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Sneak preview of my future addition.😍 #ChicksWithTattos #InkedGirls #Tattoo #Gramps #MustardSandwich

Looking forward to hitting the IFBB Pro Stage 2016... Never Give Up. MIKAILA the REBEL SOTO #Boricua #purtorican #fitlife #fitness #fitchick #chickswithmuscles #chickswithtattos

It's just to nice to be at work... Sorry!! #nothingsordinary #noexcuses #chickswithtattos #feettattoos


Water 💦 ✅ Kicks on 👟✅ ready to 🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️✊🏼and I don't have to go anywhere 🚙💨🤗👌🏼 Workout cued up and ready to go....🤜🏼🤛🏼since I'm transitioning to clean week with my group, I get to pick whatever I want or feel I need in my virtual library again tonight!! Love the convenience of this!! It's WHY AND HOW it worked "this time."

It's this time a year that well over 22hrs of work in just two days would have me putting workouts and eating right on the back burner because who wants to drive anywhere, wait for machines, and wipe people's sweat off with spray water bottles before using them anyway (ewwww gross 🤢🤧😷) lol but truth tho! #ididthat Then slacking made eating right go out the window, and back on that🎢
Going with one of my favorite 25min strength training workouts from the last program I completed.... LOOOOOVED it and well the chili is calling my name so fast is what I need🤤. Today someone said "wow you lost a lot of weight huh... it's been about a year?" I said yes then realized, no it's been over a year and a half I've maintained my 70lbs loss!!! I was this weight last time they saw me>>>> A. YEAR. And. A. HALF ahhhhhhh that is a greater freaking victory than the loss! That's a lot of parties, holidays, BBQs!! Because it can be done with the right tools and right support!!! I guess that weightlifting (a little heavier too) does do a body good🤔bc I've gotten that same question more times the past couple months than I have in a long time. #bodystillchanging💪🏼 Happy Transformation Tuesday and maintaining for a year and 8 months! #boom 🎉🥂🍾😃

Best lesson ever : Never judge a book by its cover! Looking in may look one way while Looking out can look far different. That's why I always try to keep it real and show it through my honest eyes because REAL is what's relatable. .
Sometimes I wonder what it's like to not feel fear or worry, to not overthink or over analyze, to not have anxiety, or feel panicked for no reason at all. I try to remember a time I didn't feel that way ever-I wonder if it ever existed. Then I have a moment like this after crushing my workout and after putting in work all damn day to break free from my own mind! I remember how far I've come! I remember that I am always in control and more powerful than I ever give myself credit for!
I wasn't going to say anything, but I feel the need to. I was given this to share it, to start conversations that matter, to shed light for others who feel alone, to create and be the change. Yes I did my job today, I smiled at people I knew and talked to them and their children, and I also had terrible anxiety. No specific reason. Woke up in a good mood, but it decided to show its ugly face. It was hard to concentrate, the noise around me bothered me, I had little patience, was easily frustrated, and I had to work hard and use every tool I know to move passed it. I DID! I always will because this will NOT DEFINE ME! Keeping my body strong keeps my mind strong, and I will continuously work at both because this may NOT EVER "go away," but it sure as shit won't control me. Today made me proud and reminded me that I can encourage and teach people the tools I have learned. I hate that so many people suffer and get judged or treated a certain way because people assume they are nasty, bitchy, mad, crazy.... meanwhile they might just be at war in their own head. It's the worst feeling in the world and I know so many people who feel this way and also so many people who say " I just don't get it" or "tell people shake it off." Like would ya ever say that to someone with cancer? No; that's why so many people suffer in silence, and that's why I choose to break the silence. I don't want to look "perfect," I want to be #strong #hope #stigmafree

Every damn day I get a reminder of WHY I do what I do! Why I push passed my excuses, never give up and never stop showing up!! ❤️Never in a million years would I think people would be thanking me for helping them change their lives, for leading the way, or for giving them hope. Never would I have thought women and moms would tell me they have a saying, "what would Lindsay do" and that it helped them turn down temptation, make a healthy choice, or get a workout in even when they didn't want to! Never would I think I'd be getting nightly texts checkins from a working mom of two pushing through her excuses saying "I kept hearing you on my shoulder when I thought of skipping; thank you for being there mentally!" Never!! Those are the moments I'm so thankful I pushed my fear and skepticism aside and went with my gut on becoming a coach! ✊🏼
It's only because I tried everything. Nothing ever worked long term. So feeling defeated and nervous I tried one last time and it was EVERYTHING that I needed to change my whole lifestyle! Then I decided why not pay this forward--share this with others while I keep myself on track and NEVER GO BACK to that?! 😌#grateful .

