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I spent the morning alone in our new home, and found this magic spot. A window colonized by a family of red ladybugs (I counted 9), who apparently moved in before us! Well, I’m hoping for a peaceful cohabitation 🐞

Believe in Magic ✨🦄❄️ - There is no holiday quite as magical as Christmas! It’s always been my tradition to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, and now that it’s almost here I can’t stop daydreaming about all the things I want to buy and put up (also not sure how that’ll go with my new bunny 😅). I hope you won’t mind me sharing another lovely creation by @junipercakery , but I just adore everything about these wintry little unicorn cupcakes and thought you might enjoy them too for this week’s #ihavethisthingwithcandy sweet share (plus, I felt like this week could use a little more magic ☺️). I’m editing the pictures now for one last Thanksgiving post (🥧) that I can’t wait to share with you, and then it’s on to Christmas 🙌🏻!!! Have you already started decorating? 📸: @junipercakery
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It’s always easy to find something to complain about, isn’t it? Yesterday, I was bemoaning glazing (in my stories) and @palmtreepots reminded me that you get Pottery Christmas when you open up the glaze kiln. And it’s true - even unexpected results - like this coral bell dish - are a wonderful reward for all the hard work of glazing. So even though it isn’t my first love when it comes to creating my work, I’m gonna try really hard to be more joyful when I glaze. The results certainly bring a smile to my face 😊
What’s your easy-to-complain-about-but-not-really-that-bad thing?

getting in the holiday spirit with babe & @healthade holiday cheers kombucha🥂
enjoying connecticut, thomas’ italian family, & definitely all the italian food🍝🍕
life is short, soak it up & don’t forget to love on those around you a little extra this holiday season (& always)❤️ #spreadthecheers #followyourgut

She's pretty much mastered the whole "express your feelings" thing ... 😆 #dollylovesus ❤️ Alternate caption: I love you I love you I love you. #thatfacetho

1 week of GRATITUDE - Day 3
Oh my lucky stars.... I am grateful for HIM! My Prince, my stud, my happy ever after. Did you know that the stresses of caring for a child with a life threatening illness have an 80% chance of divorce?!!! I get it. It's the hardest thing we've ever had to deal with, and the crazy thing is.... it got even more difficult after her treatment was over. The moment they stopped dumping poison in my daughter was when REAL life stresses hit us with a 1-2 punch. Now what? We had many discussions about how we will kick cancers ass 💪 and defy all odds, before and after treatment!!! My hunk slept many nights next to our bald beauty. He was her personal play ground in those empty hospital hallways. He was my sanity, our rock and provider. I said crazy things like "we need our own garden and chickens" and he replied with "Ok, how big do you want that garden?" And things like "I want to go to School for nutritional therapy" and he would say "Yes, we need to support her in whatever way we can." And now what? Well, now he is all sorts of yumminess and lost over 40 pounds! Hands off ladies, he is all mine, and I can't get enough!!! 🙌💃💏
"Unexpressed gratitude is communicated as ingratitude"
I love you and I'm so thankful for you baby ❤❤❤
#beattheodds #choosejoy #lifeaftercancer #thrive #mystud

Tilly can always sniff out when I’m eating- especially since she shares my love of sweet potatoes! 🍠 I’m feeling really unwell today but this little cutie is keeping me going (as is counting down the hours to Claud coming home!) ♥️
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Matt 1:23.
You are not a God far off.
Uninterested, stone-faced & foreign.
You are the God of flesh and bone.
The God who came into the real,
and walked and talked like one of us.
You are the face to whom we speak.

One year ago today we found out that we were pregnant!
I remember feeling nervous so I had Donnie go in first to read the test. It was the beginning of a new chapter with so many emotions. Excited, scared, guarded, but now knowing that Sofia was being created for us and us for her is nothing short of a miracle. Those scared and guarded feelings seem so far away looking back now. We love you baby girl 💗💗


My sweet Isla!! This girl is sassy and she knows what she wants! Reasons why I love this picture: she loves bows (I say the bigger the better 😉), she loves all things Disney princess. That Rapunzel nightgown is here fav and those Young Living products are here go-tos in the evenings!!! The Kidscents toothpaste and the SLEEPYIZE essential oil are amazing! #kidsofinsta #momsofinsta #yleo

As I go into this week, I’m overwhelmingly grateful. Three months ago I was in a hospital bed, and now I’m cooking, working out, running after my children, and dreaming of what’s next in my career. I can get so caught up in moving forward as this quote from my fave @morganharpernichols says that I forget that I’m richly, richly blessed. 🙏🏼 So this week, before we look to the rush of December and the goals of January, I pray that I look around realize I have so much, in life and in wellness.

