A part of the Calcutta Porkaddicts Breakfast today at D'Leys, a Chinese Eating House at Tiretta Bazar, the old part of Kolkata in Poddar Court. This eatery was started by Mr Ku Shih Fong, a hole in the joint place. The owner still sits at the counter and he is 92 years old today.
The Menu was :
pork Ball Soup
Steamed Pork Wantons
Steamed Pork Baos
Baked Char SiewBaos
Glutinous Rice and Pork steamed in Banana Leaves
Steamed eggs with minced Pork
A sweet Chilli chutney to go with all of these.
Chinese tea
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Great times today at the Chinese Breakfast at a small little eatery called D'Leys. Been there since ages, started by Mr Ku Shih Fong, who is now 92 years old and still sits at the shop. Kolkata is great for any food walks, Heritages of the city, now slowly been lost. We had a lot of traditional Chinese dishes that they have for breakfast. The names and photos in another post. Thank you Porkaddicts for organizing this. #porkfast #ChineseBreakfastWalk #tirettabazaar #ChineseKolkata #Kolkata #kolkatafoodies

At the Chinese Breakfast Walk today.. What an exhilarating experience. To think that we live in Kolkata and do not know its hidden treasures! The indigenous Chinese people here set up their shops, and there are all things of Chinese Breakfast ware that are on sale her. Baos, Momos (Real ones.. Not the butter chicken and tandoori Momo ones), Wantons, fish and meat balls, Chinese Pancakes, Chinese vegetables like Pok Choy, Chinese Cabbage, Celery, and a whole lot of vegetables that we don't see our side of the town. The meat section had pork meat in every sort you can imagine.. Trotters, sausages being made with masalas of your choice, dry pork..The fish had sardines, mackerel, Dried fish, salted fish.. Prawn crackers, prawns.. It was an amazing sight! So glad we could make it despite the early hours. The market is usually there between 6 am to 9am.. And Sunday is a good time to go when all the vendors are there. #Kolkata #TreasuresofKolkata #ChineseBreakfastWalk #breakfastwalk #kolkatafoodies #HoiChoiWalk #HoiChoi
Thank you @surjendra_dinendine for guiding us here to this hidden treasures of Kolkata

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