FOR SALE: Box Choir Boy TAVERN Candles, Gurley Candles.

Price $16.50 + shipping.
To purchase, comment ME, MINE or SOLD on this page. Send a message with your email & zip code and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.
Payment by PayPal and ships to USA.
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===================================== Box of 4 small Choir Boy TAVERN candles (Gurley). Christmasy decorated box reads... TAVERN Novelty Candles, No. 791 - 4 Small Choir Boys, SOCONY-VACUUM Oil Company Inc.

Original price tag of 69 cents on front from Rich’s. These date to pre 1955.

Candles are in very good shape, never lit, bottom tag is present and clean (you frequently find them incomplete or with stains). Box is in good shape, a little shelf wear. Some of the red with gold holly paper is ripped up on the back with a small tear to the gold lid in the same area (see last photo). Candles measure 1.5 inches wide x 2.75 inches tall.

Square box measures 3 1/8 tall x 4 inches square.

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