#Microblogmas✨ This holiday season has been one of the most memorable and most impactful for me: 🎄 Adopted-A-Ward on the children’s hospital floor to give gifts to the most incredible pediatric patients (their wide eye-smiles took my heart away). 🎄 Ticked off my bucket list and finally joined Medsounds. 😜 Sang holiday's national anthem, Mariah's "All I want for Christmas is you" with my mean girls. 💕 🎄 Had a lot of fun on our batch's victory party. 💃💃 🎄 Spending quality time with my family.💖 🎄 Continually in awe of my friends who just exude loyalty (3 in 1 pack) haha.😂 🎄 Meeting new people (doctors, batchmates, and schoolmates) every day that uniquely touch my life, ❤, and mind. 🎄 Inching my way closer and closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor (but, cardio module evals first). 😂 🎄 Celebrated friendship, love, and solidarity. ●

What is your favorite holiday memory that you’ve made  so far? I hope everyone has been enjoying the season, kahit may duty or evals! 😂 Spread the cheer❣️ #damingtimeseries #ToClerkship #chloramphenicolemd

“Be like an arrow and its target. Calm, steady and deliberate. Bow. Arrow. Bullseye. Center is the only place to be." .
We stand in solidarity for each archer yearning for success and redemption. Aim high batch 2016! Take aim, focus on your target, draw your bow with all your might, shoot with passion and let your arrows soar! CIENTO POR SIENTO LASALYANO! 💚

#AimHighHSI #NeverShallWeFail #ANIMO #RoadtoPLE #PLE2017
Calligraphy by @samnightshade

GG na sa evals. Putting it here too. I'm very happy to share with you, that I've moved up my small time blog, and now launching my very own website chloramphenicolemd.com. cue the tears* Para sa inyo ang upgrade na ito!! Go check out Student Doctor Diary! #linkonbio 💓🧠
Stay inspired! ✨. Recycling a not so old photo. Thanks @thetan_minator for the shot!
#studentdoctordiary #bloggermd #chloramphenicolemd

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