I was given this sapphire China doll almost 40 years ago. Found this garnet one at a vintage sale last night for my January baby. They both have had their heads glued back on @tinywraith #vintagedolls #chinadoll #birthstones #marieantoinette #joseforiginals

I have only a few precious treasures from my childhood that have survived over the years. My china doll is one of them. It was a Christmas present and her back reads: "Lady Patricia Tudor, 1975". I usually have her displayed, but since William came on the scene she is packed away. I received her for Christmas, the year I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. She was originally dressed in green, but my husband took her to the Williamsburg Doll Hospital for a repair and they redressed her in a terra-cotta velvet. She had a chipped boot so she also received a new pair of feet! It was an expensive repair and that was my 30th birthday present. I'm so grateful she has survived over the years, I pull her out of hiding every so often for a bit of reminiscing! #chinadoll #1975 #childhoodtreasures #myfavoritedoll #LadyPatricia

Coconut rum cocktail 🍸

China 🌍🏯⛰️

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