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Mei Mei the noodle queen! 😜 #chinaadoption #youtuber #adoptionrocks

Violette and Kingston love their little sister so much❤️#chinaadoption #adoptionrocks

Sweet angel baby❤️ We are so thankful and blessed to have you in our life. It's like you've always been here beautiful Scarlett Mei🌸 #chinaadoption #adoptionrocks #wecouldhavemissedthis #adoptionawarenessmonth

Her determination is very appreciated in such endeavors as climbing up the slide!!!
I am blown away by this tiny, AMAZING little girl!! ❤️

We had our first professional family photos done as a family of five for Christmas! They came out so beautiful. Here is a little sneak peek of Scarlett 😍. I still cant believe I'm lucky enough to be her Mama❤️ #chinaadoption #wecouldhavemissedthis #adoptionrocks #childmodel #toddlermodel

There's a surgeon here in Beijing this week -- all the way from America. He just so happens to be the absolute kindest... and he just so happens to be willing to do a surgical consult on our little blue-lipped buddy.
Toby was less than thrilled when I told him we were packed up and headed to the hospital for the week, but I couldn't be more hopeful. Toby seems bluer by the day -- more winded and breathless, with one Brave but broken heart working way too hard.
The surgeons in Beijing have decided that he is inoperable by their standards --- but the surgeons I've conferenced with in America believe he might have a chance 💛💔. This week will bring a great deal of answers for Toby -- and we are waiting expectantly with hope.
I love love love those blue little lips -- but oh, I pray they may someday be pink. This week? It's full of the Bravest Hopes for Toby. #chdwarrior #chinaadoption #tobythebravestwizard

Little oatmeal snack. Food and schedule are sometimes the only ways to communicate security with a little one from hard places. She doesn't always want affection because she's never had it, so it doesn't always do the trick. But a predictable schedule and outcomes she can trust... that she can understand.
Makes me think about the faithfulness and predictability of God. We take for granted just how much He is the same today, yesterday and forever. His outcomes of good for our lives are predictable. We can count on them. Hoping that we're sowing that into our daughters lives with the ways we love them, predictably. #chinaadoption #queenehammett

Consulate appointment done!!!
Red couch pic done!!!
Now for some fun at Shamian Island!!!


Walking in the hood with Adeline this morning. #growingpeckhamsplace #downsyndromeadoption #chinaadoption

Enchant was wonderful tonight! Feeling very festive and cheery. Thanks @crace11 and @liss25_86 for the tickets. Next year we can bring all of our kids! #enchant #chinaadoption #littledumplingherring

We love signing. And we love learning. That being said, communication has been a challenge in our home, this year. Although Joy is rapidly expanding her ASL vocabulary and even learning to say some words, she is much more limited than Ever and even Dewy in what she can tell us. And, that's simply because no one taught her any form of language until we met her, at almost 4-years-old. SO, here's what just happened. I gave the girls fancy Christmas party hair for a thing tonight. Joy smiled and touched her tri-pony :) and then signed, "Picture, Ever, my hair, phone, picture, Ever." And she raised her eyebrows up, which, in ASL, indicates a question. In other words, "Can you take a picture of our fancy hair?" SO CRAZY COOL! #chinaadoption #wecouldhavemissedthis #asl #pse #signlanguage

Just wrapping presents and missing you my little one. We thought for sure we would know who you were by now, but this is just how the waiting goes. We love you and pray for you every day. (And @target wrapping paper for the win!) #internationaladoption #chinaadoption #pandapandapanda

What, 4 years old and fabulous. Waiting for a family. #chinaadoption #chichina #waitingchildren

Well....the good news is we know he doesn’t have sensory issues or need feeding therapy😂. Mealtimes might be messy but it’s worth having him self-feed and try different foods 🤗

Kai is continuing to do well! He loves to cuddle with all of us, loves his baby, loves being pushed in his play car outside and loves the slide!
He’s a little loud during school 😝 so we are trying to get used to that, but by the grace if God we are managing to get plenty of school in!
He tries to say/copy many words: mama, dada, water, food, baby, juice, thank you, love you, sissy, Duke. (Mama and Dada are pretty clear). And he’s pretty good at letting us know what he wants all day 😉


The boys are not the only ones in the family who like to be on the ice⛸ #chinaadoption #learningtoskate #skatemate

Today was one of those days I'll remember forever. One of those times when the years of waiting to become a parent aren't lost on you but suddenly seem like such a small price to pay for this joy.
Can you tell which one of those angel babies singing on stage spent the first half of her life in an orphanage? I didn't think so! Of course I couldnt narrow it down to just one photo, so swipe to see more. Willa James, being your mama is such an honor and just so much fun. I couldn't be more proud.
Also, nailing the big performance clearly calls for roses, autograph signings, and a special present at lunch. 🤗
#chinaadoption #internationaladoption #woosbigadventures #christmasperformance

This baby goes everywhere now 👶🏻

Nora met Santa and Mrs. Claus today! I wish you could have seen her face when she saw them walk in...it was pure awe and amazement. #norazhihao #chinaadoption

Just 114 pieces still open on Judah’s puzzle, so we are officially more than halfway complete! We would love to be able to have all of his pieces filled with a name as soon as possible so that we can frame and hang it next to Jordan’s puzzle. Will you pray with us specifically for that to happen? If you feel so inclined to donate, click the link in my profile to make a tax deductible donation or DM me for PayPal information. A huge THANK YOU to all who have donated so far. We truly appreciate every dollar, and as every adoptive parent knows, really, every penny counts! Thank you for wanting to be involved in bringing our son home and loving him already. #Heanswersprayers #Heprovides #Heisfaithful #heyjude #adoptionrocks #puzzlepiecefundraiser #adoptionfundraiser #chinaadoption

Taking a break from my traditional posts and writing about something a little closer to home this time around.
What are some of your family traditions?

