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"You are the one that builds up the walls, only you are the one that can tear them down." - @autumncalabrese
Thanks Autumn, I truly needed to hear that as you were making me do weighted step ups on a weight bench 🙄😂
Sticker earned y'all, let's do this 👊🏼

Brightening this gloomy Colorado morning with a new program & I'm really excited for this one!! For the next 30 days I'll be hanging with @autumncalabrese doing #chisel 😊 There is a lot of focus on weight training in this one and you know what that means.... burning calories like a mofo! 🔥🔥🔥How will you get moving on this fine day? #chiselendurance #beachbodyondemand #nevermissamonday

It's 9000 degrees in my workout room but it's time for day 13/30 and #ChiselEndurance 💪💪 #beachbody #workout #hammerandchisel

Words to live by. Thanks @beachbody for the motivation. #pushplayeveryday #chiselendurance #donuts

Chisel Endurance is done. Even though we're traveling I'm still working hard to get back on track and make healthy choices. @autumncalabrese and I hit the grocery store this morning. I slept in so I got my workout in while the kids ate lunch. Next up, ice skating with the boys then some food prep for the week. #christmascontinues #healthychoices #healthcoach #fitfamily #chiselendurance

🌟Workout Wednesday 🌟


This move is from my all time favorite workout #hammerandchisel #chiselendurance
This move is done on each side for 1 minute each. This move is working several areas at once. My back and shoulders, my abs to help maintain balance, all while glutes, hamstrings and quads are firing at the same time to hold me up.
Maximum effort in a small amount of time equals chiseled results.

My relationship with #PAIN is shifting. In life, there is pain that hurts and pain that harms. Working out is 100% pain that hurts, but is transformative when you embrace it and submit to its power. I recognize that I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to AVOID this kind of pain—in my workouts and in areas of the heart as well. But working out with the intensity and frequency I am these days is helping me embrace pain that hurts because I realize now how much that brings about positive change. I no longer want to find RELIEF, I want the pain to point to the areas that need to grow, then I want to SQUEEZE that suckin’ pain into my muscles until transformation takes place. Then I can vomit and just get that part over with ;) This is why we NEVER ask ourselves if we “feel” like working out today, because who the hell “feels” like causing themselves pain on purpose? Well, I guess those who know the harmful pain of staying in their current state is no longer strong enough to keep them from the hurtful pain it takes to grow healthy. I want to be like that. #hammerandchisel #chiselendurance

Buenos días! Feliz sábado! Workout de hoy en Pjs listo 😜💪🏼 #chiselendurance @thehammerchisel #themastershammerandchisel


Day One of my next program, Chisel, and we start off with surrenders 🙄. ...
I didn't record enough to show all the weight lifting we did BUT I can say Day One ☝🏻 done ✅ and I can go heavier the next time around. 🏋🏻‍♀️ LOVE all the progress I've made the past three years! ...
#masterschisel #chiselendurance #surrenders #preparedtobeobsessed #bettereveryday #CoachSarahAnn #gritandgrace

You know you've found your soulmate program when you're actually really looking forward to the moment you can #pressplay! I've decided to start #30daysofchisel of #hammerandchisel, and started off with #chiselendurance. I realize that this program will be a bit more challenging because of the change of season, which will determine if I can do my workouts outside or in the laundry room, and if I'll have to wait for Dad to get home to watch Little Man. Hopefully we have a few more weeks of good weather in the PNW, but regardless, I'm so excited to get back to this program! After all, mama needs muscles to tote around a heavy munchkin all day! 👶🏼💙💪🏻 #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #3monthspostpartum #mamamuscles #stronglikemom

Day #1 of Chisel from The Masters Hammer & Chisel. Got a good sweat on! 💦💦💦
#preparetobeobsessed #chiselendurance #beachbodyondemand #beachbodycoach #fitdogmom

So, I got my schedule wrong and #HammerandChisel started tonight.... so, a little #ChiselEndurance for the win...? Oh man! That was tough! Can't wait to see my results at the end of this one!! #Beachbody #Coach #BeachbodyCoach #Shakeology #FitMam #ThatWasHard #ButWorthIt #Results #Idoitforme

For the next 4 weeks I'll be getting chiseled 😵 ... Chisel endurance was a great start for a Monday!!! Shakeology to follow 😍
#shakeolgysavestheday #wakeupworkout #beachbodycoach #chiselendurance #beachbodyondemand #21dayfix #loveshakeology #loverunning

In our prepare to be obsessed group we've just started on thr Chisel program. Today was #chiselendurance not gonna lie it was tough. I've taken iff thr last few days due to a chest cold. Today I was itching something fierce for a workout.
Mid way through i didnt think i was going to make it, but strength doesn't come from doing what we know we can do. It comes from doing what in our minds we think we can't. I overcame those doubts today and pushed through strong to the last round.
Here's to the next 30 days of getting STRONG!!!

Much much later in the day then what is normal for me but this is not a normal day.
Change can be scary and leaving you feeling a bit out of sorts. Even when it's a change for the better going into something new I always have a little bit of I won't say fear, we'll call it nervous excitement.
Starting on a new career path next week and taking this week just to digest the past and prepare for the road ahead.
I always wear the same workout shoes and use the same shaker cup for my pre-workout. It's about consistency for me and it starts that shift in my mind that once my Go Juice gives me the tingles and I'm laced up there's no more fucking around and it's time to go.
Starting a new program this week that I've never done before and I am so ready for the challenge and the change that will come over the next 30 days.
Whatever Forks are in the road that you're on... embrace them. Don't turn around and go back to what isn't working just because it's comfortable. You can do this. Remember you're never alone ❤❤❤

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