Spend the day yesterday transforming this playroom into a more chill version for two little boys around the same age as mine. They’re mom wanted a place for quiet/ focused play- as they have a finished basement for all of the energetic stuff. They’re so sweet and I hope they enjoy their new space. More to come ❤️ (ps.. I love those chairs so much/there’s another one on the other side of the room.) .
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Hey guys, welcome to Newfangled I am so happy you’re here!!! I’m Cheryl the face and creative behind all things Newfangled and I absolutely ❤️getting invited into your home to clothe your little one. • • •
How about Five. Fun. Facts on this Fabulous Friyayyyy!!! 1. I’m always late. I try soooo hard not to be but it runs in my blood 🤦🏼‍♀️. Please have some grace for me if I’m late to meet you I don’t mean to be disrespectful of your time.
2. I touch everything!!! I think that’s why when I chose to pursue my passion the feel of everything was sooo important to me.
3. I love shoes 👞 👢 👠 👟 Any and all. I think I own more than I should 🤷‍♀️
4. I’ve been dubbed the “crafting 👸🏻” multiple times in my life and it always makes my inner child smile BIG. The most recent was about a month ago by my friend @princezzsequoia
5. I hate laundry, like literally hate doing it. And possibly at one time in my life I may have shopped more so I didn’t have to do. Seriously though, can you explain why it takes so long to do it.is.never.done. 😵😥 Hope you have an amazing beautiful fall weekend! We’re headed to Bell Buckle, TN for a fabulous event to show the world Newfangled and how and why we’re here. 😍 y’all!
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They’re HERE! Our new prints and styles from @pineapplesunshinekids have arrived! You can see the whole collection in store and online is only missing a few styles we still need to photograph (uploading asap!). We hope you love it! We have limited stock and are still filling wholesale orders so grab one before they’re gone!

We flavored our own beer last night 🍻 .
Yep, you read that right: we took plain gluten free beer and added our own jazz to them: 🍦vanilla, 🥥toasted coconut, 🔥CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH 😱
Since my husband’s diagnosis, he’s been gluten free (and I am so proud of his willpower 😭). But giving up beer when living in #beercityusa has been HARD.
Needless to say: they were FANTASTIC. And I had 2 pints✌🏻And I woke up this morning prepared to learn from the scale (a new trick I’m learning in my mindset coaching 🤓). And what do ya know: I lost half a pound while keeping some balance + beer in my life 🤘🏻
FUN FACT: I designed these children’s leggings 🙈

Pls tag who can use this Beauty to
make Playsuits for my Daughter's 😍

Kindly tag Designers for Children 🙏


Photo shoot session was so much fun with the amazing @ibkvisuals. Design and made by me 💁🏽‍♀️——————————————————————————-Mini model @rhian_dalts is holding “Ida’s creation” pen case @tutcham 💙 || #childrensdesigner #sewingmachine #sewinglife #creativity #handmade #childrensfashion #childrensfashionblogger #childrenswear #purpledashiki #dashiki #dashikidress #pencase #penholders #photosession #childrensphotographer #kidzfashion #magazine #magazinecover #magazinecovershot

Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun! || The amount of time I’ve had to start from the begin after completing a skirt or a dress 🤭😹⭐️#sewinglife #sewingmachine #childrensdesigner #childrensfashion #handmade #handmadebyme #creativity

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