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Zoya es la nueva profesora en el horario de lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 8:15 am. Su estilo es maravilloso, una mezcla de danza con hatha yoga que te permite fluir desde el corazón ❣ Ven a probar esta clase!!! #hathayoga #chineseyoga #yogacuenca #yogacuencaecuador

Morning qigong at Manly today... watching that gorgeous ball of fire pop up, feeling the warmth on my skin and listening to the waves roll in. Beauty and bliss are in the simple things ✨

What a beautiful sunrise at red rocks on a summer morning. ☀️💙💛 #throwback #backbends #chineseyoga #wheredidsummergo

The key to ultimate flexibility is a combination of static and dynamic stretching. In this teaching program, I focus on the exact exercises Shaolin Monks practice at the Shaolin Temple so you too can get the flexibility of a Shaolin Monk. Your muscles will be stretched, awakened and energised and you will be filled with a new sense of fluidity, power and ease. Whether you practice Shaolin, are an athlete, martial artist, or simply want more flexibility, this practice will ease tight muscles and restore your flexibility. Available Exclusively From My Website. Download Today At http://ow.ly/lOBg30cTcAq link on my bio. #chinesemartialarts #chineseyoga #stretching #splits #flexibility #flexible photo by @sashagusov

The welcome mat is out for you. #chineseyoga #pakua #pakuali

#chineseyoga #scaffnapsundays 👷🏽💤🇨🇳

❤️'n the weather #sunnydays #relax☀️ #yoga #chineseyoga

📷 via @shifuyanlei
------ The 5 Fundamental Stances Are The Key To Mastering Every Shaolin Kung Fu And Qigong Form. They're the only exercise I've come across where every muscle is engaged and you're simultaneously building flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and power. These ancient forms come from nature, they awaken the body, helping us to let go of our small self and experience a connection with the very fabric of the Universe. They then teach us how to move in our modern life, whether that's carrying our groceries home or climbing the stairs to the subway. Everything becomes part of our training: total mind-body wellness. I teach The Five Fundamental Stances in Shaolin Workout 1 and my Kung Fu and Qigong book. http://ow.ly/TNRP30cNLhF filming by @sebastianthiel #shaolinmonastery #kungfu #martialarts #chineseyoga #chinesemartialarts #zenworkout
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Qi. What is it? The word translates to 'energy'. There is Qi in everything, everywhere, everyone is made from this ultimate substance. Atoms vibrating furiously, or calmly perhaps!! For me Qigong is about feeling my aliveness, the sensation of aliveness in my body and spirit. Qi isn't some esoteric non tangible thing, it's simply an awareness of aliveness, in yourself and the world around you. 🌟💛

It’s been 4 weeks today since I had my moment of realisation, where I connected to my higher self.
The clarity I received was something special, I knew at that point I would never lose that connection again.
I made a decision then and there to make major changes in my life to ensure the connection stayed. Changes I knew with absolute certainty I would not stray from, that I would stay connected as long as I keep my mind, body and spirit in alignment.
Now everything I do, think, every action I take, I try to question my intent and also whether it’s coming from a positive or negative place.
I have made leaps and bounds in these four short weeks! Even getting a perfect bill of health from Dr.
I am mentally strong, emotionally sound and physically healthy.
I have become so aware of my energy and love that it’s mostly positive but I do find it is still quite intense, strong and hard.
I am looking for ways to cultivate my energy and share it but also with softness. #soft&;strong like #water 💦.
I’ve had QiGong brought to my attention quite a few times of late, also Tai Chi - which admittedly I had tried twice prior to today. Once on junk boat on Halong Bag in Vietnam 6 years ago, the other last year during a silent meditation retreat in a Buddhist Monastery south of Sydney. Both times I didn’t get it. I flat out thought it was too slow and found it frustrating.
But I knew now I would get it, I had been keen to find some where local to test the theory of mine and be able to cultivate my energy.
I found a place in Sydney where I could attend a drop in style class ie no scheduled term.
I enrolled in three back to back classes of Qi Gong, Animal Yoga and Tai Chi which I went to tonight. And I can confirm the penny has indeed dropped! I get it. And I absolutely loved it. I felt the energy. It was beautiful in its softness and strength. It was a beautiful space to share with others.
Our teacher guiding us even said I had a natural talent for it. Which was so lovely to hear. Mind you if he had seen me six years ago, or last year or even if I had attended a class prior to the last 4 weeks I think he’d be singing a different tune haha
Look forward to returning next week! 🙏

