially during our upcoming Choose Purity Campain!💖🎉 #GANGGirlsEU #ChoosePurity #VORW

It’s about that Time!! 👊🏼💕Calling out to all the Girls weather your in Middle School high school or a Young Adult we are excited to be be having our Girl Talks this Month Save the date June 27th You don’t want to miss out it’s gOnna be Awesome 💯💞💖please message me if you want more info #Choosepurity #Girltalks #Allgirls #RelationshipGoals #purpose #SBCRegion

This Saturday it’s going down! #VOBE #ChoosePurity #GangGirls

Awesome time speaking to the young Gang Girls last night on friendships and Relationships . Thank you God for allowing me to have a testimony to speak to these young ladies .. Gang Girls I've been there and guess what it turns out ok. Can't wait for the next class . You are worth the wait 💜 God do your pruning 🙌 and surround us with accountable sisters #Gang Girls#choosepurity#girltalk#friends

Just some down G.A.N.G. girls having some Girl Talk 🙌💖 #ChoosePurity

Today my wife and I were blessed to have been able to invest and minister to the GANG Baja California Region! Two different events in two different locations all on the same day! This is one powerful region! We want to thank the GANG Regionales Anthony Milla and Remedy Martinez for their great hospitality and generosity! #GANGMexico #WeStillInTheGANG #MexicoIsRising #ThisGeneration #Distinguished #Destined #FutureLeaders #PureCourage #ChoosePurity

Hoy mi esposa y yo fuimos bendecidos al poder invertir y ministrar al GANG Region Baja California! Dos diferentes eventos en dos diferentes locales todo en un mismo día! Esta es una región poderosa! Queremos darles las gracias a los Regionales del GANG Anthony Milla y Remedy Martinez por su gran hospitalidad y generosidad. #GANGMexico #TodaviaEstamosEnElGANG #MexicoSeEstaLevantando #EstaGeneración #Distinguidos #Destinados #FuturosLideres #ValorPuro #EligePureza

I'll be sharing about my journey on purity and singleness and how it's got me so close to God! How I found myself in my singleness and how I ended up not actually feeling single but content while somewhat challenged and raw open in a loving healthy growing relationship with someone I never expected..... JESUS!!! He became my everything in one simple promise! ❤️ #dontmissit #choosepurity #rawopenhonest #book #ministry #hope #dreams #nevergiveup #rejectioncanbegood

Everything was amazing yesterday!!.. #choosepurity

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