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Millions of child soldiers are being exploited and treated as weapons. They fight like SOLDIERS, they die like CHILDREN.


Ali loves to write! Our residential care centers offer children like Ali an opportunity to rebuild their lives after leaving pasts with armed groups behind. -
Here they learn, play and live in a safe space as all children should. #childrennotsoldiers 📷 @seblindstrom

“If I had children, I would never let them be soldiers.” ‘James John’, 13, on the day before his release from the SSDA Cobra Faction armed group, in Jonglei State, #SouthSudan. “Our enemies killed my sister, my uncle and other family members. So I joined the Cobra Faction. But life in Cobra is not good – we have to walk so much, sometimes three or four days, carrying heavy equipment.” The recruitment and use of child soldiers is a grave human rights violation and must end. #childrennotsoldiers #RedHandDay © UNICEF/UNI178085/Porter

Go to school or die trying.

A heartbreaking reality for many of these children. Lured into joining armed groups with promise of education, others forcefully recruited by their teachers...They deserve better, it is their inherent right as a child •

@elmanpeace for #ChildrenNotSoldiers

To be perfectly honest, sometimes I still get nervous; (Part 1/3)
Nervous for my team, for myself-- our safety on the road after stories of abductions and rape. Nervous for our hearts and the amount of emotions it stirs when sitting with the families of those who have been abducted or the women who have encountered rape. 
To love much is to risk much, and sometimes I feel like we don't wade into the deep end but we jump head first.
To love is to be vulnerable and to open your heart , Not only to those who live within your comfort zone, but to those who carry more brokenness than you can possibly imagine.
Justice Rising exists because we dare to believe that "justice is LOVE, correcting anything that stands against love" (MLKJ) and war is a great violation of love.
And so together, we tuck ourselves in the unending love of Jesus and believe his love can mend nations.
We traveled way out into the red zone last week. Though the risk was high the locals begged us to come. Well, we didn't really need much convincing, we just opened our first High School in the region and we had to go celebrate. Here's a slightly long winded 3 part story of the adventures to get there and back.
#childrennotsoldiers #educationinwarzones #transform

Today is #RedHandDay - also known as the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers. ✋️🚫 Across the world, people share red hand prints to call on world leaders to stop the use of children in armed groups. This week, Syrian children in one of our War Child youth groups painted their hands red to join the campaign. #childsoldiers #childrennotsoldiers #Syria


Children like in Ishmeal’s situations should not be slaves, it’s not right to take away there childhood and freedom like that! #childrennotsoldiers -Victoria B.

Ishmeal is still in the village, he doesn’t even have the same emotions as he used too.... he doesn’t even remember what is happening day to day because of all the sting intake. #childrennotsoldiers #sosad -Victoria B.

This week, our team on the ground in Congo is working away on our two newest school builds. Step one? Identify the right community partner and scout out an awesome piece of land!
With our approach, we aim to target the most underserved and under-resourced areas we can find to work with those who have most been affected by war.
#educationinwarzones #childrenfirst
#educationcannotwait #DRC #natgeo #childrennotsoldiers

Great news!! We are only $5768 away from our goal of 100,000! Each dollar matched until tomorrow at midnight - up to $50,000!! Be a part of #HopeWins2017 and keep this momentum going to promote the healing of spirit, mind and body for these child survivors of war! 📸: @jeremycowart #endslavery #healingwoundsofwar #childrennotsoldiers #slavesnomore❌

Ishmeal encountered many tribulations psychologically and physically with the war. This didn't just affect the country's government but also the people in the country. This is forever changing his life no matter if he wants it or not. Let's change these for kids today! #childrennotsoldiers #savelives -Victoria B.

When you come back from Mission and your colleagues transformed your Office into a playground #childrennotsoldiers #unitednations

#ChildrenNotSoldiers is an international campaign against using children in war. ChildFund Philippines supports this campaign with #AngBataAyHindiSundalo.

The #daghammarskjöld library of the @unitednations provided the setting for a High Level Event on Children in Armed Conflicts. Minister @didierreynders reported on Belgian actions and policy to eradicate the practice of mobilizing children in armed conflicts. #childrennotsoldiers

#Belgium 🇧🇪 is strongly committed to protecting children in armed conflict. #UNGA #ChildrenNotSoldiers

Children have the right to be #childrennotsoldiers. In #SouthSudan around 18,000 children have been recruited into the ranks of armed groups. So far this year, #UNICEF #SouthSudan has provided 525 children formerly associated with armed groups with access to formal education thanks to our generous donors Danida and @Danish Natcom. #ForEveryChild, #Protection.

UNICEF South Sudan/2017/ Phil Hatcher-Moore

Exposing children to armed conflict compromises their right to survival, development, and protection. It is our duty to ensure that they grow up in a world free of violence.

Unfortunately the children from this school never got to finish their school-year because they had to flee the town of Wau Shilluk beginning of the year due to heavy fighting #southsudan #uppernile #waushilluk #childrennotsoldiers #safeschoolsdeclaration #safeschools #aroundtheworld

The most difficult days are always watching little hands draw memories of war: burning huts, bullets, rebels with guns, family member's bodies. 9 years working in war and post-war areas and I never get through this with dry eyes. But redemption is also seen as they are able to draw their dreams of peace... dreams of their future. So thankful these sweet kids are in @exileintl's holistic rehabilitation programs! I love seeing their heart wounds heal and hearing them sing and dance- and dancing with them 😊. It's miraculous to hear them talk about forgiving those who killed their parents. Love will always have the last word. #healingwoundsofwar #exilefieldnotes #slavesnomore #endslavery #childrennotsoldiers #childrenofpeaceuganda

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