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Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how others see you. #chooseconfidence #beproud #innerpeace .
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Why did I become a coach...... This is a super loaded question for me and one I can answer in several ways. But I'll just explain one of the MANY reason why.. Before I decided to take this leap of faith and start coaching I would spend my days stalking, yes stalking, my childhood friends FB page and wondering how she got to be where she was. She was able to buy new tires with a WEEK'S pay from this side job, she was exubertating more self confidence than I had ever seen, and she was doing all of this just for making herself a priority and getting healthier!! Truly mind blowing stuff...or so I thought.. Fast forward a few more months of stalking, and one day it just clicked. I decided that I was going to stop stalking her.. I was going to stop wishing I could pay for things without cringing, and wishing I had that kind of confidence in myself. I decided to just do it, jump all in, and take that leap of faith.
For me it's not just about the extra income, it's about the community and support I am given from my team and from my challengers, it's about living MY BEST LIFE, and helping others do the same! I used to slave away in the gym for hours only to fall off the wagon with my eating (erasing EVERYTHING I had just done)... now what do I do? I call on my new friends and supporters for help! I know that whatever struggle I may be having, that they have my back. I finally am putting my best foot forward, and living my best life!
I read this quote yesterday and it totally pertains to taking the leap of faith: "I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear"

My team is having a sneak peek ‪this Wednesday night‬, you don't have to do anything but sit back and hear all of the amazing stories other coaches have on their journey. Stop stalking and start doing! Be that fly on the wall, message me or comment below if you want in!

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If there’s a redhead in your life, go give them some love 💗 It’s super easy when you’re married to one 😍 #chooseconfidence #kissagingerday #suitesassypants #routine #suiteandstrong #suiteheartsofthewest #empowersocial #sassydirect #rubyribbonstylist #byebyebra #camichallenge #everywoman #readyforit

~In order to save myself, I had to first destroy the old me.
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My mornings consist of my new favorite planner, Fizz Sticks (obviously) and harmony essential oil.😌 do you have a routine?

••• 90 Day Planner link is in the bio
••• Himalayan Salt Candle Holder: look up the benefits! I get mine from home goods normally
•••** Harmony Essential Oil: energizing and relaxing
•••** Fizz Sticks: natural energy from green tea & vitamin B, balances blood sugar, improves happiness, increases endurance and alertness
**Contact me for more info

yes, I realize I forgot to put a new tea light candle in my holder 😂

We are all snowflakes ❄️ We are unique & beautiful 🎀 #chooseconfidence #suitesassypants #snowflake

Big [scary] changes are on the horizon for this girl. This is my year for personal growth - I believe I can! #Chooseconfidence #suitesassypants #change #suiteandstrong #suiteheartsofthewest #empowersocial #sassydirect #rubyribbonstylist #byebyebra #everywoman #readyforit

Ok folks!

So it’s a new year and with that comes all the usual resolutions and goals for the year ahead.

One of the MOST Transformational practises I’ve learned is the daily act of Gratitude.

From speaking to so many anxiety sufferers I found that the number one issue they had was that they found it difficult to be thankful for what they have already. This in turn keeps them stuck in a negative cycle of worry and feeling inadequate.

Anxiety by it’s very nature causes us to constantly fear what is coming next. We identify the areas of our life we want to change, believing that until we do we can’t be happy or at peace.

But this in itself is also a habit. When we constantly look forward we don’t see everything we are achieving. So we never feel like we’ve accomplished anything.

When you can truly feel grateful for all you have now and recognise that you are ALREADY enough, you change your whole perception. As a result your energy shifts and you start to find MORE reasons to be thankful.

When I say it can be life changing I’m not kidding!

I experienced the true power of gratitude last year and now I’m hooked! I’d already decided to up my daily gratitude habit this year and thought there may be others who would like to join me.

And so, starting next Monday 8th January I will be hosting a FREE 10 day Gratitude Challenge.

If you’d like to join me, click the link in the comments below and join the private group.

I truly believe in the power of people and so the more of us that take part in this the more powerful the energy will be!

Start 2018 as you mean to go on.
Don’t wait one moment longer to create that life you’ve been dreaming of!

It’s ALL possible and it starts with GRATITUDE!

Join me! #gratitude #gratitudejournal #gratitudepractice #chooselove #chooseconfidence #motivated #inspirational #goals #2018goals

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