If you've tried and nothing seems to work, been watching 👀and NEED something in your life-something doable, but you're thinking you can't, you're worried about failing, or just scared......STOP with the limiting beliefs. Commit to one week. Just 7 days. Join me for clean week and see how easy it is to develop healthy habits for your new lifestyle in just one week!! You can be a part of my exclusive new group following a new 7 day fitness and nutrition program--meal plans, shopping lists, daily support, motivation, and 7 days of the most amazing superfoods shake will all be provided. I get that a 30 day bootcamp, change, and committing to your health is scary, but can you really NOT GIVE yourself one week to see that you DO HAVE the potential to change?! This is great for beginners who are trying to get started with a new routine. All fitness levels are welcome. You in yay or nay?! Drop an emoji 🙋🏻👇🏼or Dm me if you want more Deets. I'll be getting back to people the rest of this week. 📲💌📬

Hello #gainz all over. ✊🏼Thank you heavier weights!!🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼Seeing and feeling changes....why?! Because heavier weights don't make you bulky and manly looking. They build lean muscle and sculpt your body. My weight has not changed much since 2/2016 yet my body continues to get stronger, leaner, and more muscular; I can say right now, 34, and tail end of 2017, I'm in the best shape of my life. Always hated my arms and legs. I had zero muscle tone even when I was thinner, and then I got so big I just wanted to hide them. Now I'm blown away at how strong they feel and look, and how proud and confident I am in this body I'm building {a feeling every woman (and man) should know and experience!! All because I'm putting the work in, and it's not that hard; it's just daily effort!! Did it right in my living room 30min a day using my virtual gym!! .
It's that time of year..... dark in the morning, dark earlier at night, bed so cozy, and SO MUCH easier to stay put. I've been hearing people say how "hard it is now," as we get ready to head into the most challenging time of the entire year. THIS is the time to get in a routine, to develop healthy habits, and surround yourself with the right support, so you're NOT part of the statistic of people gaining 10-15lbs through the holidays, and feeling that much more defeated starting the new year. This will be my 3rd holiday enjoying yet maintaining my new lifestyle. I know it's scary, but there's 3 months left in the year. THREE!! How? idk but true story. Don't put off till the new year, what you can start now!! A lot can happen in 3 months! If you're not sure if this is for you, but you've been watching, and wondering if this could maybe work, I'm running an exclusive clean week group and I'd love to have you. Virtual gym opens next week-includes workouts, nutrition guide, meal plan, and support from me 🙋🏻and a bunch of other badass women with similar goals. Can you commit to yourself for one ☝🏼 week to see what you are capable of?! PM and I'll send you more info on how to get added to this exclusive group! 📲💌📬

Is it real?
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Flex yo mind muscles people. If you're struggling, I betcha that's where the problem lies!! #mindset 🤔 There ain't nothing "wrong with you." Just look a little deeper .
WHAT IF you turned your excuses into effort and brought that effort every damn day until change starts to happen and you can't stop bc it feels so good?! WHAT IF you stopped saying next week, next month, next year?! WHAT IF you stopped saying but I have work, I'm tired, I have too much to do, it's too early, too late, the kids the dog, the house..... WHAT IF you shut down that stupid little fear voice making you worry about change, doubt yourself, or think you'll fail BEFORE YOU EVEN TRY? WHAT IF you just decided one day You're worth it, and your health should be a priority like so many less important things are? .
WHAT IF you stopped beating yourself up for having something that's not on your "diet" or healthy? WHAT IF you stopped self-sabotaging yourself as soon as you start to FEEL good and get in a routine? WHAT IF you stopped looking at and focusing on the flaws in mirror saying you're fat, you're stuck, you can't, something's wrong with you, you hate what you see so why can't you just do it? WHAT IF instead you saw your beauty and strength and just said I CAN and I WILL?! WHAT IF >>>>>>>>>>>>Well, Ya know what?
You'd freaking succeed at your goals!! You'd enjoy the journey to your best self, you'd actually really love yourself because you'd learn to love the real you on the inside, not just the physical shell. You'd realize the power and potential you have, that you are limitless, and you'd believe you are worthy and capable of total health, wellness, and happiness; it's our birth right?! You'd never regret starting or the work you put in. So WHAT IF, you stopped putting off till tomorrow what you CAN do today. What if you could have and be more, and knew you wouldn't fail, would you try?! I can def help ya get started if you're ready to know what all that 👆🏼feels like and blow your own mind!📲💌📬just gotta lmk #latenightthoughts

