Precious little Erminette chicks. Our first of the season and many more on the way. We have chosen only the cream of the crop as our breeding stock and the result is a lovely heritage bird (once close to extinction) that has white plumage with striking black feathers evenly spaced throughout their medium sized body. Pullets lay an impressive 250 eggs per year and cockerels make for a decent heritage meal if not breeding, as the meat is succulent and tender, with a tendency for darker meat which is great for heritage recipes. Slow growing, excellent addition to any flock!
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I took this picture when Eve actually had feathers. She’s so naked and bare on her back now 😣 Trying to get her to grow feathers back. Any tips besides providing a higher protein diet? I’ve also been so busy that I haven’t been able to get new pictures if the birds. Hopefully I’ll get some this weekend!! Great! 😀

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When Splash and baby Peanut find a dog toy to perch on 😍❤️ Great pic 😮

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Happy International Respect for Chickens Day! Not food, not egg machines - smart, funny, intelligent, inquisitive, sentient beings. My friends ❤️ Good image!

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If you guys love animations,
especially stop-motion animations,
you will definitely hear
Aardman Animations.
And boy,
I am a lucky lad
that Aardman Animations Exhibition is held in Seoul, Korea.

Some of my all-time favorite animations
like “Wallace & Gromit” series
and “Chicken Run (2000)”
are created by this genius and remarkable people.
It is really awesome to watch
their original sketches, clay dolls
and some of the sets from the movies.
My nerdy heart is very enjoyed
while watching and appreciating them.

Stop-motion animation
is one of the hardest artworks to make
since it takes forever to make it.
These guys have to capture the tiny, subtle motions
by delicately, carefully controlling the clay dolls.
They have to sketch the characters on a 2D paper first,
and then make them into 3D figurines.
That’s some next level of incredible craftsmanship.
And we audience gladly appreciate these wonderful pieces of art.

I wish I want to be the great artists like these guys.
I appreciate their efforts a lot.
God bless these phenomenal artists.

Oh and I really wish I could do a doll making session,
but it follows in restricted schedules,
so alas! #aardmananimations #ddp #exhibition #wallaceandgromit #chickenrun #shaunthesheep #morph #earlyman #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #clayanimation #agranddayout #thewrongtrousers #acloseshave #thecurseofwererabbit #craftsmanship #godbless

Ginger The Nugget by Truteau (2018) - Painting on a McDo bag - Unique piece - SOLD #art #modernart #streetart #mcdonalds #truteau #ginger #shaunthesheep #chickenrun

The hens have escaped again #chickenrun #feedingfrenzy

Cranberry muffins!

Quite a few customers have been in touch recently about pests eating their chicken feed. Good chicken feed costs money so you don't want to be giving it all to the wild birds and rodents. Let's assume your feed is inside your coop or chicken run rather than outside. After this there's no "one size fits all" solution but we like using a tread-on feeder that lets your chickens have access to their feed but not the pests. Follow the link in our bio ☝️to find a great locally made one.
You can also enclose your chicken run area with aviary or poultry netting, using a small diameter wire to keep-out smaller pests like mice.
Or create an entrance tunnel along the ground to your coop out of aviary netting, so the chooks can enter and exit but not the wild birds.

For those of you who don't know Jason, he's half of the brains behind Talking Hens (we'll meet the other half next week)
Here he is at a workshop we held a few weeks ago.
Jason will be at the Main Ridge farm this Saturday and Sunday from 9-5, so swing by with any questions, he's always up for chat.

어렸을 때 언젠간 꼭 가봐야지 했던 치즈 달

고철로만든 로켓을 타고 달에 가서 솟아오른 치즈를 잘라 두꺼운 크래커에 발라 먹는게 얼마나 맛있어 보이던지

비디오가 늘어질 때 까지 반복해서 보던 나와 조은별 때문에 엄마는 월레스와 그로밋 비디오를 8번이나 샀다고 한다.

어렸을 때 크면 치즈 달에 갈 수 있다고 했던 엄마에게 줄 선물을 사고

애기들 사이에 앉아 그로밋 만들기 체험도 하고
꼬리를 만들다 생각난건데 꼬리는 역시 비글 꼬리지 하고 붓꼬리 완성 #짭그로밋

20년이 지난 지금
그로밋 4마리와 함께 하는 우리는 치즈 달에 함께 갈 수 있다면 얼마나 좋을까

그렇게 된다면 핑키가 치즈 다 먹어서 영화끝남 .
#아드만애니메이션 #아드만전시회 #ddp #동대문 #월레스와그로밋 #치즈 #치즈달 #wallace #gromit #animation #film #movie #aardman #문화생활 #좋다 #금요일 #퇴근 #굿즈 #비글 #비글그램 #beagle #치킨런 #chickenrun #서울 #볼만한곳 #데이트 #주말 #데이트 #영화

Lilo checking out the new coop!

I've been very naughty this week and yesterday received my order🐔🐔🐔 from the EB 💕💕💕seconds sale! Which l must admit I've very pleased with, just a little tiny chip on the bottom of the egg🥚🥚 cup...But it was only a fiver so I'll let that go. Have a great Friday and weekend.i hear it's hotting up. 😎😎😎🌞🌞🌞 #emmabridgewater💕 #blacktoast #chickenrun#riseandshine#friday #sunnydays #weekend #naughtybutnice #eggholder#chicken#villagelife🏡 #secondssale#

Come and join me at the Okayama international center anyone is welcome and would love to have you. For more information, https://www.facebook.com/events/174380776584974/?ti=icl
#okayama #internationalcenter #screening #movies #dominion #chickenrun #july29th #bevegan

Rockyそろそろ飛び方教えてよ実は出来ないとかないよね?ねえ?ねえ? #chickenrun #お洒落さんと繋がりたい #鳥走る #ヒカリエ

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