Link in bio!

#foster #fostercare #fosterhome #hopehome #hopehomeonhill #christian #godswill #farm #renovation #farmhouse #flowers #adoption #cloudy #blog #blogger #chinaadoption #website #internationaladoption #domesticadoption

Amity is a happy 5 year old. She is so so tiny. #waitingchildren #chichina #chinaadoption

She’s so excited about everything!!! 🤗🎉

I just love her so much!!! 😍

Only happy faces drinking her green smoothie like a big girl!😋 So proud of her progress drinking from a sippy, too! #pinawholada #mmmmspinach #yummysmoothie #healthykids #growingpeckhamsplace #chinaadoption #downsyndromeadoption

Applebee is still waiting to find a family! #chinaadoption #chichina #waitingchildren

Because ... what’s more fun than making play-doh with a cute friend? 👧🏻👦🏻
#adoptionrocks #chinaadoption #milaandfriends @klbaumeister

You guys. I just dropped off this fat stack of cash at the bank and mailed a check to pay off 70 PERCENT of our adoption debt so far! •••
There are a lot more big payments coming. And I know that there were some generous gifts given last month that will not be on regular rotation ...
But still! Thank you thank you thank you. It’s such a blessing and a huge weight off our shoulders, but it’s also an amazing gift to know that we have so much support! ❤️❤️❤️ •••
#️⃣ #chinaadoption #adoptionjourney #adoptiondebt #niewskinewbie

Happy 5th birthday to our beautiful Chinese princess!! We love you so much, Evie Xun! Thank you, Jesus for her precious life! 💖

"Why China?" This is a question we get asked a lot. Usually I just say it's a long story. Maybe it's not that long of a story. Here goes... During one of the post placement visits for our eldest son, we mentioned to our casework that IF we adopted again, we would want another boy. She slowly smiled and said, "China. Families wait for girls but boys wait for families." The next couple of days, I couldn't get China out of my head. And I kept pestering Matt about it. Understandably so, he didn't want to talk about it. We were still in the adjustment stages with our first son, and quite frankly the thought of starting the whole process again was simply overwhelming. So I prayed, "Lord if this is your will I know you will make it happen. And I think it might be. And Matt is your problem." 😊

August 2016, we started the adoption process again. For Bulgaria. We liked the idea of our children having a cultural connection with each other. It was a tough decision though because our hearts were still drawn to China. 2 weeks later our agency shut down their Bulgaria program. Matt called me from work and said, "As soon as we decided on Bulgaria I felt like that was the wrong decision. It was always supposed to be China." And I cried. He was so right.

So, thank you Jesus for always pointing us in the right direction. Especially since it usually takes big dramatic events to get us to pay attention. China, here we come! 🇨🇳 #chinaadoption
#internationaladoption #becausejesus

Oh my word! I am in awe... It happened again. #thebestgiftundermytree You guys! He does this himself. He went and got the basket. (Emptying a bit of clean laundry onto the floor.) I watched him get pillows off the couch and get the blanket. I held my breath... I thought. This year he'll be too big and uncomfortable. He won't actually sleep and I felt a little sad. But nope. He closed those beautiful eyes and started dreaming of sugarplums. #merrychristmas2017 #wherecanibuyahugebasket? #babyinabasket #squishyboy #changethefaceofbeauty #dwarfism #wecouldhavemissedthis #chinaadoption #adoptionrocks #thechildrenoftheworld #thatsdarling #childrenofig #kidsofig #skeletaldysplasia #dwarfismawareness #unknownformofdwarfism

My friend @jessie.horney texted me a picture this week of an ornament she bought from Wild Bloom last year. What an encouraging text to receive. It was like a drop of hope, a sweet reminder that we are still walking toward a little girl in China who we call Ruthie Bloom. If you don’t know about our adoption story, you can catch up at goldenfamilyadoption.com.
I’m sad I wasn’t able to make them this year, but it was fun to find this little gold one we set aside for Ruthie last year. I can’t wait for the day we get to snap a picture of Miss Ruthie Bloom herself, hanging this sweet ornament on our family tree. ❤️🎄✨👧🏻💕

Had such a glorious day with these special people. Boy, can these two kiddos draw! They both have such surprisingly long attention span. How I love this family of 5!
#adoptionrocks #olderchildadoption #internationaladoption #home #chinaadoption

For the love of colors
#theluckyfew #downsyndromeadoption #chinaadoption #acolorstory

Cuando llevas varios días con una pierna escayolada, los virus y la fiebre han hecho acto de presencia, te han puesto dos vacunas esta mañana y mami sale de una guardia infernal, el mejor plan para esta tarde no podia ser otro: convertirnos en pasteleras y hacer las pastas de navidad con la mejor maestra, la abuela. Y qué bien lo hemos pasado. Ummmm...deliciosas😋😋😋
#desenredandoelhilo #micolorcarnefavorito #colormusculocorazon #chinaadoption
#adoptionlove #adopcioninternacional

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