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No ice cream for 4 weeks, so this makes a pretty good alternative 🍦🍓🍍🥝 photo by @naturally.jo // does anybody know how to get the blueberries looking so frosty? ☃️

☕️🍫✨Nous, même notre café, on le prend de façon décadente… donc avec du chocolat ! Que voulez-vous, c’est dans notre ADN! 😊 Le Café selon Juliette se présente avec un rebord de tasse plongé dans du chocolat mi-amer et des copeaux de chocolat noir!

☕️🍫✨ For us, even our coffee, we enjoy it the decadent way... with chocolate (what can we say, it's in our DNA! 😊) Coffee à la Juliette is a Latte, Cappuccino or Mochaccino, with a cup dipped in half-bitter chocolate, a smooth foam or hot milk and black chocolate chips dropped on top!

When the boy suggests ice cream, you don't ask questions ... #yesplease #blueberrysoftserve #chocolatedipped

Dah x kempunan lg.. mentedarah lg mlm ni.. huhu.. #strawberry #chocolatedipped


I love everything chocolate dipped but pretzels are my favorite!!! 🖤 📷:@palosstudio #sweetnsalty #chocolatedippedpretzels #chocolatedipped #chocolatelover

Just whipped up a ton of double stuffed chocolate dipped Oreos - Snag em' while I've got em' @strathconamarket this Saturday 😊 #Chocolicious #addiction #chocolatedipped #deliciousness #canteatjustone #stewartlife

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