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Two years ago today I returned from the greatest accomplishment of my life up to this point. I look forward to many great accomplishments in the future! #chilesantiagowestmission #lds #missionbros #werk

Pienso en ti cada dia mi amado Chile!
Agradecida por conocer a gente maravillosa que hicieron mi mision más feliz! ❤

I think of you every day! 💞

What is better than a seminar on Dinosaurs? Nothing, except getting a letter from my favorite missionary!! Only 85 days until I join my best friend in Chile! #chilerancaguamission #chilesantiagowestmission

"I know i learned the gospel growing up, but being here has connected everything so well for me. I have a better testimony that's for sure! Ahh I'm so happy."
- Elder Cole
Such a stud.

Happy birthday to my first baby. This is definitely the most different birthday celebration that we've ever experienced at our house. We're so proud of you! We miss you like crazy and we love you even more!! Happy #19!! #tannerdrob #chilesantiagowestmission #robertsfamilyminustanner2017 @boredshortsdave @tyce_roberts @kaden.roberts @dancingdevree @tanmanroberts

Cuando tu mejor amigo se va a la misma Misión que vos! #ChileSantiagoWestMission #7December

Faltando a mi compañero Elder Rocha, Aprendí mucho de él #ChileSantiagoWestMission

Love the smiling faces of these two friends #elderrusick and #elderizu serving missions in the #chilesantiagonorthmission and #chilesantiagowestmission. #sharegoodness

Day 53: My rotating Screensaver popped up this picture!!! 3 of my most favorite people in the world!! #mamitaypapito #missioncompanion #chilesantiagowestmission #mifamilialinda #100happydays @kbartschi @dnunezbruna @diana.elii @danbruna85


Pienso en ti cada dia mi amado Chile!
Agradecida por conocer a gente maravillosa que hicieron mi mision más feliz! ❤

I think of you every day! 💞

2017-2019 💪😍 #chilesantiagowestmission 🇨🇱

Elder Joshua Nolan has spent the past two-years serving a volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Santiago West Mission. Elder Nolan is the son of Curtis and Julie Nolan of Willcox and has been asked to speak in the Willcox 1st Ward July 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM. Everyone is invited to attend! #missionarymonday #JesusChrist #bookofmormon #chilesantiagowestmission #lds #mormon #christian #sharegoodness #stdavidstake

Okay, last video of Tanner, I promise! 😬 The boys wanted to see if they could understand some Spanish, so we asked him to tell us (in Spanish) what he does each day. We had to stop him and tell him to slow down because he was speaking so fast... so this is the "slowed down" version. 😂😂 #tannerdrob #chilesantiagowestmission #robertsfamilyminustanner2017

I can't even describe the last 84 minutes. It's such an amazing, bitter but mostly sweet day. It's SOOO good to see his cute face, and hear his infectious laugh... but then for all of us, we're each reminded how much we miss him, and that he's not here all over again. But for that 84 minutes my mamma heart was complete! A few updates... he is constantly bitten by spiders, fleas and bed bugs. 😫 He said his legs have been bitten so much they are scarred, and they also attack his face and ears. 😳 However, he is no longer terrified of spiders. 😂 He has been in some pretty sketchy areas, but has not been robbed... ("yet" he says) 😂😫 He has a hard time thinking of English words. He obviously speaks Spanish all day to his companion and the Chileans, and is "almost" fluent in Haitian Creole and French as well. He is known for getting on his companions for not being tidy enough for him. WHAAATT?!?! And he is always on time. Oh my gosh!! Can you guys believe that?!?! Those of you who know him know that being on time was NOT "him" about 11 months ago. 😂😂 He promises to be better at group emails, and he loves and misses all of you! ❤️❤️#robertsfamilyminustanner2017 #tannerdrob #mothersday #chilesantiagowestmission @tanmanroberts @boredshortsdave

Just came back from a lesson with this two awesome missionaries, I'm super grateful of the work they are doing in my ward, I miss my time as a missionary but being with them in lessons working together in salvation work is strengthening my testimony about the love that Jesus has for each one of us.
@calvins_baer #ChileSantiagowestmission #Chile #BoliviaCochabambaMission #LDS #returnedmissionary

"I've had a wonderful birthday here on the mission."#chilesantiagowestmission

Day 66: This is the pin we recieved as missionaries. Thinking of the time I served the Lord in Chile always makes me happy. It wasn't always happy times at the time now I look back and realize it is on the top most happiest times I have ever had in my life! The friends I made and the friendships I still cherish! My Chilean family that I love!! #chilesantiagowestmission #arribajuntos #missionaries #churchistrue #lovemissionaries #100happydays

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