Yeah, I still play. Check out @thebourgeois ‘s latest vid “My Old Friend Misery”. It’s pretty rad. Link in bio. 🎥🎬: @chazelmore_dop :
:Playing live in #Tulsa 9-29
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😅😅😅 Might be letting the Jiu Jitsu thing go to my head a bit. All in good fun though! Congrats to my buddy @zen_llc on his belt promotion, and thanks to my buddy @chris_cathers for taking the photo!!
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Alexander Gustafsson want his rematch. I scored the fight for him the first time, and that was a pre-USADA Jon Jones. I'd love to see a rematch. Is this the fight to make?

Regrann from @alexthemauler - Congratulations @jonnybones I’m really glad u are back! @dc_mma is aiming for Brock.. so let’s give the fans another legendary fight for the belt 👊🏻 @ufc @danawhite - #jonjones #alexandergustafsson

I'll be showing highlights of the press conference! Will Conor be in true press conference form? Will we see fireworks? Stay tuned!
Regrann from @ufc - THE 🌎 IS WATCHING!
Tune in for the first OFFICIAL PRESS CONFERENCE ➡️ THURSDAY at 5pm ET - #khabibnurmagomedov #ufc230

The path shifts.
The landscape changes.
The way remains.
My walk is strong.

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Cover her mouth and take her breath away 😉

Block the pass ➡️ guillotine ➡️ adjustment of the angle ➡️ tap! #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #submissionwrestling #nogi #ragejj #finnishpablo #choke

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The interesting part is the fact that thirty months reduction were due to the “snitching” clause that is in the UFC’s anti-doping program.

So what does this mean?
Well, it turns out that Jones has been telling USADA information that could lead to them giving out suspensions to fighters or criminal investigations into individuals. As a result of doing this, it would likely imply Jones’ information is significant for USADA and thus, he received a greater reduction.

In the policy, it specifically states the clause will give a reduction when the information results in USADA discovering or bringing forward a violation. In more simple terms, if Jones tells them that he has heard a rumor that someone is doing something wrong that wouldn’t cut it.

Instead, he needs detailed information about the use or supply of drugs. It’s not all over as Jones is required to continue to provide this information and if he doesn’t then his suspension will be reinstated.

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Today on the mats:

8:30-9:30am: Cardio Kickboxing with Coach Huntsman
12-1pm: BJJ Fundamentals with Coach Young
5-6pm: Youth Wrestling Coach Berry
5:30-6:30pm: Adult Wrestling with Coach Charlebois
6-7pm: Youth BJJ with Coach Elliott
7-8pm:Gi BJJ With Coach Elliott
8- 930pm: Muay Thai with Coach Huntsman

Your fitness journey starts today! See you on the mats!

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