Not all qigong is soft and flowing... some like this Tiger movement from the 5 Animal Play is strong and intense. While there's movement it's quite isometric and is about building strength and Qi in the body. My love of qigong continues to expand as I continue on this journey of mastery! Join me for Integrative and Classical Qigong in 2018 at Chi Space, Balaclava, Melbourne 🙌 📷 @nickelisseos

Thank you Sydney 🙏❤️ thank you to the gorgeous ladies that joined me for Integrative Qigong Teacher Training today. It's so amazing to continue to observe that when I practice authenticity and share what I love, I draw like-minded souls together. Today was the beginning of a special community coming together, with much joy, expansion and growth ahead. I'm honored and blessed to be part of this 🌟

THIS is where we're at today for Integrative Qigong Teacher Training ☀️❤️☀️❤️ can't wait to share this amazing self-healing, self-care and self-love practice with Sydney-siders 🙌

Morning qigong at Manly today... watching that gorgeous ball of fire pop up, feeling the warmth on my skin and listening to the waves roll in. Beauty and bliss are in the simple things ✨

Chinese Paleo beancurd noodles and white radish pork broth balancing off minced pork eggplant, pig trotters in vinegar, egg tofu with anoki mushrooms, thin skinned pork shrimp dumplings. Round 1 of my late afternoon #hightea #dimsum #buffet, USD14.
#intermittentfasting #chinesepaleo #paleodiet #paleo #lowcarbdiet #chinesecuisine#chinesefood #healthyeating #singaporekungfu #chinatownsg #chineseyoga #traditionalchinese #kungfu #martialarts #ShaolinMonks #qigong #baduanjin #yijinjing #tcm #daoism #taoism #healingarts #chakra #hunggar #kungfubodybuilding #movementculture #movement

Sunset Sabi you always deliver... great food, wonderful service, good vibes and tonight I loved the playlist! It's so important to feel good about what you put in your body. Nutrition is super important for optimal wellbeing but feeling good about what you're eating is just as important. Treat yourself like the god(ess) you are 🌟💛🌟💛

Qigong practice by the water is always so special, the way the diamonds of light bounce and the vapor of Qi rising. This weekend I'm headed to Sydney, tomorrow I'm sharing my Integrative Qigong Teacher Training Pathway Day at Mosman Integrative Medicine. It's so exciting to observe the slow but steady rise of interest in this amazing self-healing modality. Regular practice of qigong delivers benefits on a holistic body, mind and spirit basis. It's an amazing and easy way to self soothe and reset when experiencing anxiety, stress and overwhelm. You have an innate self healing mechanism within, you have the power 🙌✨ 📷 @nickelisseos

This morning during my qigong practice I felt a deep connection to myself but more than my human self, to the eternal part of myself and greater consciousness. I experienced several moments of profound clarity. At one point this image came into my mind. When I received this I thought to myself: 'that one won't see the light of day, look how wrinkly I am'. This morning as the image came to mind I realized this is me. This is my human, physical form. This is how I look. This is real. AND I accept myself exactly as I am. Wrinkles. Imperfections. Mistakes. Fears. Successes. Bliss. I accept and allow it all. It was quite a moment, it brought me to both tears and laughter. 📷 @nickelisseos