Makcik nasi lemak MC. Takpun overslept. Pengganti.

Crazy to think we're getting so close!..just inching in onto the end of another year. 😮😮😮 And it's had me reflecting on 2017- which has turned out to be the healthiest year of my life!

I'm honestly AMAZED I can even say this because i've never had a more challenging yet consistent relationship with my health & fitness before. Never!

But honestly.
It's not what it seems.
You may see a "fitness junkie."
But it's an entire fitness team & community behind me that's been my driving force.

THEIR commitment, encouragement, examples, and friendship! have helped me jump back on the wagon every time i've fallen off!

2017 has been an amazing year of growth for me not because I'm motivated.
But because I'm 👉🏼plugged in👈. Today I'm thankful for my TRIBE!!💛 #NovemberGratitudeChallenge

Sharing our evening at @whistlingswan in Door County on the blog soon! #doorcounty #wisco #whistlingswaninn

What would an extra $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000+ a month do to change your finances? I think we often forget about how much our monthly bills impact our decisions.
How often do you think... no I can't buy that for myself because it's not in the budget, or no we can't take that family vacation because it's too expensive, or no we can't afford private school for the kids. But what if you didn't have to say no to these things. What if you finally got to say YES?!? That's what these friends and teammates, (and thousands of others) did. They said YES to a optimal health with Isagenix, which lead to many more yes's! They have all positively impacted their finances and in turn been able to do many things with their Isagenix income such as cover their mortgage, afford private school for their kids, go on family vacations, cover all grocery expenses, pay college tuitions, car payments, and so many other things.
If you were told you could earn an extra income with an investment of only $29 annually and you eat your overhead, would you take a second look? The power of residual income is one few people understand. But I promise you would run through fire and brick walls to experience it if you truly understood what it could do for your life.

Would you like some holiday gift ideas? 🎄I put together a list of my favorites and a few random things, almost all under $50. 🎁Have a look! ⛄️ Link is in profile. #itssimplytuesday

Stay #wild. •

Shop #handstamped jewelry and accessories over in my online store • plus save 30% (no code needed) • #behappy ✌🏼

A day of packing and traveling and finally changing into cozy clothes!! We travel again tomorrow and I might just stay in these clothes!! @goodnightmacaroon is having a Black Friday sale where I scored this cardigan as part of the @loverlygrey collection!! This cardi really goes with EVERYTHING! Even my new slippers I found @nordstromrack for under $20! I love finding deals! Have a great night! 😊
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Sharing #tablescape tips from the pros! @elissagrayerinteriordesign “Reflect light” & @tamarastephenson “Delight your guests” (blog 🔗 bio) Happy decorating! #tablescaping #embellishment #entertaining #tabletop #design #ChooseJoy

I've been busy on the wheel trying to get ahead of this holiday season and just in love with these glazes from @maycocolors 💛💛💛 #pottery #handthrown #potterywheel

Gives me hope. The right sounds at the right times can inspire and uplift. Turn it up! #keepgoing #choosejoy #airwaves #believe #kbco #97.3 #🎶

Holiday promotion announcement coming TOMORROW! #choosejoy

I took the long way home because I had the time. I drove on a road I didn’t know existed until today and walked through a pile of leaves without regard to anything else. I felt calm for the first time in weeks.

I’m the first to admit I’m not gracefully patient and I’m too hard on myself.

So today, after 3 hours in a radiology lab and another 45 minutes of blood work, I walked through a pile of leaves and simply thanked God for being with me. For calming my nerves and holding me together when I felt like breaking.

He’s there whenever we need him; forever by our side. He is strong when we are weak and is always ready to carry us when we can no longer walk. That’s pretty damn special.

Grateful to God is a series focusing on giving back to God through our thankfulness. There’s so much to be thankful for, starting in our own lives and in God’s attributes. In this post I highlighted God’s goodness. Link in profile. •

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