The left is me and the right is me, TODAY. No difference EXCEPT that you can see I have extra skin and a jiggly belly when I'm relaxed like everyone else, and I DON'T LOVE MYSELF ANY LESS! 🙌🏼❤️
Yes I do a lot of flexing and pre/post program pics; I'm damn proud of how hard I have worked to transform my body, to lose 70lbs, to turn a nearly 40in waist with zero muscle tone or posture into what it is now, BUT the messages I want to send are way more important! .
The other day I got a few reminders of how much times have changed and how POWERFUL social media is. I have followers across my social media platforms who are in college and even in MS-some are nieces and kids of my best friends. Some day my own nieces and kids will see my pages and I want to be proud of my missions and messages. I want to give them hope. I want them to be PROUD of who they are, LOVE themselves, and know that we all face struggles in life but they pass and we come out on the other side STRONGER! .
See I was never on MySpace, I didn't even start a FB page till after our honeymoon 2010, and then I was not active on it for a long time while I was dealing with some stuff! These days things are so different. When I was modeling back in HS, I didn't have other girls on social media to compare myself to, I had magazines and TV. I never thought I was good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, why?! Because I compared myself to photoshopped pictures, unrealistic "perfection." I was told I wasn't skinny enough, and got let go from my dream job-I was maybe 115-120 lbs 5'7''(40lbs less than here) On top of that, YES I was bullied too, inside and out of school, simply for being me. For dressing up, liking makeup, wanting to feel good, being happy! Like girls wanted to beat me up, girls called me names on the soccer field, and that sucks when you're at that insecure age. Now I've learned to Love Me from the inside out, so I don't compare myself and I don't worry about anyone's opinions. Learning to love our bodies is the hardest thing to do. There's NO SHAME in it, so shout out to all the women trying. Remember not to believe everything you see on social media, it's not all what it APPEARS

Yaaaaaay look what I got today!!! Finally picked up my orthotics from the podiatrist!! I know I know it's been months, and yes they've been in. What can I say I'm a bit of a procrastinator 🤷🏻‍♀️I always did papers like the night before they were due, I usually pack like the day or even night I'm leaving-depending how big of a trip, and always leave just 5 min shy of the time I really need to get to appointments 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄👈🏼working on that. .
My acupuncturist is gon fix me up tomorrow for sure (can't wait!), but since I increased my weights for my leg workout last week, I was getting some of those old pains up my legs and in hips-especially right which is the foot inverted the most😏.....knew I needed to get these babies!! Can't wait to break them in. Too bad it takes about a week bc I'll be on my feet Fri and Sat night this weekend 💁🏻👑#happyfeet #wellness is properly supported feet #jumpsquats bout to improve 🏋🏻‍♀️

Dare to DREAM of a life you DESERVE, a body you LOVE, built, and are proud of, and of work you are PASSIONATE of. Dare to Dream of achieving all your goals, finding your purpose and calling, and of choosing to step out of mediocrity and into your own greatness! I DARE YOU! Me the day I was blessed to turn 30 vs me the day I turned 34yrs old-a completely different person inside and out!! .
The best thing I've learned from the #mindbodyspirit transformation I've experienced the past 6 years and especially the physical one the past 2+, is that we don't get to complain about things we are unwilling to change. I was forced into "mental" change at 28yrs old when as a newlywed and new teacher, life as I knew it changed forever. That time will always be the marker in my life where time stood still; everything either happened before "that time" or after. I suffered from a very sudden and unimaginable mental health crisis. I had the rug pulled right out from under me and was quickly taken from "Newlywed/honeymoon" high, to rock bottom-a low I wouldn't wish on anyone. .
I'm not embarrassed of it because it made me who I am RIGHT NOW, it's allowing me to give other people hope, and it's just one of those things we don't ask for, we CAN NOT control, but God gives us anyway. Maybe we're "chosen" for some special reason or plan, but either way I realize how MUCH awareness is NEEDED. I'm proud I was brave and proud I'm using my voice and story to create whatever small change I can! Fighting out of that is what took a will and perseverance way beyond the physical one.
At 30 I felt more like myself; the dark veil of depression and the grip of panic and anxiety had lifted, but then I realized what happen to me on the outside. I refused to complain about it and not do something about it, I refused to stay stuck, to let something I have to deal with sometimes determine my direction or success in life, to ever allow myself to go back there. I promised myself I would do whatever it took to make my 30's my best decade yet, to work to be the best version of me I could be, so that's what I DID and I'm PROUD and grateful. In my struggle I found my strength! 🙏🏼💫💛✨🌈🦋

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