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Like architectures at Buddhist temples, like quiet inside #南普陀寺 #chinesetemple #chinesebuddhism

Why does Chinese Buddhism matter? Check out our editorial "Mahayana Buddhism’s Unique Place in History and Chinese Civilization"

on the serendipitous meeting between Buddhism and Chinese civilization:

#buddhism #chinesebuddhism #mahayana

Modern #China is famously secular. And yet, every time we visit a #Buddhist #temple, all the #Chinese people we see there are solemn and reverential. #chinesebuddhism

With @dalailama 🙏🏻. Welcome to kalachakra.
Tibetan (དུས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ་) Buddhism means wheel of time or "time cycles" tag your friends who are attending kalachakra . #dalailama #hisholliness #buddhism #buddha #religion #religions #compassion#tibet#tibetan#chinesebuddhism#tib_streetstyle #chinesebuddhist #vietnambuddies #chinese #buddhist #fff#lfl #blogger#aroundtheworld #world#compassion#peace#loveandcompassion#indialove #India #choppers #navy #armforce #usa #force


Kek Lok Si temple. Penang, Malaysia.

Another view of the golden statue on the grounds of the Ling Sen Tong temple in Ipoh.

Mural on the balcony at Ling Sen Tong temple, Ipoh.

Inside the main chamber of Nam Ting Tong temple in Ipoh. Its a very strange place. Thanks @ipohsecrets for the correction!

Ling Sen Tong temple in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. One of many strange sights. The temple is built into caves in the mountains.

The Three Hungry Ghosts.

For my Buddhist community:
Lately I have been hearing and reading disheartening things happening in our Buddhist communities. We must remember moral discipline. If we don't practice it, then our wish to benefit others is just a joke. There are people who wish to use Buddhism craving fame and profit. Look to teachers who live by example and practice pure, authentic Dharma. Pictured here with the current Dalai Lama is Master Hsuan Hua, an important figure in introducing Mahayana Buddhism to the West. He founded the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in California. It's an international Buddhist university and community that he established to anchor authentic Buddhist Mahayana teachings. Master Hsuan Hua passed away several years ago but he left behind a legacy and his teachings very much influenced my early study of Dharma(Buddhas Teachings). Master Hua said: "At this time, when Buddhism is just beginning to dawn in the West, do not turn it into the Dharma-ending Age. The Proper Dharma must certainly dwell long in the world. What does it mean for the Proper Dharma to dwell in the world? If you cultivate honestly without craving fame, profit, or offerings, then the Proper Dharma is dwelling in the world. If every Sangha member upholds the precept of not touching money, sits in Chan meditation, eats one meal a day at noon, wears the precept sash at all times, and upholds the precepts strictly, then the Proper Dharma is dwelling in the world. We should put the Buddha's teachings into actual practice.
If you want to help Buddhism, you have to actually propagate the Buddhadharma, set a good example for others, maintain good deportment, keep the five precepts, and save living beings by means of the four limitless minds of kindness, compassion, joy, and giving. Our conduct should be based upon the Six Guiding Principles of not fighting, not being greedy, not seeking, not being selfish, not pursuing personal advantage, and not lying. If we practice the Buddhadharma according to these guidelines, then the Proper Dharma will be present wherever we are. The decline of the Dharma will not manifest." #buddhism #dharma #buddha #dalailama #chinesebuddhism #tibetanbuddhism

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