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Wanna join me?? 🍰🍰🍰🍰
A huge sweet thank you for all your hugs and kind words- had a rough beginning of the week and I was not dealing with it so well. A change of scenery and time with some of my favorite people in the world have given me a new outlook and perspective on things. There's always a silver lining in every cloud. Life is beautiful and I wish you the happiest and sweetest of days. Now, on to that cake..🎂
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Oh man there's a bajillion things I need to do today but how about I just hover over you and watch you breathe for a bit? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #choosejoy

Тот прекрасный возраст, когда одевай мама на меня чеееееее хочешь) и трусы все удобные, и колготки по цвету не надо подбирать к бантику на босоножках твоей куклы ))...
Сегодня уже целый месяц этот сладкий человек с нами). Целый прекрасный месяц 🙌🏽.
Растрогалась и закинула в сториз самое первое Дашкино видео 😽

Who's excited for Puppy Friday?! 🙋🏻 hope you have a happy day! P.S. I have a great new interview up with some of the happiest girls around, Britt + Tara from @highvibelivin. Link in profile to see what they have to say about Kundalini yoga, Mantras + spirituality. 💗

Check out @hellomissmay and @dropbottle latest competition 💗⭐️ xFF Team

PRACTICE // What you do occasionally versus what you do consistently comes from practice. People will ask "why are you so happy?" And most of the time I tell them Jesus. Which is true. My joy comes from the Lord. But God has also brought up great warriors like Moses and Joshua and I don't see myself ending years of slavery, fighting battles and winning cities. It takes two things: The Holy Spirit inside of you and practice. I can joyfully do almost anything because I believe I'm doing it for God and it has become a habit and I couldn't do it any other way. My next "practice" is wisdom and understanding. I keep repeating Psalms 49:3 "My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding." Which is what I want to contribute to our marriage. What are you practicing?

Indifferent. Cold. Numb. Passive. Without care. Indecisive. Desensitized. And hardened. All of these are powerful temptations and lures from our enemy. Anyone else been here? ✋🏼? Where our thoughts sound a lot like this:
"I do not remember how I got here. I certainly did not anticipate this, let alone want it. I have no care for what is going on in the lives of my family. I can see the poor, hurting, broken...but all I have for them is pity - a small, unmoving, and mental pity. My days just play out. They zoom past and drag on all at the same time; they are fast, yet slow. When will this end? I want to feel again...to deeply feel and care..."
When disciplining our hearts towards seeing and experiencing God, one of Satan's go-to's is to cloud us with PASSIVITY. He wants us to get to the point where we can see things without really seeing them. Where we can see the broken but only have a false pity towards them.
After a long and hard time of confession, King David begs the LORD in today's Psalm: "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." (51:10). It is only through purity that our hearts will learn to see and lean on both God's word and His active grace. (Read today's full devotion in our link.) #declareglory
What do you need today? Anyone in the rut of passivity now?

when they insist on 2 of the same thing .. butter ✔️ mushrooms ✔️ bear paw cookies ✔️ #tonightsdinner


Good Morning ☀️ Today is our last full day in Turkey as we fly home tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss waking up in such a beautiful place - I've been here more times than I can remember and with every trip I love it even more. 💛 Home away from home.

Good morning 💐 Will you be paying us a visit at Lamberts today? Beautiful blooms and Jelly cat soft toys aren't all we sell - we have a range of planters, succulents and decorative accessories. #lambertsflorist

Mood. Cloudy with a hint of sun... there have been worse days. Worse things to be upset about. Today I had to turn down my dream position in my dream location because I have already committed to another equally as amazing career opportunity that I also wanted just as badly. I had resorted to believing my dream location did not hire travel nurses - and if they did I didn't have a shot this early in my career. I didn't expect to get two dream offers in the same week after having so much anxiety about where I would end up if nothing in Seattle opened up. In turning down my dream - the place that started the fire for me to BE a travel nurse... the reason for all this work... I have to remind myself there are worse things. This post is more to ease my anxiety within myself. Commitment to your word and career building requires sacrifice. I just hope that this opportunity will be there for me... And in the mean time I will be thankful. I will be hopeful. I will be joyful. I will be responsible. There are worse things. There are worse things. #responsibility #opportunity #dreamjob #mood #thereareworsethings #staytruetoyourword #hardworkpaysoff #itiswell #peace #commitment #careerbuilding #delayedgratification #hawaiiwillbethere #chooseyourreaction #choosejoy #career #passion #illcrylikeawinnerinthecloset #travelnurse #rn #williregretit

Weekends are for books, croissants and crisp autumn leaves.
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Spotting sailboats and enjoying the breeze. Our impromptu drive to the sea was the perfect start to the long weekend and exactly what we needed. There's something very cleansing about sea air. It's good for the soul ✌🏼

"Dear you, you have spent years standing up for yourself, and even more for others. Don't lose that sparkle of passion because it's not "the right way" or any other lame excuse to not be yourself. And stop re writing and re editing all your instagram caps just because you think someone's gonna unfollow you cuz you write too much, you're speaking your damn mind, own ittttt. Always value yourself, my goodness I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to do that." #goodmorning #weightloss #weightlossstory #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #positive #positivity #positiveday #positivemind #positivevibes #positiveenergy #workinprogress #livehappy #livehealthy #liveauthentic #behappy #behealthy #motivation #choosejoy #choosehappy #chosehealthy #health #healthy #healthier #healthymind #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthychoices

You damn skippy! Besides trying to make everyone happy is exhausting! Plus it leaves no room for fun...and what good is a life without fun? 'Tis no good at all! Cheers to living for me and no one else! A life filled with more smiles, more genuine connections, more hugs, more belly-aching laughs, more morning dance parties in the mirror, more goals achieved, more living in the sunshine, more good vibes and warm chocolate chip cookies. .
Art by @jennakutcher .
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I wish this lasagne were cooking in my kitchen right now... alas it was earlier in the week right before we left for tennis lessons. I prepped the meat before school pick up, came home and made the bechamel sauce, assembled the meat in between layers of lasagne sheets, and with a final layer of bechamel with a sprinkle of parmesan and nutmeg I popped out into the oven. I had just enough time to take it out before we left. Phew.

The s m e l l alone when I opened the front door on our return was so warm and welcoming. Our little home was filled with the delicious aroma of lasagne wafting around all the nooks and crannies. Such edible joy. The children loved it. We all did.

To top it off, the children were in bed and dreaming away a whole hour and a half earlier than usual. High fives all round!


♡Numbers 6:26♡

We spent the evening cleaning the apartment. We scrubbed our entire apartment using only essential oils and thieves cleaner (no toxic yuck!). I put some Ylang Ylang and Orange in the diffuser and holy cow, our apartment smells soooooo good! Also, Ylang Ylang is a "romance" oil so....😘🙈

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