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Summer and ice cream go together most definitely. But I recall years ago, the ice cream man, 31 Flavors, Baskin Robbins, oh yeah you name it, I ate it. The good ol' days of getting my ice cream fix, then fixing to spend a lot of time in the bathroom not too long after. Yeah those lifelong gut issues that I thought was just normal to live with. Come to find out, dairy, contrary to what we've been "taught" about how it builds strong bones (FALSE) isn't so normal. It does in fact cause mucus and digestive issues, contains casein a protein from cows milk which is now found to be a carcinogen and 75% of people are in fact lactose intolerant. I finally started making the connection and thought to myself, if I wouldn't drink milk, lips to udders like baby calves do, why would I have ever consumed it in the first place? Hmmm... NONETHELESS, here's a tastier, cleaner, healthier, dairy free, guilt free, more natural way to consume some ice cream. Just some frozen fruit and a few splashes of coconut water(or water) for texture. I made a banana and wild blueberry, as well as a banana and raspberry and you can jazz up however you like. Peel and freeze bananas or any fruit if you bought too much and you're not sure what to do with it and treat yourself to cruelty free #nicecream! More daily videos in my InstaStories. #ReTrainTheBrain #OneLove✌❤

Mom says it's a tree stump but it's a bunny, I know it, I just know it! #derp #sillypup

Sorry, I don't have any money.

Beauty in the shadows

"Set goals that make you want to fly out of bed in the morning" 🐾❤ #mondaymotivation

"Chicago from 40,000 feet at 4:00 am" .... Spectacular 🙌🏽 (📷: @kent.oyer ) #chooseohare

Love this amazing silhouette captured by @lentz.photo! Thanks for tagging #chitecture!!


"I never thought I would say I loved my dental office...but West Loop Smile Studio has definitely earned that distinction! The front office and hygienists are incredibly warm and skilled. Both Dr Lee and Dr Ozzie are amazing...I have seen both due to scheduling and have been blown away by both! Funny, personable and their work is excellent...and I have naturally bad teeth so I have made them prove their talent. 😃  The chair and TV set up is incredible, time passes so quickly when you are cozy and entertained. I love when they show me actual pictures of my teeth as well. It really helps drive home their advise and clarify dental work needs." - Lynnie ❤️ #PatientTestimonial #WeLoveOurPatients #WestLoopSmileStudio

Prices increasing TODAY! Get your tickets NOW! www.TheMustacheCrawl.com! #chicago #chitown #chigram #mustache #stachelife #daydrinking #daycrawl #wrigleyville #instachicago

Now more than ever

Circuit city

•Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life• grateful to be part of the BKB community. #bkblove

Quiero más paseos así!! 😍😍 Crece rapidito Mati para que nos acompañes está vez en vivo y no en la guatita de tu mamá👶
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When you wake up and hour late for work and get a parking ticket 😐

My client is happy to go from tenant to first-time homebuyer, and is UNDER CONTRACT on this 2 bed/1.5 bath condo in lovely Buena Park! Contact me to talk about the benefits of buying over renting. Link in bio.

🚨 New client alert! 🚨
Officially joining the team at @chicagofringe to oversee their social media during this year's festival (Aug. 30-Sept 10). FIFTY performances in 12 days in the heart of Chicago. Can't wait! .
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