Someone knew what today was!! Miss Lexi went nuts the second she saw her #pupbox ! She absolutely loves her new chew toy! Thank you @pupbox !!

Can’t decide human, which one I love more, you or my pinky ball 😍

Mom caught me trying to play when I was supposed to be sleeping 😴...I just can’t help myself!! #chocolatelab #chocolatelabrador #labradorable #murphyandbenelli #cuddlelikeaboss #chocolatelaboftheday #chocolatelabsofinstagram #chocolatelab_squad #chocolatelabpuppies

Swimming in the pond tonight after daddy throws my ball

My father and I are relaxing by sleeping together 😴

Daddy caught me watching "I love Lucy" on tv this morning. Cool show! #dogwatchingtv

Got back home super late Monday night and brought Miss Lexi back home on Tuesday morning! She was a good girl during the whole weekend, but tore her paw pad open like the doofus she is, but it is all healed up nicely! Missed her little puppy face!

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