this post is kind of a double whammy because i’ll show you one of my favorite chest/delt exercises & talk a lil body image.
i call these front raise/chest fly hybrids because i’m raising like i would a front raise, but bringing the dumbbell across my chest & squeezing my pec to hit both the anterior delt as well as some chest. usually do these for higher reps as a burnout.
this video was taken about 2 months ago. as you can see i was pretty lean. i was “prepping” for a show, half-assedly because i was going through some shit which no one would’ve known because i never talked about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ got a DM about staying super lean so this post isn’t meant for “look how lean i was!!!” but more so to remind everyone that sometimes lean doesn’t mean good health. i was going through a bad break-up, lost people in my life & moved 3 hours back home unexpectedly, had some family issues & was in a very low mental state which i coped with by spending 3+ hours at the gym & eating basically chicken & sweet potatoes. was never hungry because my appetite was suppressed. always got told how “good” i was looking as if looking good trumps being emotionally stable. it doesn’t, if you needed that reminder.
i am not this lean anymore & i would be lying if i said it didn’t get to me. we all wanna be aesthetic right? but i can promise you, despite how “good” my body may have looked, i was in such a low point & the way my body looked couldn’t make me happy. i wasn’t getting a period. that’s not healthy & not something to envy. i’m now back in the location i was before, have my friends back & can lift heavy shit once more because i’m actually eating well enough to sustain good training sessions. there is a time & place for extreme leanness, but there is more to life than the way you look. you could be ripped af & still be miserable and a shitty person. it’s okay to skip cardio. it’s okay to not hit your macros on the dot. when you die satan doesn’t care if you have abs or not. 😜
tldr; if you tie your happiness to your appearance, you will never be happy because you will never be lean enough. laugh more, slave with cardio/dieting less. also yes that’s my real lifting face 😂


Monday Motivation. They say never miss a Monday, so here I am! Later than usual. Not a lot to report. I'm adjusting to my new training regimen. Still training late night, but only 5 days per week for now. -
I've been reverse dieting, but I'll be the first to tell you that I have been indulging at whim. Donuts? Sure! Ice cream in the middle of the day? Ok!!! I still plan to stay on my training diet, especially now that my calories are going up. But....I have always believed in enjoying life also. And, did I mention how much I love food?? Miraculously, the scale actually went down this week, quite unexpectedly. The universe must want me to have that ice cream. Hope everyone had a great day. 😊
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Tonight's garage workout

I used 15lb dumbbells and the jumping jacks were unweighted. Quick, effective, and of course very hot and sweaty.
Disclaimer: if you do this you may finish faster than I did. If so go another round. #sweatymess #nevermissaMonday #getupanddosomething #thiswasmysecondworkout #didyouworkouttoday #dumbbellsmaketheworldgoround #chickswithmuscle #chickswholift

working off sickness/stress, food and alcohol from this past week/weekend 🍑 putting it all in the booty

My little sister.... she’s an amazing soul and only ever wants the best... the bond we share is only that a sister can understand.
Love you Meli xoxo 💗😘😗😙🤩 @melitabrigita
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Who needs a #mcm when your girls are this fine?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

See a thing, get inspired. Instantly #inspired by @aerial_af_adventures and her amazing #elbowstand and thought I'd try it in a balance. Straight arm is much harder! So I got the balance with a bent arm. Anyone out there wanna try it? Show me your balances, and I'll keep working on mine. 😙

Couldn’t help myself. Went to the gym again today because I still had a lot left in my tank after chest and triceps. I needed to push myself harder. Planned on doing a quick legs hiit, but ended up doing a full legs lift day. 💕💕 love legs workouts. Got super motivated after @mattjac95 powered out a PR on a 5k. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 way to go!! Since I can’t run, I lifted 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼💪🏼. Now I’m ready to watch some football! #legsday #happyascanbe #chickswholift #chickswithmuscle #fitmom #strongwomen #strongmom #fitlife #hardworkpaysoff #fitness #twoadays #keepmovingforward💪 #thickthighs #🍑 #gymrat #gymlife #goals

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