went to the hospital, I was in so much pain between 1 - 10 I was at 1000+ my foot was a little swollen~ tremors were so serve my legs, hands, head and voice total issues. The nurses keep telling me if I would only stop drinking alcohol I could be fine. I ask them to do alcohol test that I wasn't drunk, no alcohol~well must have been on drugs. Sure was nice to know that at least the Doctors believe me~ foot was the issue ~ I was so angry at the nurses I asked for a gun so they could shoot me so I'd be out of their hair~of course I was in more trouble ~long story short ~fracture my foot ~ #balance #tremors #hands #chickenscratch #writing #shaky #pain #24 #7 #no #pharmaceutical #drugs

Keep forgetting to show off the awesome chicken salad before I finish it. Chicken breast #sousvide with @hardcorecarnivorerub #hcamplify and @thunderbirdwings #chickenscratch at 150 for an hour @anovaculinary then chilled over night. Then mixed with miracle whip, onion powder, salt and celery seed. And then grapes to help balance it out. Served on croissants with provolone cheese.

More inspiration. Maybe I’ll post an entire one... eventually.
#mytruth #poetry #boysandgirls #soulfood #copyright #chickenscratch

I love you #chickenscratch #queen

Early Music Long Island presents 🥁🥁🥁🥁
EMLI Editions!! •

#manuscriptmonday #facsimile #historicallyinformed #chickenscratch #badhandwriting #summersidegig

I'm getting really good at cleaning up facsimilies! No more pesky Soprano Clefs! 300 year old spilled wine? Or is it an ornament? Worry no more!!

#fascimilie #handwriting #manuscript #manuscriptmonday #chickenscratch #theorbo #lute #sightreading #sightreadingsucks #musicstudent #sloppycopy

Here are a couple more of my incessant sketches that I have done every day this summer so far.
For some reason, I favor using a ballpoint pen. I just love drawing with it. I do almost all of my sketches in it.
I do it for a couple reasons:
1. it's a nice challenge to not erase stuff
2. I like how bold they look compared to pencil (like in pictures and stuff)
3. I hate when stuff smears all over the place
4. I like how it looks when i shade stuff
Honestly, there are probably a couple more subconscious reaosns that I haven't thought of yet. For now, I'll just say that I like using it.
What's your favorite thing to sketch with? .
In case you were wondering, I drew it with my #ballpointpen

New tune I wrote about seeing someone through the lense of social media which you can hear this sat night at the Bitter End- 2 hr set starting at 1am. #makeamericasharpelevenagain #chickenscratch #twofives

Started to get stressed with the tasks du jour, as we all do. *
Remembered I’m grateful to have opportunities, to be busy in the pursuit of my passion, my vision, my goals and dreams. Remembered I am capable of anything and everything I want to accomplish.
Remember that you are, too. 🙏🏻 #yesthatismyhandwriting #chickenscratch
#trainerkait #yogateacherkait #pretendingtobewise #motivationmonday #letsgetit @postit #postitnotewisdom

Soooo sometimes I write down messages from my dreams and when I wake up I can't really understand my own chicken scratch.  I was just clearing out a pile of papers and found this note that scared the crap out of me. Like yoooo when did I Write thissssss!!! 😣😣😣🙄🙄🙄 Then I remembered it was just saying prepare for my event Sat morning (am)  Not Prepare for SATAN. Oh man what a good laugh I had! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #ientertainmyself #nottodaysatan #chickenscratch #heyimmalefty #thevoicesinmyhead #ididntgetpossessed #noexorcismneeded

"Chicken Scratches" I’m snug inside the high hopes of love;
cushy in it, I’m like these microscopic lips in the questioning of it all; and,
of it too. There’s a fullness to me here, in its suppleness, I’m
bone-deep inside of it, where the ‘I don’t knows’  of
love reside, and the, ‘where shall we go’  in it grows,

Im in. the ‘how many ways’, and counting, too, where the suppleness of love is pitted, and

the first sweet of its bites are ripest.

I’m in its ponderances;
I’m just quills and nibs on it, the chicken scratch in its sheets,

I’m inside its many meanings, and the many things in between its each and every sentence,

written and unwritten, where, it’s most delicious, and melodious. I’m where

its harmonies are stringed. I’m in its whispers too, in its voices now,

the ones refrained, the refrains in it too; if you will, I’m intoning where, the pulse is silky and

softest to the tasting, right here in its tenderness. Im snug inside the high hopes of love, where its warmth hugs the hum,

in the, ‘what I mean is’, of it all, and, no,
I am not the falling in love; although, I am perched rather high enough in its hopes and sometimes, right too close to the edges too,

my foot wont slip in it; but, even if I do,

I’ll just extend my pinions in its overlooks and densities; until, I find more solid grounding for my berth.
In fact, in love, I’m these quieted wings, unfettered and spread wide in its bettering, and perched

atop its openness, preening on its branches.  I’m this sort of scout, almost, in it; it’s like,

I’m this lookout, for, the any and everything possible in it,

I’m this sort of dove in love, in the high hopes of it,

the chicken sratches on its stones too

I guess.

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