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Although Adeline knows her numbers 1-10, I have recently been reading about subitizing in math and the importance of pattern recognition skills. We found this wonderful free resource from @thisreadingmama (combined with number sorting cards) and decided to practice this neat skill. @thisreadingmama also just came out with a new free resource on numbers 11-20. Here is a snippet of info I found online about subitizing. πŸ‘‰πŸ»"Subitizing is the ability to β€˜see’ a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is what tells you what number you roll on a six sided dice – most adults no longer have to count the pips after playing board games for a while.
Subitizing is a fundamental skill in the development of students’ understanding of number (Baroody 1987, 115). Students use patterns recognized to discover properties and skills such as conservation, compensation, unitizing, counting on, composing and decomposing numbers, as well as understanding of arithmetic and place value"

Life-long learners start their education at home. -Beverley Paine β€’ @presenceofwonder | #homeschoolcollective

Montessori Practical Life: In the Kitchen
Do you want your teenagers to cook? Your 10 year old to empty the dishwasher? Your 8 year old to take out the trash?

Then provide the tools.
Show them it's joyful work.
Right from the beginning.
All this gives them the confidence to fix spills and sweep up messes all on their own including offering to help when it's someone else's spill.

*Giveaway*. When I first started homeschooling, I was pretty much terrified about teaching math. Math and I don't have a great relationship πŸ˜…. But I came across the Life of Fred series, and I'm hooked! If you haven't heard of them, LOF is written like novels, following the life of Fred and how he encounters the need for math and learns the methods to solve real life situations. These books are silly (sometimes a little corny, but totally relatable for children) and really make math come alive. Somehow I ended up with two of the first book of the series - Apples - so I'm giving the extra one away! If you've been worried about math, or your kids have been stressing over it, this giveaway is for you. Let's make math fun and literature based! ✨
To enter: - Follow @hyggemomma - Like this post - Comment about how you've been teaching math (or plan to) - Tag friends who may like to learn math through literature for extra entries!
Winner will be chosen Wednesday the 26th. Remember, this is only for book one of the elementry series.

Have you seen the beauitful nature identification sets that @growingbrave has created? The autumn leaves pack is the perfect addition for our leaf unit. Today we identified each of the trees in our yard by gathering leaves and matching them to the photos in our field guides. We are also tucking away this little nugget of truth: Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. John 15:4

Lemonade stand πŸ‹ Business is slow on our quiet street but they are determined πŸ’›

First day back at 'school' today and our trip to the desert has inspired (yet another) snake project. 'Follow the child' is my mantra, so another snake project it is!!

Feelings and emotions are so important to teach and understand. It helps your child regulate their own emotions and understand what they are feeling. We revisit emotions regularly at home, talk about them everyday during our routines and play and of course when their emotions seem to be in high form we spend some extra time discussing them again. Today we used our @ilovehape Emotions eggs, little wooden book from @kmartaus and a fresh batch of coloured playdough. #feelings #emotions #earlyyears #kidsactivities


Daughter dearest got some more epic birthday books from her aunty to add to her collection. There's some serious reading going on around here! 😘
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R A I N B O W I N A J A R .
This is an awesome science experiment to do with older kids as it explores the concept of water density but I found it to be a very calming experience for my preschooler. It does however, take quite a bit of time and dedication, so consider if it's something that would hold your child's interest! .
In each of the coloured cups were different amounts of sugar that needed to be disolved in hot water, (1 tablespoon, 2 tablespoons, etc) the heaviest liquid (the one with the most sugar) is added with a dropper on the bottom of the jar before adding the next... the lightest liquid is added last. .
It's time consuming because it take so long to drop the liquid in with a dropper. It needs to be done slowly to prevent the colours from mixing too much. All in all it took us 10 minutes to prepare and 30 mins to complete. The perfect quiet time activity while my toddler napped. .
With the leftover liquid we poured different amounts into small jars and made some beautiful rainbow music. πŸŒˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ#thatminimalistteacher .
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"We seem to be so up-to-date nowadays that I don’t see that there is really much else to be invented."
(Cassell’s Saturday Journal, 1898)
O, those Victorians! So cutting edge! πŸ˜‚ I'll be curating the feed over at @charlottemasonirl this week, where we'll be exploring Technology in the CM Homeschoolβ€”the hacks, the helps, the hard lessons learned, all the while wrestling with how we can steer our modern homeschools with Mason's principles as our guide.
No gramophones needed! πŸ˜‰

It's going to be an interesting discussion, and I'd love for you to pop on over to check it out! Or join in on the conversation via #charlottemasonirl πŸ’œ
Happy Monday, friends!

