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2-17-18 🌮 #48 Simple Succulent Chicken Taco. #tacos #chickentacos #tacosauce #tortilla #feta #yummy #cholulachipotle #cholula #salsa

So after I saw the Instagram post by @athomehoosier, I couldn't stop thinking about chicken tacos. Mine are Chipotle flavored, topped with my home made Pico di Gallo. So, so good. Thanks for the inspiration Mel! #chickentacos #homemade #eatlikeyouloveyourself #fresh

NEWSFLASH: just because 1 tire is slashed doesn’t mean you slash the other 3!!!!! Just because i gave birth and can’t workout for 6 weeks doesn’t mean that my business falls apart and it also doesn’t mean that i can’t focus on my nutrition (stuffing my face 🤣😆) and improving my mindset with personal development. Sometimes I’ll have women say they are injured or give me some other reason why they can’t workout (which is totally legit), BUT it’s SO important to remember that living a healthy lifestyle is SO much more than exercise. Just because we can’t workout doesn’t mean we disappear and go MIA!!!! Health and long-term results are embedded in nutrition and flooding your mind with a self help book or podcast. All which I focus on heavily in my monthly online self love groups with the women I work with! If you’re the type to love eating cake while still eating healthy then my groups will be the perfect fit for you😍 because we are imperfectly balanced!!!!! Healthy yet able to splurge 👌🏼can you afford to invest $35 per month on your health and fitness?? If so, message me!! use that tax return moola you are about to get and SPOIL yourself! You deserve to feel confident and love yourself again 💗

Ps- stuffing my face with delicious slow cooker chicken tacos. Lemmay know if you want the recipe.

My yummy 9 point dinner! Chicken tacos on crunchy shells with black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos (cooked in the crock pot with chicken) plus pico and shredded cheese.
#tacos #chickentacos #lunch #cheese #chickenbreast #blackbeans #picodegallo #salsa #tomatoeswithchilies #wwfreestyle #weightwatchersfreestyle #weightwatchersonline #weightwatchers

Chicken tacos yummy 👅👅 #chickentacos #yummy #foodporn

Life on a broken chip. #yummy #chickentacos

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