Nic has throughly enjoyed the Swallows and Amazons books! He decided he wanted to make some boats after listening, and that has opened up some questions and creative solutions! #homeschool #wildandfreechildren #homeschoolmom #heusedthegluegunalone #crafting #childledlearning

Weird homeschool kids. How will they ever socialize? Well, let me tell you a story of yesterday...
We have a homeschool coop. If you’re not sure what that is. Its basically a bunch of crazy homeschool families that get together to do the insane. School their kids together 🤣
We’ve been with our coop for the past year and yesterday was our last meetup for the formal school year so we had a field day.
Seeing everyone running around, laughing, falling all over themselves and I was just soaking in all this beautiful community has given me and my kids. We’re looking at real friendships where my kids actually talk and engage with other little humans and all they have to offer. While I get to have real mommy friends. Not candy relationships. Like meat and potatoes relationships. Hmmm... am I hungry 😋 .
I don’t know, but since we started homeschooling we seem to have more valuable relationships. And yes, we have more communities that surround us. This is just one of them.
What a beautiful gift we have of amazing people we love and who love us genuinely.

The Japanese gardens 🌿

Ayman built a car that can fly, jump, go underwater and on top of water and drive on land.. This is something he actually wants to build in the future! .
#bigboyambitions #ambition #careerambition #cars #motors #homeed #homeeducation #homeeduk #homeeducationuk #unschooling #childledlearning #childledplay

We developed opportunities for mark making today when some of our children self selected the kitchen role play, by setting up a café. What do cafés need? Menus and notepads of course! #markmakingmatters #markmaking #roleplay #childhood #childledlearning #teacherledchildcare

Double tap for more stories! 🌍

Thursdays are homeschool excursion day (field trip). Todays excursion started out with a whole lot of faith and plenty of prayers. As we were leaving I noticed that the car was low of petrol so I figured we would probably be okay and I’ll stop on the way an fill up. The GPS had another idea and took us on a Sunday drive through the back roads of country Victoria with no petrol in sight. We were going down a long deserted road when the orange light of “okay time to freak out” came on. So naturally Auron and I were freaking out in the front, but we didn’t tell Lili because no one needs her kind of drama of wails of doom and tears of desperation.
Finally we found a petrol station just as the car was starting to lose power, a small country town where the petrol cost was like an extortion attempt ($20 would have to suffice) and their was lucky one pump…out of 8 that was working.
Crisis averted, then good old Siri took up to our destination…an empty field in the middle of no where.
When we finally did arrive, surprisingly only 10 mins late the kids rushed in to a gorgeous lesson on Indigenous Australia. The listened to stories, sung songs, participated in ancient customs, learnt about native animals, birds, and plants and then completes a beautiful art activity.
Following a short break they then toured the art gallery and learnt about the artists and their works.
We finally got home, with a lot less freaking out just before dinner after stopping to fill the car up with more reasonably priced gas. I am now curious how much do you pay for gas where you are? Ours at the moment is $1.49 a litre ($5.66 a gallon) .
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Who knew a pile of tree cut offs could be so much fun! 🤷🏻‍♀️ The children were so excited by the big pile of cuttings from the tree. After a discussion about why and how we trimmed the tree, I provided the children with the opportunity to trim it further! ✂️ We started with scissors then moved onto pruning clippers (highly supervised). 'Risky play’ provides opportunities to explore boundaries, assess risks and manage situations. ✂️ Advocates believe the ‘implementation of real tools' in an early childcare setting enriches children’s learning, enhances their motor skills and gives them confidence in their own abilities 🍃
#uninterruptedplay #playbasedlearning #exploringnature #developingthewholechild #familydaycare #familydaycareaustralia #thelittlethings #thebestwaytolearn #realplay #tools #nature #exploring #discovering #researching #investigating #connecting #learning #learningthroughplay #treetrimming #somanybenefits #earlychildhoodeducation #letthembelittle #outdoors #riskyplay #buildingconfidence #childhood #children #finemotorskills #childinitiated #childledlearning

Since we are in the middle of Education Week here in Victoria, we’re immersed in this year’s theme of ‘Celebrating the Arts’ We gave you performing arts activity ideas last week, so we’re giving you visual arts ideas, this week.

Visual arts is such a vast area to cover. There are sooooo many visual arts activities you can enjoy with your kids – whether it is in the classroom at school, the classroom at home or even travelling around on holidays. Now, full disclosure: I am not an art teacher! Here, we’re giving you a selection of some of our favourite art themed activities we do with our kids. They’re also ones that aren’t going to take a complicated and expensive outlay to set up! Head to the ‘news’ section of our website for some arts inspiration!