When I connect and uplift another the reward is so profound... the more I do this work the more I know I am aligned to the highest expression of myself. Thank you 💛🌟💛🌟

🚨 NEW CLASS ALERT 🚨 We just added a Vinyasa Flow class with Sophie Wednesday mornings at 10:15am. Are you excited about it? We are!! #yoga #chinohills #korrayoga

It’s little gatherings like this that make me love Cape Town more and more each day. 🇿🇦 . . .
Yoga and Qigong in the park, 40 minute sessions = 1 hr 20 mins of energizing love ☯️🕉🤸🏼‍♀️
. . .
#sundayfunday #alreadyplanning for #thewkend #tuesdayfeels #dreamingaboutfriday #yogainthepark #qigong #chineseyoga #loveallkinds #yogashmoga #shiftsa

Yoga at Chi Yoga (Randpark Ridge) for the next two weeks ( 13th November - 22nd November) we will be working into the Feet ~ if feet could speak..... 👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩ Feet don’t exactly have a reputation as being awe-inspiring body parts, but they really do work wonders. In fact, they even have the ability to alert you to serious medical conditions. Many diseases show their symptoms in your feet first,
Your feet are a microcosm of your body—they reveal what’s going on at the energy level. When you find a sensitive point on your foot, it lets you know if there is an energy block or disharmony in your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a physically healthy body depends on the smooth and abundant flow of Chi (life force energy) through the energy meridians of the body.
Similar to the circulatory system for blood, you have a network of energy channels for circulating Chi in your body. If a point on your foot is sensitive, then you know that there is an energy disharmony in the area of the body that corresponds to the reflexology point.
This energy disharmony can be a result of one of four things, or even a combination. 👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩👣⛩

Zoya es la nueva profesora en el horario de lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 8:15 am. Su estilo es maravilloso, una mezcla de danza con hatha yoga que te permite fluir desde el corazón ❣ Ven a probar esta clase!!! #hathayoga #chineseyoga #yogacuenca #yogacuencaecuador

Chinese Paleo dessert - Orh Nee. Yam paste with lard, pumpkin puree and ginkgo nut. A Teochew fave on special occasions. The lard is sometimes replaced or accompanied by coconut milk to create the smooth texture. All the main ingredients are steamed.
#intermittentfasting #chinesepaleo #paleodiet #paleo #lowcarbdiet #chinesecuisine#chinesefood #healthyeating #singaporekungfu #chinatownsg #chineseyoga #traditionalchinese #kungfu #martialarts #ShaolinMonks #qigong #baduanjin #yijinjing #tcm #daoism #taoism #healingarts #chakra #hunggar #kungfubodybuilding #movementculture #movement #dessert #paleodessert

Jade was traditionally white, not green - nephrite from China, not Burmese jadeite from the conquering Qing dynasty. Luscious with virtue, it symbolised much that was pure and good to the Chinese, and was more valued than the sharp, monied glittering of gold and diamonds.
Here is a milky mountain from the scholarly times of the Ming, where the metaphor of jade with mountain is never coincidence. #singaporekungfu #chinatownsg #chineseyoga #traditionalchinese #kungfu #martialarts #ShaolinMonks #qigong #baduanjin #yijinjing #tcm #daoism #taoism #healingarts #chakra #hunggar #kungfubodybuilding #jade #chineseantiques #mingdynasty

Loaded #stretching ala #jeffersoncurls with tiger bricks. Advantages: allows some extra stretching to the sides, as you anchor with one hand and laterally move out the other hand; you stretch out the hands and forearms with downward weighting and rotations. #singaporekungfu #chinatownsg #chineseyoga #traditionalchinese #kungfu #martialarts #ShaolinMonks #qigong #baduanjin #yijinjing #tcm #daoism #taoism #healingarts #chakra #hunggar #kungfubodybuilding #movementculture #movement #backyardworkout #FunctionalTraining #oldtimestrongman #backyardworkout #clubbells #calisthenics

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