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Either you run the day or the day runs you. It’s a choice!

Today, I am letting it be easy.
I almost caught myself feeling all tied up and tangled in confusion, doubt sans frustration today.
Then I remembered, I can choose to let this be easy by my thoughts, attitude, words and actions.
That simple shift changed everything.
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Everybody like choices, with these beautiful arm chairs you get both sets of cushion covers. More fabric, more fun. #sale #armchairs #chooseeasy #fabricfordays #stocktonandshirk #jacksonwy

Raw milk keifer is where it's at!!! So can I just say...studies change. Research can be biased. We get to trust our gut LITERALLY.
Remember how Dr's used to prescribe cigarettes and say there was no harmful effects?
Many studies say how bad raw milk is...I'm excited for the day when the masses see the benefits, and let go of the fear that has been created by incorrect studies.
I'm like most human beings...I don't like to do extra work. Somethings are worth a couple extra steps.
My keifer is one of those "extras" that brings lots of natural benefits. It's time for us as a people to take a step towards being good stewards over our bodies. Only then will we have the energy, desire and determination to BE the good in this World.
It's a great time to make simple changes to take your life back ♥️ #simpleliving #healthyself #healTHYself #keifer #selfmotivation #keifersmoothie #naturalprobiotics #chooseeasy #makethechoice #babysteps #takeyourlifeback

Working on my 2018 "Be Healthy" themes...
Which one do you identify with best?

Natural yeast pancakes + farm fresh eggs = happy tummies ♥️#simpleliving #naturalyeastbaking #chooseeasy #choosehealthy

Ever feel like you’re stretched too thin? I do, too.
In the past week, I’ve been in “launch mode,” wrapping up loose ends for 2017, planning for 2018, re-branding, planning and promoting upcoming workshops and events, listening to a bunch of marketing podcasts to learn more about some things I just haven’t learned yet, recording my own podcast episodes, practicing the art of surrender when it comes to upcoming changes in life and business, holiday shopping, connecting with Josh, and snuggling my pup.
WHAAAAAT?! If one of my clients told me this story, I’d be like “Woman! Slow down! Take time just for YOU!” __
I’m sensing that a LOT of us are in this space right now, wanting to feel clear and freaking POWERFUL as we welcome 2018, and also that we have taken the necessary time and space for cozy comfort, connection, and reflection on a year well-lived, well-led, and well-loved.
How I’ve been navigating this space of end of year fullness has allowed me to NOT get sucked under, stressed out, or overwhelmed though, and there are a few reasons for that.
1️⃣ SISTERHOOD || I’ve been leaning into the support of women in my life who “get it” for lunches, dinners, yoga classes, barre classes, intention-setting, business brainstorming, & good ol’ girl talk and connection.
2️⃣ TRUST || If I thought entrepreneurship was uncertain before, then I didn’t know just how uncertain and up in the air life could be when you introduce the US government and a military relationship! Things change at the drop of a hat, it’s challenging to plan ahead for things, and you never know what you’re going to get. In those moments, I’ve learned to let go and REALLY trust with every fiber of my being that it’s all divinely orchestrated, exactly as it should be, and I will always have exactly what I need and BE where I need to be moment to moment in order to fulfill my life’s mission.
3️⃣ SPACIOUSNESS || I’ve given myself so much permission lately to do NOTHING, to sit on the couch in the evenings and snuggle while watching my guilty pleasure reality TV shows, and to choose EASE whenever possible. Dog park fetch vs. a 1.5 hour walk & meals from @greenchef delivered to my door are 👌🏽

When you're on the go, make sure and grab something instead of just not eating. Being hangry is real!! I love shakeology, I've also loved high-quality protein shakes, find your go-to!! #chooseeasy #simpleliving

I used to believe success was hard.

Not only did I believe it, I bought the ticket and went to the show. More than once.

Three years ago at Christmas time, I was exhausted.

We had just moved in to our new house and I had made my garage a personal training studio. (It was awesome!) I was so excited to be able to work from home. People would come to me. Things were going to get so much easier now.

Clients began pouring in. Before work, during the day, after work. I was the busiest I'd ever been.

Dreams of a Christmas for the kids that was easy and wonderful played in my head and kept me focused and striving.

I barely saw them. I was in the studio working when they left for school, when they got home, sometimes up until bed time.

I told myself "at least I was home". They could be here and not in daycare. That counted for something right.

But do you what really happened?

I exhausted myself. Working from 6 am to sometimes 8 pm. Barely breaking, and when I did I napped or ate.
We DID have the best financial Christmas, but I got sick as soon as I slowed down. My body needed rest, and it was going to get it no matter what.

I couldn't uphold the schedule. I spent Christmas in anxiety. Trying to figure out how to slow down for the New Year, even if it meant less money.

This happened two more times before I got the message.

What if things didn't have to be hard?

What if things were actually easy AND WE MADE THEM HARD?

A year and a half ago I started the journey that would change my life forever.
The adventure of going within and changing the stories that were living inside me.
It was a cluttered closet in there. A junk drawer overflowing with crap that wasn't mine.
For months I did the work. Created space. Space to hold what I BELIEVED IN. Space to hold ABUNDANCE, CLIENTS, JOY.
When this year started, I was ready.
Ready to see the world in a whole new way.
To know that money is energy and by exchanging energy, magical things can happen.
That being me was the greatest way to serve.
That sharing my voice and story, even when I was scared, could help one person. This became my anchor.

Magic happens when you choose easy ❤

I’ve been preparing myself mentally for my 3rd natural birth and I’m seriously so excited!! I can’t believe I get to meet baby Miles in January 😍 .

I am creating knowledge around child birth, and how beautiful it truly is! These awesome tools have given me a lot of confidence in having a calm easy birth. .

Fearing birth is pretty common, I know I did before I learned about how our mind and body truly work, and how to ignore those who had traumatic experiences. .

What people say truly effects us, but we also have a choice in deciding what can effect us or not. We also have a say on what we want to create during birth which is pretty powerful!!! .

These 2 books are incredible & using Essential oils throughout pregnancy and birth is essential for me and my baby!! .
#empowered #knowledgeispower #doterra #naturalliving #naturalbirth #birth #babies #newborn #pregnant #pregnacy #oils#essentialoils #hypnobirthing #chooseeasy

You know when you find a friend that is super duper special? A keeper? One that you can be totally you with, warts and all with no judgement? .

Well that is what I have found in Angie 💖 @flowwithangelenadavies 💁🏼‍♀️

She has helped me discover so much, tools that I have always had within me but was not aware of, a consciousness in so many areas of my life

So it made me super happy and proud to be able to share her with my team on Sunday as part of our online Sofa Training 💡

Angie delivered a session called access your flow, sharing some of her story as well as tips and tools on being more mindful, listening to your intuition and choosing for you 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️

What if it could all be really easy? Follow Angie to learn more ✨

After washing my car last week, I wanted it to smell as good inside as it looked outside. Without all that funky stuff which is known to cause cancer and other things like asthma and even vomiting! 🤢
Yes, people have shared with me that they've had a chuck after getting into a car with one of those gross smelly car thingies. What a reaction!
Turns out those hanging cardboard pine trees are not as safe as they seem. .
This is a car vent clip with a ceramic fragrance disc. Pop a couple drops of your fave essential oil onto the disc and you're away! .
I chose the Norwex Purifying blend, these three blends are all beautiful but I'm a sucker for clove and so this was the winner for me this time.
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The power to choose is up to you

Solo por HOY elimina la palabra DIFÍCIL de tu vocabulario

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