“Risky play is an invaluable part of childhood. Research shows that not only does it increase children’s physical and motor skills but also teaches them about their own limits, and how to deal with risks in the future.”
The children have the opportunity to assess and take risks which encourages their gross motor skills, spatial awareness and their confidence. #learningthroughplay #imagination #buildingconfidence #children #grossmotorskills
#uninterruptedplay #playbasedlearning #exploringnature #developingthewholechild #familydaycare #thelittlethings #thebestwaytolearn #realplay #treeclimbing #nature #exploring #discovering #researching #investigating #connecting #learning #earlychildhoodeducation #letthembelittle #outdoors #riskyplay #buildingconfidence #childhood #childinitiated #childledlearning

No matter how many times we play with our Mokulock bricks, she's always guaranteed to make at least one pyramid every single time. Sometimes they're pyramids of Egypt, sometimes they're mountains or volcanoes and other times they morph into trees. #pyramidsofgiza #pyramidsarelife #samesamebutdifferent #oskarswoodenark

Art inspired by our visit from Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency 🚒#firetruckart #preschoolart #halifaxfire #crayola

💵 Hi, I’m back! I’m Jordan and I run all things @oursensorykids 🙌🏻
It’s been so great to see everyone’s wonderful ideas on how to make maths fun for all abilities. Numbers is so easily differentiated.
I am an ex-special ed teacher and am now a full time foster mum to the boy with tattoos up his arms 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈. He has complex learning and behaviour needs. He loves working with money. It’s a way into learning for us.
When this board game arrived from our local authority we both couldn’t wait to play it! He loved counting out the money amounts we landed on and exchanging quantities of 10 for notes. Great for seeing what he knows maths-wise. I didn’t know he could count in tens until 90 for example.
Next time we play (to move him forward) we’re going to play the game kind of backwards. We will start with £100 and take away the amount we land on to see how he is there.
Money games are such a great way into maths for lots of our little people. It’s motivating and they know the knowledge is useful. You can use it for all abilities too, from exchanging 1,2 or 3 pennies to something they want in role play to multiplying and working out percentages of decimals- it’s all money. Perfect for our #osk_numbers theme.

A has been showing interest in light and dark and shadows, so last night I dug out our relevant books and left them out in the playroom. When he got up this morning he asked if we could read them. We then spent the next hour or so exploring shadows in his tent and on our ceiling! I discovered that if you use the torch on your phone and leave it facing up to the ceiling it makes an awesome shadow display, thoroughly recommend it and shadows also interest your children 😍!! #earlyyears #childledlearning #shadowsarefun #reggioinspired #littlewaveslearningcommunity #westsussex

Daisys. Little tiny flowers that spring up to remind us summer is on it's way. We sat and picked them, looking for good stalks, and made daisy chains. We discussed how many daisys we had, who's chain was the longest, used careful hands and a gentle touch, and found some with pink petal tips. Most of all, we sat together chatting and sharing the moment. 🌼

Two more custom orders ready for shipping today...
A loose parts collection for a 2 yr old boy. The customer requested some ‘larger loose parts for supervised play, with a set of marble eggs and handful of gems’, with a budget of £20-£25.
Her son enjoys stacking and lining up, so I’ve selected materials with this in mind. He can begin to sort, count, and make patterns and mandalas with this collection too.
AND... my first ‘bath time potions’ invitation. This collection of authentic materials is going to a little girl (6yrs) who is about to become a big sister.
She’ll be able to scoop, measure and pour to her hearts content, filling all these teeny tiny bottles for her ‘customers’.
I’ve suggested that her Mama buys a few ‘Tinti’ bath products to extend play. ‘Tinti’ make natural bath bombs, tablets, confetti and paint. They’re VERY popular in our house, finding their way onto every birthday and Christmas list!
#newproduct #newproductalert #invitationtoplay #looseparts #loosepartsplay #loosepartsfortoddlers #naturallooseparts #loosepartscollection #sortingactivity #patternmaking #mandalas #bathtime #bathtimefun #bathactivities #potionmaking #childled #childledplay #childledlearning #invitationstoplay

When you are 8 and you live in Hawaii and your education happens outside with your best peeps; feeding ducks and climbing trees and learning about clouds while journaling about it all.

Researching Greek cuisine and coming up with a menu. #homeschoolaustralia #naturallearning #childledlearning

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