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Ab ins Bettchen 😪😴 Und ihr so ? 💕

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Balance in practice and patience always. Chillax with purpose. Flow everyday! 🙌
Truth of the matter is how you relax matters! I'm thankful for @YuniBeautyBrand and their #Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel that I use after and sometimes before practice. It's the BEST for when you want to lay down and melt into the intricacies of your muscles and even better after a deep practice. How do you relax and recover after practice?
Epic steady cam the main man @ryan11s
#BeachYoga #HandstandFlow #YogaInspiration #Sponsored by people who support my art💜😊🙏 thanks @yunibeautybrand

It still blows my mind as to how far I have come in the last 3 months
I went from working a 9-5 in my home town to an Internet Entrepreneur traveling the world enjoying views like this all over the planet!
Nothing has ever changed my life as much as taking an opportunity and focusing on making it work!
It took me 3 months to change my whole life...
I knew I wasn't made to work behind a desk for 40 years and get paid 10$ an hour.
Waking up to a view like this reminds me of why I put in so much work the last 3 months
I still can't believe how many people rather work 40 years for someone else instead of building their own business
I'm not the smartest guy nor do I have a college degree (I actually dropped out of school) but I still managed to get out of the rat race thanks to my Internet business!
And I don't say any of this to brag
I say it to motivate
I say it to inspire
I say it to show you what's possible!!!
Stop being caged in your little box and start questioning things!
You don't have to be working a job you don't like.
Nor do you have to do anything anyone tells you to!
It's your World
It's your Time
It's your Life!

➖ M e t i m e➖

All about my typical Me time moments on the blog with The Ritual of Sakura of @ritualcosmetics... Sharing all my tips to take care of yourself, body & soul ✨

Aujourd'hui sur le blog je vous parle de ce que j'aime faire lorsque je choisis de prendre du temps pour moi en compagnie du Rituel Sakura de @ritualscosmetics... Je vous y livre toutes mes astuces pour prendre soin de vous comme il se doit ✨

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Sailing to Earth

Life is so much easier when you just chill out.
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What time is it? Coffee time ☕️✨
Credit: @emmy_mariani💕


自分のpost見てたら白黒ばかりのpicだったので😎たまーには明るい色で💁‍♂️あと〜最近身体が重いと思い健康診断見返してたら…去年の今頃は65kgで今現在は82kgとか🐷17kg増😂✨酒控えて飯ばかり食ってた結果です🤣👍ちなみにさっきショートケーキ食べました🐖…明日からはガリガリ大作戦ですよ🤗あ、ダイエットて意味です🤷‍♂️#ronherman #ロンハーマン #rhc #chillax #おっさん #デブ #ダイエット

Name a more iconic Aussie duo. We'll wait. 🤤🇦🇺

Tippie & chill 👶🏽
Stampertje in the back 🐰
We schrikken niet van wortels 🥕
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Today was officially cancelled thanks to Cyclone Debbie. So we caught up on some admin and called it a day. An afternoon movie and popcorn - perfect!

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