It's holiday club time again. I think this picture sums up my approach rather well. This little girl spent most of her time this morning sawing. Sawing, sawing, sawing. Wood for the fire. There were other activities to chose from but this is what she chose. If I asked her, "would you like to do some fire lighting?" she would answer no, because she had found her niche. She had never done it before but she challenged herself, succeeded and flourished. Amazing tenacity to achieve. And it resonated with her for the rest of the day. This is the essence of child led learning for me. I don't force the children to make or participate in anything they don't want to. That way the learning is on their terms not mine. I am there to facilitate and scaffold the learning but it's coming from their choice. It enables deeper learning, resilience, patience, confidence and a better understanding of themselves. It's why I love teaching in through the outdoors. ❀️ .
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Art time!! <3 both kids said they want to do more art this year :-) #homeschool #unschoolers #childledlearning #art #painting

We are repeating last week's #morningroutine since Cals is still very interested in the /s/ sound. This is a snapshot of the different activities and manipulative we use. We go over a letter, number, color, shape, calendar, time, weather, emotion, and nursery rhyme. There is a song and fine motor activity to go along with each as well as a magnet to go on the metal board and a felt number/shape/etc to go on the Velcro board. Sometimes everything happens, sometimes just a few songs or activities happen, and some days we skip it entirely. I let Cals choose what we do next so it's entirely #childledlearning; letters and calendar are hands down her favorites! I'm loving the flexible structure of #totschool so far, and Cals is always eager to learn something new. #diymontessori #preschoolathome #montessoritoddler #letthembelittle #whenyourmomisateacher

Out on a bug hunt today after the wild one found his magnifying glass and wanted to head to the woods. We spotted a snail, slug, bee, butterfly and evidence of caterpillars having a good old munch. Tomorrow he wants to build a big hotel in the garden #childledlearning #bughunt #naturedetectives #woodlandtrust #summerholidays #4yearsold #outdoorplay #outdoorlearning #earlyyears

Who else has a little who is obsessed with play dough?
What do you offer them along with their play dough?

Do you make your own or get it already made? (Both are awesome - I made his but that's just because if we buy a pack it will all get mixed together, so I make one color and we use it until it's dry)
Play dough is such a wonderful sensory experience for children and extremely open ended. There are hundreds of things you can do with play dough! I created my son his own personalized play dough mat for him to do whatever he wants with. He tested it out at first and then just explored making "worms" out of the play dough and then other shapes with it.
Usually with our play dough I offer some rocks, stamps, measuring cups, craft sticks to cut with. Then other things I offer will change depending on what he's interested in lately. But to be honest, the rocks and stamps are usually enough πŸ˜‰ #purelycreate #sensoryfun #sensoryplay #playdough #homemadeplaydough #playdoughmat #childledlearning #childrenoftheworld #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #twoyearsold #thisistwo #motherhoodunplugged #homeschool #montessoritoddler #montessoritoddler #toddlerlearning #toddlerlife #toddleractivity #toddlerplay

This was taken over a year ago.
Woah how they change so quickly! 😳
When I get flustered with the mess and total chaos of my house and life I read this little quote and it reminds me to be present and grateful for everything that I have in this life. β€œThe fingerprints on the wall appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear.”- Dorothy Eislin
Happy Monday friends!

Glittery Play Dough!
2 cups of flour,
1/2 cup of salt
2 table spoons of veg/olive oil
(2tsp of cream of tartar optional)
up to 1 and a 1/2 cups of hot water to mix.
I add fairy liquid to the dry mix sometimes with the oil and food colouring to the water.
Knead lots, it's great warm and will last a few months in an air tight container! X

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