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Tour life can be hard,so chill out when you can😉☀️👙💜 #pooltime #poolside #Imisspool #chillin #refresh

A new study found that working women are worse off in yet another way: women's ingrained beliefs about work and leisure might be causing them to take fewer vacation days than their male peers. Just 44% of millennial women used up their vacation time in 2016, while 51% of millennial men took all their days off, according to a recent study conducted by Project: Time Off.

Millennial women took fewer vacation days in 2016 compared to 2015, and they're awfully stressed as well. "Women, in general, are a little more hesitant than men when asking for anything at work," Jill Jacinto, a millennial career expert and associate director for WORKS, a company that supports young working women and companies who employ them, said in a phone interview. At the end of the day, Jacinto advises, paid vacation is compensation you earned. "You're either taking it or you're losing money." Do you use all your vacation days? 🌴☀

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Bonfire 🔥 #chillin

Hôm qua set up chụp thức uống cho quán ở bãi biển đối diện nhà.
Xong rồi nằm thở, nghe biển, ngắm trời ngắm mây. Tựa như đang trên một chuyến đi và dừng lại ở một bãi biển xa lạ... Nếu một ngày có quá nhiều thứ để suy nghĩ, hãy dẹp hết và nghĩ cho riêng mình, làm những điều mình muốn làm, sống những ngày thật đáng sống :) #sochill #chillin #beachlife #coldbucketbeer #candles #goodsound #nakedsoul #summertime

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