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Огненный денёк: успели больше, чем планировали!🚀Сказали компьютерам ариведерчи и полетели пить шампанское.🥂 А как прошёл ваш день? Всё удалось, что наметили? К пятнице готовы?😏 #чинчин

Viernes y sábado todos a @topwinearg vengan a conocer esta feria llena de vinos para degustar entre amigos 🍷🤤 además vamos a estar presentes con @aperolargentina degustándo los mejores spritz... 🙌🏾😝 conseguí tu entrada ya! 🤗 TE ESPERAMOS A PURO #ChinChin 😘🍸

P a r t n e r i n c r i m e 🍸

La oui ! Wine 🍷 la Bourgogne 🌴 #bourgogne #wine #saúde #salud #chinchin

This one is for those people who are constantly on the search for a "Miracle weight loss formular" 😂😂😂 there's no such thing...
You have to work out that body you so desire; you need to put in the work; it can only work when you work it! .
The work includes portion control...We all know how hard that can get 😭😭 but you have to do the work
Even miracles require work ooo abi you don't know? You have to pray for a miracle na and prayer is spiritual work, if it wasn't work, we all would be doing it effortlessly 😂😂
So even if it's head fat 😂😂 you want to loose, same basic rule applies; there's work to be done
Question now is; how bad do you want that body of your dreams???

Introducing our second newest flavor - Ginger ! Call her ginger spice, ginger baby, ginger sweetey..what you won’t call her is ginger-I-want-to-put-you-down😅 Made with real ginger and molasses, our newest flavor #issagoal !

I have been a fan of PetNat since I got to know it. Who knows me know I love me some bubbly drink and this natural sparkling wine wins my heart over and over again 🥂 During @asktoni.de pop up we enjoying this lovely Foam by Meinklang from Austria 🇦🇹

#tbt a esos dias que la vida era mas simple e iba a la playa todos los dias! #chinchin

Located on Flinders Lane, Chin Chin offers a fantastic dining experience. It is an Australian restaurant serving incredible South East Asian food. Highlights included the Kingfish Sashimi, the Pad Seuw of braised Wagyu beef and the BBQ baby back pork ribs.
Want to explore Melbourne? Trips will soon be provided by Fixture – click on the link in our bio and visit our website. 📷 @chinchin

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