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I was so devastated when I was told my child had cancer, I never imagine a child can have cancer because I only see cancer as a disease only for the adult”. These were Mrs. A’s (Samuel mummy) words when her young son was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor in January 2016. .
The journey has not been easy for her, she has made unimaginable sacrifices, endured countless sleepless nights, days when she is crippled by fear and worry; but Mrs. A is a woman. She is a mother. She will never, EVER, give up on her child. She finds strength in the small things. A good day here or there. Her faith. And in @thedorcascancerfoundation. She is able to remain strong and fight along with her child because Samuel has us supporting him.
Today, Samuel is a survivor, he defeated #wilmstumor and he is back to school.
What joy to see her child back on his feet after the battle that is cancer. .
Today we celebrate a fighter and a mother. Well done mummy Samuel. .
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Terminology,,, 2/2

Red Blood Cells

The cells that carry oxygen to the body and remove waste products. When red blood cells are low, the patient becomes anemic and will require transfusions of whole blood.

Help the body heal. Stop wounds from leaking fluids. If platelets become low it can lead to uncontrolled bleeding. Platelets can also be transfused.
So as Avery goes into chemo this week and we talk about counts, you will have a basic understanding of what is being talked about. When his counts go low, he is not going to be his normal Avery self.

Smile and do random acts of kindness.

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Terminology 1/2

So, when we say counts are low, cancer parents automatically get it. Doctors get it. Nurses get it. So I am attempting to provide the basics of the terminology.

First things first. Chemo drugs attack fast dividing cells like cancer cells. So, what other cells in the body are fast dividing? Hair cells, mucosal cells, all forms of blood cells. Chemo drugs also attack these cells as well, which cause hair loss, mouth sores and ulcers and depress the immune system.
Everything is very serious and the mucosal cell suppression cause mouth sores which make it hard to eat and may cause ulcers through out the GI system. Loss of hair often affects self esteem. Loss of all types of blood cells lead to anemia, and more scarily leaves the body open to infections that it would normally be able to fight off without even noticing.

White Blood Cells

A type of immune cell. Most white blood cells are made in the bone marrow and are found in the blood and lymph tissue. White blood cells help the body fight infections and other diseases. Granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes are white blood cells.


A type of immune [cell] that is one of the first cell types to travel to the site of an infection. Neutrophils help fight infection by ingesting microorganismsand releasing enzymes that kill the microorganisms. A neutrophil is a type of white blood cell , a type of granulocyte , and a type of phagocyte .
PubMed Health Glossary
/(Source: NIH - National Cancer Institute)/ When neutrophils go low, the patient is at a very high risk for infection. It is one of the most watched cells in oncology. It is also a form of White Blood Cells

Sjølv om me er isolerte pga.smittefare får Syver Olander besøk av fysioteraputen Åse. Det syns Syver Olander er utrolig kjekt💖 #isolated #fysioterapi #ballong #treningsglede #fuckleukemia #blodkreft #slaycancer #fuckcancer #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerwarrior #gogold #syverolandersonske

Pray for our sweet girl @prayersforemilyjanelle. She had another surgery to her brain but it didn't go as planned. She lost a lot of blood and doctors think she might have a stroke for major blood loss. She in now on a medically - induced coma. Doctors have told her family to prepare themselves. They do not think she will make it. Pray.
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syverolandersonskeEin som kom seg veldig etter blodoverføring i går👍 No er gutten oppe med farger i kinna😊 jobber hardt og trutt med prosjektet sitt når han orkar det🍀🎗#slaycancer #fuckleukemia #blodkreft #prosjekt #slaycancerarmbånd #barnekreftforeningen #syverolandersonske #childhoodcancerwarrior

Hannah, fighting through her third bout with cancer, just finished her last round of radiation and proton therapy at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center! Ringing the bell signifies the end of her radiation treatment. Although still undergoing chemo, Hannah is a cancer fighting warrior! #shoutout to #hargerstrong #childhoodcancerwarrior #protontherapy @orlandohealth

Repost: "For those of you who don’t know what Jordan is holding, those are her Beads of Courage. She has earned these beads the past two weeks and they will keep growing as she continues her treatment. Each bead means something different. White is for chemo treatments, tortoise is for LPs (spinal taps), blue is for clinic visits, black is for needle pokes, etc. She is my super hero and is incredibly tough!" Full story in bio.
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Med ein så alvorlig diagnose som Leukemi, er det blitt så mange blodoverføringer at vi har kommet ut av telling på det. Vi er uendelig takknemlig for at folk gir blod❤️uten disse hadde ikke gutten vår vert i live i dag. Så folkens, det er bare å melde seg som blodgiver til nærmeste sjukehus..... det har jeg gjort👍 Så er du med på å gjøre ein stor forskjell for mange❤️🍀🎗#gjørenforskjell #giblod #blodkreft #fuckleukemia #slaycancer #fuckcancer #gogold #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerwarrior #syverolandersonske

Syver Olander starta opp med tre foskjellige antibiotika kurer når han blei innlagt seinttorsdag kveld.Det er mye for ein liten kropp, men når ein ikkje veit kva slags bakteriar som gjer han sjuk så startar dei opp med breispektra. Blodprøver er sendt til dyrkning, men desse kan det ta ei stund for at ein får svar på. I mellomtiden er det ikkje anna å gjera enn å håpe på at noko av det virka snart. #antibiotics #neutropenia #slaycancer #fuckcancer #fuckleukemia #gogold #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerwarrior #blodkreft #syverolandersonske

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