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Right now, everything is for her. I'll be home soon, momma. #cholangiocarcinoma

On Tuesday I had my third Keytruda infusion, I'll get scanned on 9/20. I've been feeling pretty good but not getting my energy back. I talked to Dr Westin about the fatigue and that I feel it's time for me to start some counseling. We decided on the Palliative Care team; they can help with pain and nausea relief, counseling, nutritionist, etc. I go for my first appointment in a couple of weeks, I already feel like I've had a weight lifted from me.
I've been trying to walk more and drink more water. My friend @positivelysurvivingcancer inspired me to try the infused water, that was a big help! Thank you!
Another friend @depravitytribe sent us two meals from @purplecarrot. Both meals were great and easy to prepare. Thank you so much for the delicious gift!
My sweet daughter brought an ice cream cake home for me last night.💗🎂
Tomorrow we're going up to my brother's for a few days. It's been too long since I've seen the Lake. When I get back I'll have my stents replaced and then start my next cycle of appointments/treatment. Thank you for staying with me. This part of my experience has been harder than the first two years, I'm so grateful for all your love and support. 😚😚😚

#Cholangiocarcinoma... a mouthful to say, but it simply means cancer of the bile duct. My grandmother was diagnosed November 5th, 2015 with a prognosis of 2-3 months with limited choices of treatment available for her advanced stage and specific case (intrahepatic). It was around this time at the end of January/beginning of February 2016 when her body started to rapidly deteriorate and shut down literally in front of my eyes (as I was raised by/still live with my grandparents). As the health region's palliative home care team was preparing her & my family for her passing, she miraculously managed to see her 68th birthday in April, celebrate her 46th wedding anniversary with my grandpa in July, spend a 2nd Christmas with the family, and she just returned from Las Vegas on Monday after my uncle took her to see her favourite artist, Céline Dion, in concert for the first time. Although she is not cancer free during this time, she continues living her life to the fullest as best as she can. I'm sharing my grandma's story today because February is Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month & reminding those to take the time to acknowledge your awareness to anyone that you may know who may be suffering from this disease.
💚🎗💚 #christmas2016 #bileductcancerawareness

Yesterday was the hardest day of my life. My mom won the fight against her cancer, because she is now forever safe, healthy and whole in the loving arms of her Savior Jesus Christ. She will forever be missed and loved. #Cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer #bileductcancerawareness #turntoureyesuponjesus

All we need is hope & for that we have each other💚
Thanks to everyone who has reached out, checked on him or kept him in your prayers. We appreciate it.
If anyone has had a family member with cholangiocarcinoma or has had any experience with it, please reach out to me. Thanksssss.
#helpcarterfightcancer #cholangiocarcinoma #cholangiocarcinomaawareness

Thank you Sharmeen for showing us some samples of #Cholangiocarcinoma while touring the #kwonglab at #mdandersoncancercenter #ccf

3 years ago my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer and was given grim prognosis. Today, she traveled to Columbus and passed her audition to become a Jazzercise Fitness instructor. I am incredibly proud at her will to not only live, but to thrive in this life. Congratulations Mom. Your hard work looks good on you. #cancer #bileductcancer #cholangiocarcinoma #jazzercise #proudofmymom


Enjoying bivalve treats while raising funds for rare cancer research at the @targetcancer annual gala. Thank you, @islandcreekoysters for providing endless oysters for the evening #targetcancergala #targetcancerfoundationgala #rarecancer #mgh #danafarbercancerinstitute #islandcreekoysters #cholangiocarcinoma #esophagealcancer #targetcancerfoundation

So, some things have been happening that have turned this into a busy week. Saturday morning I slipped on the ice and hit my head. We went to the ER, head CT was clear but wow, my back still hurts.
Monday I had a chest CT, the nodules that we're spotted when I was diagnosed have stayed the same, no growth. Tuesday I had a lot of blood tests and cultures then, saw Dr Westin. The main tumor and smaller tumors all show growth. Not much, but it's still growth. I have thrombuses (thrombi? No one seems to know the plural) in my portal veins, they're stable. Recently, we had to increase the blood thinner dose as the thrombus in the right portal vein had grown. I know it's serious, that was part of why I was nervous about skipping the enoxaparin for the port removal. Dr Westin felt that the port should come out since there was bacteria growing in it last time I had a blood infection, it came out this morning. We also went over all the info for the chemo trial I'm on. It's approved for colon cancer and has shown promise with cholangio. I started yesterday, a little nausea and backache but not bad, so far. I'll only have to go in once a month for labs and to pick up my pills. I'm hoping to be able to stay on this for awhile and have less Clinic/hospital time.
Today's port removal went well. I feel like I got punched in the shoulder but I'm guessing that will pass soon. Thank you so much for all the encouragement. I don't usually get nervous before scans or procedures but it hit me today. Thank you for being there with me.💚💚💚 #cholangiocarcinoma #thisiswhatchemolookslike #mayoclinic

Keto puddings... I struggle to find no carb puddings which don’t include horrid artificial sweeteners but this was a real winner from @leanandcleanoffical, combining mascarpone with shredded coconut, fresh vanilla, raspberries and grated chocolate (the higher the cacao content the better). If you haven’t got the book, you can find the recipe here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2092664/Recipe-Vanilla-mascarpone-chocolate-coconut-berries.html #keto #ketogenic #ketoforcancer #mascarpone #nocarb #lowcarb #lowgi #refinedsugarfree #gf #glutenfree #stage4 #cholangiocarcinoma #fuckcancer

We’ve had some good times looking through pictures to make story boards for moms funeral tomorrow. Bittersweet moments for sure. #memories #foreverinmyheart #ripmomma #missyoualready #Cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer

On #GivingTuesday, Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2 million of funds raised on Facebook for US nonprofits. Facebook is also waiving all processing fees. Please support the Foundation by hosting a Facebook fundraiser on #GivingTuesday! #cholangiocarcinoma #curecc #rarecancer

On #GivingTuesday, Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2 million of funds raised on Facebook for US nonprofits. Facebook is also waiving all processing fees. Please support the Foundation by hosting a Facebook fundraiser on #GivingTuesday! #cholangiocarcinoma #curecc #rarecancer

Two years ago today after 6 months straight of tests, surgical procedures, septic and living in hospitals I faced the 2nd most dangerous surgery. It wasn't until Dr. Visser at Stanford Hospital diagnosed me with one of the rarest and deadliest cancers. Cholangiocarcinoma, you had every intent of killing me. I'm so glad to say that you didn't win because I met one over the top confident and brilliant surgeon who saved my life. This picture clearly shows the confidence I had in him as this was taken about two hours prior to my surgery. Forever grateful to this amazing doctor❤. #cancer #cancersucks #lovelife #life #blessed #cholangiocarcinoma

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